Chapter - 24: – Dropping By For a Meeting
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In reality, Suo Jia had already ascertained the method to reduce one’s fat over a month ago using the Quack Chicken. However, his future patient was not going to be a Quack Chicken, but a person; he had much more work to do.

While Suo Jia could ignore a Quack Chicken’s feelings, he could not neglect a human being’s. Because of this, Suo Jia had to perform additional tests to find the least painful method. But this was not all, Suo Jia’s method could only remove small portions of body fat and not all of it completely; otherwise, the patient could end up crippled or potentially die.

After two months of trials on both the Quack Chicken and eventually himself, Suo Jia finally developed the perfect Weight Loss Technique; it was ready to go public. The patient could still go about his/her normal life after the treatment. The average person only required three treatments to successfully lose weight. Those who were slightly heavier would at most need nine treatments. The treatments were painless, with absolutely no harmful side effects. At the very least, Suo Jia had yet to discover any.

Suo Jia had built up enough clinical experience through his various successful experiments, all he needed to do now was to find the fat woman and return the favor that he owed her with his own abilities.

However, the woman obviously did not think Suo Jia could help her in any way. At that time, her help had simply been a spur of the moment; she had not even left behind her name.

The only clue that the woman left Suo Jia was her usage of Duke Wen Sha’s name. The only thing he could do was visit Duke Wen Sha’s household and see if he could find any information about this fat lady. Suo Jia believed that it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a unique woman like her; anyone at the household would easily be able to recall such a figure.

Duke Wen Sha’s household was very easy to find. If one did not know the way there, any random passerby could explain the exact directions to Duke Wen Sha’s mansion. It should be pointed out that Duke When Sha was currently the lord of Holy Light City!

Suo Jia arrived in front of the lord’s household without any problems. As soon as Suo Jia explained he was looking for a very large woman, the guard let Suo Jia directly inside without question, especially since Suo Jia claimed he was her friend.

As he entered the Duke’s Complex, Suo Jia’s jaws dropped as he saw an area similar to the Prospect Garden. The complex was simply too large, luxurious and extravagant. Just based on the land value alone, it was obvious that only Duke Wen Sha could afford to live here. Even the mansion’s bathroom was many times larger than Suo Jia’s current house.

(TL: Prospect Garden: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daguanyuan)

Suo Jia walked to and fro within the garden, blaming himself for not asking for directions on where to find the lady. But Suo Jia could not be blamed; who would have realized that the residence would be large to the point where one could get lost inside of it!

“You should just go, I’m not worth your time. I’m no longer the person who I once was. Just forget about me!” While walking along the wall of a building, Suo Jia could hear a slightly familiar voice speaking in a tone of grief.

Hearing this voice, Suo Jia could not help but get excited. Just as he was about to find the source of the voice, a heartbroken male replied saying: “No! Wen Ya, you cannot do this to me. You know that I love you!”

“Your Highness Fourth Prince, please forget everything between us that had happened in the past. My current form disgusts even myself. With your position and status, you can obtain any girl you want!” The distressed girl said in despair.

Hearing these words, Suo Jia stopped walking. It was clear that although he did not purposely eavesdrop, it was too late, as he had already done so. At that moment, Suo Jia did not know what the best way to announce his presence was; perhaps secretly leaving was better.

While Suo Jia was hesitating, the so-called Fourth Prince cried out in grief: “Wen Ya! Could it be that you don’t know? My heart is reserved for you alone. From when we were young all the way until now, we have always been close friends. Even if your current appearance has changed, I don’t care. I just want to be with you for the rest of my life. No matter what you look like, I won’t mind it at all!”

“Aaaa….” With a desolate laugh, the grieved female voice said: “I’m grateful for your friendship, but….even if you don’t mind, I do. There is no way I can let my ugly self appear in front of you, you know? Even I can’t bear to see my own sluggish and fat body. So for both your sake and mine, please let it go….”

Hearing these words, Suo Jia finally recalled that the voice belonged to the large woman who had helped him that day. However….who was she was talking to? The large woman called him the Fourth Prince; was he perhaps the Holy Light Empire’s Fourth Prince?

In terms of the legendary myths of love, Suo Jia had heard about them from his mother’s stories. The stories of princes and princesses, no matter from what world, were always classy and depressing scenes.

You can ridicule such stories all you want, but you cannot deny that such situations have occurred before and will continue to exist. Even though real love is hard to find, it still exists in the world.

During Suo Jia’s lament, the Fourth Prince’s voice continued: “No, I will not give up. If I cannot be together with you, even sitting on top of the world would no longer have any meaning. Everything I experienced so far has only been wonderful because you shared it with me. If I lose you, there is no purpose in living.”

Speaking up to this point, the Fourth Prince stamped his feet and said firmly: “I don’t care anymore. Tomorrow when I return to the imperial capital, I’m going to tell my father that I want you to wed me and become my wife. Even if I have to lose my right to the throne, I will not regret it!” Following these words, the sounds of rushed footsteps gradually grew fainter. Despite Wen Ya’s cries, the steps did not stop.

Shaking his head in admiration, Suo Jia knew that this Fourth Prince had already made up his mind. Men tend to act like this; once they make their decisions, nothing can stop their progression.

Wen Ya sat down in despair in front of the window. She deeply loved the Fourth Prince, but her appearance made it so that they could not walk together. No matter what country they were in, as long as she became the Queen, she would definitely be ridiculed by the entire population.

Wen Ya had rejected the Fourth Prince for his sake. Once they were married, he would have to give up his rights to the throne. Wen Ya did not desire the Fourth Prince to sacrifice so much for her.

Of course, her body being so ugly and fat was the main purpose for her rejection. Her current state made even herself feel disgusted. How could she bear to let the good and honest Fourth Prince face her sluggish and ugly self every day?

Wen Ya and the Fourth Prince had grown up together. The feelings between the two were so deep that words were not enough to describe them. Wen Ya would marry nobody but the Fourth Prince, and the Fourth Prince would marry nobody but Wen Ya. However the two of them had never imagined that Wen Ya’s originally mesmerizing beauty would inflate like a balloon after she fell seriously ill for a period of time. Her past beauty would never resurface; it must be known that the past Wen Ya was Holy Light City’s number one beauty!

Lightly picking up the dagger on the table, Wen Ya shakingly held up the chilled blade of the dagger towards her throat. Since things had reached this stage, she no longer wanted to continue living. For her sake, the Fourth Prince would lose his rights to the throne. For her sake, the Fourth Prince would suffer everyone’s ridicule. For her sake, the whole royal family would lose face. Even she herself was unable to endure her current imbecilic appearance. If she had to go through this for the rest of her life, she might as well end her life early. Only by dying would she be able to dispel the Fourth Prince’s foolish ideas.

The tears of grief fell down her round face. Wen Ya shook as she held the dagger, and resolutely thrust it towards her throat. This whole scene was seen by Suo Jia just as he had turned around the corner of the wall!

“Stop!” Shouting loudly, Suo Jia unconsciously activated his water controlling magic. His hard work within these past two months were finally reciprocated. The largest merit he gained from practicing the Weight Loss Technique wasn’t just being able to help others lose weight. His constant practice during the last two months made Suo Jia’s ability to control water reach a realm where he was able to control it down to the finest detail. Even calling him the world’s current number one water manipulating individual would not be an exaggeration.

The most fortunate thing was that Suo Jia’s distance from Wen Ya was a bit less than 10 meters, still within his relative control radius. Because of this, he was able to control Wen Ya’s movements. That ice-cold dagger stopped dangerously against Wen Ya’s throat. The sharp dagger’s blade already pierced her skin, and fresh red blood was leaking out of her throat.

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