Chapter - 241: – Major Victory Pt. 1
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“Kill, kill, kill…” Earth-shaking shouts cried out, splitting through the midnight sky. Although everyone knew that the enemy would attack simultaneously from both sides sooner or later, nobody knew that the enemy would choose this day.

Hearing the shouts, Suo Jia abruptly awoke from his meditation, and he began to listen more closely. The yells seemed to be coming from all directions, and he couldn’t tell exactly where they originated. It seemed as if they were completely surrounded by the enemy.

“Not good!” Suo Jia suddenly jumped up from his daze, and quickly walked out of the city lord’s mansion. He knew that it was time for the enemy’s attack. This was the most critical battle!

Suo Jia rushed to the city walls and looked out. However, it was just darkness; with the cover of the night, there was no way of discerning where the enemy was. It wasn’t even possible to tell whether the enemy was present, or their numbers if they were.

General Jason saw Suo Jia rushing over, and greeted him with a grave expression. He quickly said, “Not good, Young Master. The enemy has attacked from both sides of the walls at the same time. What do we do? Do we let the 5000 regular pike users defend the other side?”

“No!” Suo Jia firmly said, “Don’t worry about the back walls; there are 10,000 slave pike users and 10,000 swordsmen there. That place won’t have a problem. As long as the Angelic Phoenixes and the Frost Wyrm rush over there to defeat the experts, that side won’t be a problem.”

General Jason quickly pondered over this. Soon after, he firmly said, “That’s right. Young Master’s words are correct. The 20,000 men with the addition of the 10,000 crossbows the swordsmen have will indeed be well fortified. Moreover, the Angelic Phoenixes and the dragon can work together to defeat the enemy experts.”

“Mhm…” Suo Jia nodded and chuckled darkly, “The other walls are only 100 meters long. Each Angelic Phoenix only needs to defend 3 meters. With the support of the swordsmen’s 10,000 crossbows, it definitely won’t be a problem.” Suo Jia then looked out into the nothingness of the night in concern.

“I understand…” General Jason nodded, and didn’t inquire any further. He commanded for the 5000 regular pike users to all gather outside the gates; tonight’s battle was too important. Regardless of whether it was the enemy or Dawn, neither of them could afford to lose!

Although the night was very dark, the wind wasn’t large. If it weren’t for the surrounding shouts of ‘kill’, it would’ve definitely been a very comfortable night. The evening breeze was comforting, giving any person on the walls a feeling of relaxation. However, Suo Jia knew that this gentle breeze would soon reek of blood.

“Hm?” Just as Suo Jia was thinking this, the top part of the city walls suddenly began to blaze brightly. The next moment…countless large, flaming objects tumbled down from the city walls. Starting from a height of 10 meters, they quickly tumbled down the slope of 75 degrees and 50 meters outwards before ceasing movement.

Suo Jia stared at the large, burning objects 50 meters away in shock, and frowned in confusion. What was going on? The enemy hadn’t arrived yet, and these were being released already?

A guard by Suo Jia’s side explained, “City Lord, this is the new thing the slave soldiers are testing. It is a flammable object that uses animal oil mixed with tree oil and some plants’ flowers. Even if they’re tossed into the water, they will continue burning. It’s normally used as illumination!”

“Illumination!” Suo Jia couldn’t help but sigh in praise at the objects that now lit up the 100 meter perimeter around the city walls. These were really original. With them, they wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to see the enemy. With the objects’ illumination, nobody within the 100 meter perimeter would go undetected.

“Kill…” Suddenly, world-shaking shouts came from the city walls behind Suo Jia. At the same time, a violent boom rang out, and a blazing fire lit up half the horizon!

Suo Jia turned around anxiously to look behind him. He wasn’t sure why, but his heart was now furiously racing. Although theoretically, those walls were supposed to be impenetrable by attack, the enemy’s power in such a dark night was extremely vast. Nobody could dare say anything with 100% confidence!

Suo Jia suddenly sensed something, and he quickly turned around to look back at the illuminated area in front of the city walls. The next instant…thousands of figures jumped up and charged outwards towards the city walls at insane speeds.

The slave soldiers’ reaction speeds were definitely fast. At pretty much the same time the figures appeared, showers of rain stormed outwards. But what shocked everyone was that these arrows didn’t induce any casualties; as the storm passed over, majority of the figures just waved their weapons and swept the arrows away as they continued to race forwards. Only a small minority of the enemy were struck by the attack and fell to the ground.

As Suo Jia watched the approaching enemy, he realized that these had to be a portion of the 2000 experts. It was clear to see that they had prepared to utilize the cover of the night to attack Dawn City in one breath. It looked like…the enemy had gotten anxious.

Suo Jia issued a series of commands. 5000 slave pike users quickly moved to block the experts outside the city as the 5000 regular pike users had already reached the opposite walls.

“Kill!” With wild shouts, the thousand enemy experts quickly jumped up the precipitous city walls. After just a few steps, they all managed to reach the top of the walls!

Suo Jia sighed in praise at this scene. If it were daytime, they definitely wouldn’t have gotten the chance to even walk half a step up the walls. The archers’ range was 300 meters, so long before they reached the area, the enemy would’ve been shot dead.

But now, they couldn’t discover the enemy’s presence until they had entered the 100 meter range. This distance was something that could be covered in mere seconds; as long as they could resist the first wave of arrows, it would be enough. In addition…at such close range, the archers’ destructive force had decreased by a lot. This wasn’t their best range.

The enemy on the city walls seemed somewhat at loss. After reaching the top, they had suddenly discovered that it was actually extremely empty and flat. There were no adversaries there, while the archers continued to shoot at them from the bunkers underneath.

After sweeping the area, the thousand experts soon discovered the profound secret of the city walls. It turned out…that Dawn’s soldiers had all hidden themselves within the bunkers within the walls. Unless they found the entrances, there was no way they could injure the other party.

The thousand experts roared as they all jumped off from the 10 meter tall city walls, prepared to enter the city through the rock corridors so that they could slaughter Dawn Army.

“Hu…hu…hu…” Just when the enemy experts had all landed on the ground, a fierce whizzing sound came out from within the city walls. The area in front of the experts suddenly lit up with thousands of little fires.

“Gasp!” The thousand experts couldn’t help but sharply inhale at the sight of the 5000 steel-covered soldiers in neat formation. They all knew who these 5000 men were….Dawn City’s unyielding defense force: the regular pike users! It was because of this army that Dawn had successfully defended itself for over 20 years!

Originally, according to Karuda’s and the Alliance leader’s judgment, the Mengma Knights and the pike users were supposed to have been returned to the Empire. Otherwise, why hadn’t they showed up during the previous battles? But now they knew that at the very least, the Empire’s pike users hadn’t been taken away; they were standing right in front of them.

“Attack!” A resonant cry rang out, and the 5000 pike users began to move uniformly. With a shout, they suddenly stood straight in a horizontal line. Their 4 meter long pikes were instantly arranged in a formation, the tips pointed towards the thief experts.

From above, one could see the thousand enemy experts trapped below the city walls by the pike users, like ravenous predators. Countless chilling pikes came together to form a formation similar to a metal bucket; nobody could break through or run away!

Although on the surface, there were only 5 times more pike users than thief experts, the pike users combined formation wasn’t actually like that. Each thief had to face hundreds of pikes simultaneously, not just five. In addition…the city walls were behind them, so they didn’t even have anywhere to hide.

Of course, they could jump upwards and return to the top of the city walls. But in such a crowded area, there was a possibility that they couldn’t jump up if they wanted to. Even if they did, the battle on the city walls would definitely end in their defeat.

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