Chapter - 235: – Fire Phoenix Equipment Set Pt. 1
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The days passed one by one. Just as Suo Jia had initially planned, the battles had been infinitely extended, becoming battles of attrition. The enemy didn’t dare to advance their attack, and Suo Jia didn’t dare to either. They only helplessly stood opposite from each other.

However, Suo Jia was happy to maintain this state. Dawn Fort didn’t have any income, and running training sessions every day wasn’t bad. The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ strengths in particular had rapidly progressed almost outrageously. Their boost in energy wasn’t that particular, but Suo Jia found their increase in battle experience and basic tactics extremely frightening.

Suo Jia looked downwards at the ground he was flying past, and couldn’t help but sigh. His trip out of Dawn City this time was for a huge harvest, and he had completely reached his anticipated objective. This time, Duo Mei’s formidability was even more terrifying than before!

A week ago, Suo Jia had hired wyverns from Holy Light City, and left Dawn City with the Light Harmonization Ring to initiate a large amount of transactions with the ten great thief families. With that single ring, he had been able to exchange it for 3 rings!

The Light Harmonization Ring was actually a light elemental ring, and only a Legendary ranked equipment. However…to a thief, it was too precious. When combined with their stealth techniques, they could become forever invisible super assassins. They were even willing to break into a Black Dragon’s lair.

Stealth had its flaws, one being that once attacked, the user’s figure would be revealed, and two being that after a certain amount of distance, the stealth wouldn’t be maintained, and they needed to change their qi! But the Light Harmonization Ring could allow the thieves to attack with their bodies hidden, and then continue fighting a battle of illusions.

The Light Harmonization Ring’s value didn’t need any more elaboration. Its preciousness was to the point where even a city was inferior to it. After all, how could the Emperor’s most beloved item be trash?

However, the world was just like this. No matter how precious an item was, one could always find another of equivalent value. Suo Jia’s trip this time could be said to be a large harvest.

Using the Light Harmonization Ring, Suo Jia first exchanged it for the Fire Phoenix Ring. After obtaining this ring, Duo Mei had gathered the entire peak grade Epic ranked equipment set: Fire Phoenix equipment set, in addition to her Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes. Suo Jia was extremely curious as to what would happen after completing this Epic ranked equipment set.

Strictly speaking, the Fire Phoenix Ring alone could already rival the Light Harmonization Ring. Although in terms of value, it was a bit lacking, but this was definitely worthwhile transaction to Suo Jia. However…Suo Jia would never make a transaction that would result in his loss. If he exchanged it like this, anyone would think Suo Jia was at a disadvantage.

Suo Jia obviously wouldn’t suffer from losses. Aside from the Fire Phoenix Ring, he also got a Legendary ranked ring: Concealment Ring!

There were many rings in this world, at least 100, that could help a person conceal their bodies. But this Concealment Ring was the most unique out of all of them.

The typical stealth was restricted by speed. Under the stealth state, one’s speed was extremely slow; the moment one tried to go fast, they would be unable to continue concealing their body. But the Concealment Ring could hide the body under high speeds. This was too significant. Although the Concealment Ring was not unrivaled, only 3 or so rings in terms of value could be found in the entire world.

The Concealment Ring could not only maintain invisibility under fast speeds, it could also maintain it for a maximum of 12 seconds, and didn’t have an activation limit. Under the concealed state, the user would be both invisible and their sound of movement would be negated, as well as even the scent of their bodies. This was basically the concealment technique used by this legendary ring.

This ring combined with Suo Jia’s Rising Wave Steps, Suo Jia’s survival ability on the battlefield substantially improved. “Rapid change” alone wasn’t enough to describe it.

As he was thinking this, the wyvern abruptly swooped down. When Suo Jia looked down, he saw that the previously matchbox-sized Dawn City was now quickly growing large. In an instant, Suo Jia was astonished to discover that the wyvern had already landed on the ground.

“Pa!” Holy Light’s Dragon Knight stood on the wyvern, and after paying his respects, declared loudly, “Does Viscount Suo Jia have any other matters to request of me? If not, I will rush back to Holy Light now to make my report!”

Suo Jia took out a crystal card with a smile and said, “There’s nothing else. This is just a small token for me, use it to go out and buy some drinks. Count it as me thanking you for your help this week.”

The Dragon Knight’s eyes lit up at the sight of Suo Jia passing over the crystal card. After declining it a few times, he finally accepted it in the end. With so much money in question, even the Dragon Knight couldn’t resist the temptation.

Suo Jia rubbed the ring on his finger and turned around in satisfaction, heading towards the city lord’s mansion. General Jason, who had been waiting for him in the distance, met up with Suo Jia, and the two headed to the mansion together as Jason summarized everything that happened while Suo Jia had been gone.

Because Suo Jia’s leave had been secret, the battlefield hadn’t changed at all. Everyone was still deadlocked, and the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes continued to train every day. Nothing had changed.

Although he wanted to immediately summon Duo Mei to test the Fire Phoenix equipment set’s effects, Suo Jia knew that there was no need to rush it. He’d wait until they returned at night.

When Suo Jia arrived at the city walls, he glanced around and saw the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes currently fighting in a frenzy. During the past few months, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had already become unstoppable. Even if they were surrounded by 200 experts, they could come and go as they pleased, leading the enemy encirclement everywhere they went as they roamed about within the enemy ranks.

What made Suo Jia really sigh in praise was the fact that no matter how fast they ran around, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes would always maintain their formation. This training had been drilled into their blood, and they had already memorized the formation’s changes as well. According to their companions’ position changes, they’d immediately understand the entire formation’s state, and automatically adjust their own position appropriately to conform.

Finally…night fell. All the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes returned back to Dawn City in exhaustion. They had fought for an entire day. Although their spirit power, physical strength, and battle qi were recovered with the potions, their mental exhaustion wasn’t curable. However, they all understood that they had to endure it if they wanted to become masters.

As soon as she returned to the city, Duo Mei received a message. Hearing the news, she immediately gave some orders to her sisters, then ran towards the city lord’s mansion at full speed. She hadn’t seen Suo Jia for over a week, and really missed him.

The moment she entered the mansion, Duo Mei saw the smiling Suo Jia, and after a happy cry, she bounded over into Suo Jia’s embrace…

Theoretically speaking, she was actually the one that embraced Suo Jia. Although he was already over 13 years old, Suo Jia’s height hadn’t changed, and he only reached up to Duo Mei’s chest. For a moment, Suo Jia only felt two round and supple mounds firmly rubbed against his face. A strong aroma mixed with Duo Mei’s sweat flooded his nose.

Suo Jia shifted his face comfortably and moved closer to Duo Mei as he subconsciously yearned to feel more of Duo Mei’s treasures. For a moment, the two remained in a tight embrace, without moving or speaking.

After a long time, Duo Mei’s emotions finally calmed down. She let go of Suo Jia and gazed deeply at him and inwardly gave a bitter laugh; she didn’t know when it had started, but Suo Jia was already deeply rooted in her heart. Now, even a single day passing without seeing him made her feel empty inside. When she had hugged him tightly, her incomparable satisfaction and happiness almost made her lose her bearings.

Suo Jia also returned his senses. He smiled as he took out an embroidered case from his pocket and said with a mysterious smile, “Duo Mei, I went out this time to find a treasure for you. Why don’t you guess what’s inside the box?”

Duo Mei gave Suo Jia a bewildered look. She had never thought that Suo Jia’s trip would’ve been for her sake. This made a feeling of happiness quietly fill Duo Mei’s heart.

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