Chapter - 236: – Fire Phoenix Equipment Set Pt. 2
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When she first saw these rings, Duo Mei only felt shock. Then, her face flushed a bright red as she shot Suo Jia a strange look as Duo Mei inwardly tried to guess why the Young Master had suddenly gifted her a ring. In addition, it was a pair. Could it be…that he wanted to propose to her? But wasn’t he a bit too young?

Duo Mei returned the rings to Suo Jia with a blush on her face and said in embarrassment, “Young Master, Duo Mei understands your feelings towards her. Don’t worry, Duo Mei will be yours sooner or later. However…being together…right now…is a bit early, isn’t it?”

“Eh!” Suo Jia was stunned by Duo Mei’s words. After thinking it over for a long time, he finally realized what was going on, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

As he gasped for breath, Suo Jia said, “Duo Mei, what are you thinking? These aren’t marriage rings; this pair of rings is a part of the Fire Phoenix equipment set!”

“Ack…” Duo Mei couldn’t hold back her strangled cry as she heard this. Her gaze landed on that pair of rings. This was too unbelievable; how had Young Master done it? He had managed to gather an entire Epic ranked equipment set so quickly!

Duo Mei accepted the rings again with trembling hands, and impatiently placed them on her left and right ring fingers. Afterwards…she stretched both hands out to inspect both of them closely. For some reason, she felt some disappointment in her heart; why was that? What could she possibly feel depressed about after receiving this pair of Fire Phoenix rings?

Suo Jia urged, “Quick…Duo Mei, feel around and see exactly what changes you can feel after completing the Fire Phoenix equipment set.

With a start, Duo Mei quickly regained her senses, and she shot Suo Jia a complicated look. She knew that the reason she was disappointed was because these rings weren’t for a marriage proposal. Although she wasn’t able to accept one at the moment anyways, she actually deeply wished for Suo Jia to gift her a marriage ring.

She shook her head to clear these thoughts away, then carefully checked the Fire Phoenix equipment set on her body. In reality, the effects of this set were recorded very clearly in the historical records; all she needed to do now was to sense it and then activate it.

She closed her eyes, and closely felt around. After a long time, Duo Mei suddenly opened her eyes. At the same time, a red glow surrounded her body, and countless flame-like glows began to burn intensely.

The part of their set that looked like six wings opened up with the impetus from the red glow, like a phoenix’s wings. After a slight flap, Duo Mei’s entire body had become completely surrounded by the scarlet glow.

Duo Mei looked excitedly at Suo Jia and said in a trembling voice, “Young Master, the records are indeed correct. This Fire Phoenix equipment set not only quadruples my fire and wind elemental battle training speeds, it more importantly bestows me great attack power, as well as incomparable speed. The battle skill that comes with it is Bright Southern Phoenix Slash, which strikes with a 10 meter long, phoenix-shaped wave of battle qi. High temperature and speed can quadruple this attack’s might!”

The six wings behind Duo Mei began to flap, and her feet slowly left the ground. At the same time, she said, “In addition…the flying ability that this equipment set gives allows me to continue moving around in the air like a phoenix until my wind and fire elemental battle qi are exhausted!”

Suo Jia wordlessly shook his head. Although Duo Mei was extremely excited, Suo Jia was quite disappointed. These effects didn’t seem as formidable as he had imagined for an Epic ranked equipment set. The exact details of the effects would have to be slowly examined; Suo Jia deeply believed that there had to be many secrets that the historical records hadn’t noted.

Duo Mei dispersed the flames on her body and said to Suo Jia with a smile, “The Fire Phoenix equipment set has a total of two states: the first is the attack state, the other is the auxiliary state. The attack state is completely meant for battle, while the auxiliary state is meant for supplementary training, and increases training speed.”

Suo Jia nodded; he knew of this characteristic. Under normal circumstances, the Fire Phoenix equipment set would be in its auxiliary state to increase the user’s training in fire and wind battle qi. In its attack state, it would display all its might and destructive ability.

Suo Jia sighed in praise and shook his head. In reality, the Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes already doubled Duo Mei’s training speed. With the addition of the quadrupling effects from the Fire Phoenix set, Duo Mei’s future development would have to be described as frightening.

Suo Jia knew that this period of time was the most crucial. Before Duo Mei truly became formidable, she had to develop good habits. Otherwise, she’d regret it later.

The future Duo Mei would definitely have far superior and domineering, destructive attacks and speed. Just the explosiveness of the attacks and the gale-like speed was enough to make her unrivaled. But if she really wanted to rely on just these two points, she’d never become a peak level expert.

Right now, Duo Mei’s abilities were still shallow, and her speed wasn’t really at the abnormal level. She needed to get into the habit of using battle skills, her mind, and strategic tactics, as well as her companions’ teamwork, to truly pave the way of the King!

Suo Jia raised his head and looked at Duo Mei earnestly, “Duo Mei, although you’ve already completely gathered two entire Epic ranked equipment sets, to the point where a single display of your might would be enough to make even the gods and devils flee…I don’t want you to become a soldier that only knows how to rely on brute force and speed.”

Duo Mei looked faithfully at Suo Jia and said resolutely, “Just command me directly, Young Master. No matter what, I’ll definitely listen to your orders, because…you’ve never been wrong. I believe in you!”

Suo Jia smiled and nodded, and said gratefully, “I’m really too happy just hearing you say that. For the sake of helping you become a true expert, I’ll have your Fire Phoenix equipment set sealed from now on!”

“What?” Duo Mei cried out in shock. She didn’t understand why Suo Jia was doing such a thing. Didn’t he say before that the equipment set was her greatest asset to rely on?

Suo Jia patiently explained, “Don’t worry, it’s just to prevent you from using it however you please. You can practice as much as you want; the Fire Phoenix equipment set will be a secret between the two us, and will become your ultimate skill. Unless you’re in a critical situation, you can only secretly practice with it. You definitely must not activate it casually!”

Duo Mei frowned and looked at Suo Jia in confusion, “Young Master, you mean to say that I should only display the power of the Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes under normal circumstances, and not the Fire Phoenix equipment set’s?”

Suo Jia affirmed, “That’s right, that’s what I mean. The matter of the Fire Phoenix equipment set is something only the two of us know. I don’t want anyone outside to know of it. As your final lifeline, how can we let others know of its existence?”

“Pa!” Duo Mei suddenly facepalmed and said with bright eyes, “I understand, Young Master. This is my ultimate move, something I can only use in the most critical moments, a life-saving skill. If the enemy knows of it beforehand, they’ll definitely defend against it, and then my final lifeline will be useless.”

“Hehe…” Suo Jia nodded and smiled, “That’s exactly what I mean. Under normal circumstances, using your completely linked Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes should be enough. Once you activate the Fire Phoenix equipment set, your strength will instantly be quadrupled. Your attacks will be overpowering, your speed like you’re flying. If the enemy is unprepared for it, they’ll definitely be killed with a single attack!”

“Yes…” Duo Mei nodded furiously and said in excitement, “Alright, I’ll do as Young Master said. This Fire Phoenix equipment set is the greatest secret between the two of us, and nobody else is to know of it.”

Suo Jia nodded with a smile and said lovingly, “Ok, ok, after you go back, remember to seize every moment to practice. Let’s stop here for today; you’ve also exhausted yourself today, so you should go back quickly and rest.”

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