Chapter - 242: – Major Victory Pt. 2
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Hearing this imposing voice, the thieves could only grit their teeth. What kind of joke was that? They definitely wouldn’t surrender. Even if they couldn’t defeat the enemy, there was no way the enemy could possibly prevent them from running away with the cover of darkness on their side!

“Hmph!” Seeing the thief experts’ expressions, that imposing voice snorted and said in a low voice, “In that case, don’t blame me for being merciless. Crossbows!”

With one hand, the pike users controlled their pikes, and with the other hand, they reached to pull out small and exquisite crossbows. The arrows were all aimed at the thousand thief experts within the encirclement.

Seeing the familiar crossbows, the thieves’ eyes couldn’t help but flash darkly, and they internally lamented. With the 5000 crossbows aimed at them, they didn’t even have the privilege of running away. As soon as they started to flee, they’d be instantly pierced into sieves. These things only had an effective range of 50 meters, but under the current circumstances, they could display their full might.

“Surrender! Surrender! Surrender!” The piker users coldly shouted in anger at the fearful thieves. These furious shouts gradually came together, the world-shaking sound lingering in the air above Dawn.

Faced against the 5000 gleaming, crossbows, the thief experts began to hesitate. Finally…a hundred figures almost simultaneously jumped up into the air, attempting to return to the top of the walls and flee back into the thief army. However, before they had gotten very high up, a tough and durable net obstructed them from above, and they were desolately forced back to the ground.

The thieves raised their heads in shock at the large, sturdy net weaved from vines. It had already tightly closed off the airspace, so their final escape route had been completely sealed.

With gritted teeth, the thieves still firmly refused to surrender, and they brandished the weapons in their hands as they densely charged at the pike users. No matter what, they wouldn’t surrender, even if they died.

“Hah…” Seeing that the thief army was unafraid of death, the imposing voice sighed and said gloomily, “Those who surrender, put down your weapons! If you dare to assault, you will be killed…”

The tips of the 5000 pike users all suddenly lit up with a bright glow. Just as the thief soldiers attempted to slash at some pike users, countless glittering, brightly glowing pike tips instantly pierced through their bodies.

As pike users, they were all trained in piercing. They gathered all their battle qi at the tip of the pike, and thrusted it outwards with all their force. This could break through even steel plates, as it had an extremely large destructive force that pretty much couldn’t be blocked by anything. These pike users were guys that had trained in battle qi for over 30 years, so none of them were inferior to the enemy’s experts.

After a moment, the hundred thief experts that had attempted to sneak attack all hung from pikes. Under the glow of the fire, scarlet blood sprayed out spectacularly. Each thief had at least a dozen pikes sticking out from them.

“Zizi…” The next instant…the surrounding thief experts all watched as those terrifyingly sharp pikes were slowly retracted. The friction had caused that horrifying, buzzing sound.

“Putong…putong…” After losing the pikes’ support, the hundred thief experts’ unconscious bodies fell to the ground. As the remaining thieves watched their companions die horribly in front of them, they suddenly realized that they had absolutely no chance of pulling surprise attacks in front of the Empire’s elite pike users. Their only choices were surrender or death.

The Empire’s pike users had gone through special training that focused on defense specifically. These people had 30 or more years of battle experience. One couldn’t possibly find any chances against them. No matter how powerful the enemy was, they would be destroyed once they fell into this formation.

The thieves all slowly dropped their weapons, their hands around their heads as they crouched on the ground. If they wanted to suddenly attack, they would’ve charged together with their companions just now. Since they hadn’t acted earlier, the threat of death had made them scared to move. Aside from surrendering, they didn’t have any other paths to choose from.

Seeing the thief experts surrender after one another, the pike users split up, and the hundred slave soldiers walked over to cuff each thief’s wrist with a steel bracelet. With these bracelets on, their internal magic power and battle qi would be completely sealed. In addition…these bracelets could only be opened with a specific key. If they were broken, they’d instantly shoot out a poisonous needle through the skin of the wearer’s wrist, causing the enemy to instantly die.

After cuffing the enemy, the hundred slave soldiers sent the thousand thief experts away into the city’s prisons. The reason they didn’t kill the enemy was because they were all capable individuals. Once the thief army was annihilated, these people could be forced into submission.

Putting aside what was happening within the city, the thief army was still gushing forwards like a tide outside the city. Only victory was allowed in tonight’s battle, so the Thief Alliance and Oz City had dispatched all of their forces to attempt to burst through Dawn’s defensive line by following the thousand experts after breaking the formation.

Unfortunately, after watching the thousand experts jump down from the city walls, there hadn’t been any more movements. There were no shouts, no resounding echoes of battle. It was like they had jumped into Hell; there were no longer any sounds of activity.

Although breaking the formation had failed, tonight’s battle was already irreversible. This was the determining battle, one that nobody could afford to lose. That’s why, the Alliance and Oz City’s armies unyieldingly charged in attack at the city walls, secretly praying that those thousand experts had effectively destroyed Dawn’s archers.

Unfortunately for them, as soon as they rushed into the illuminated area, they were welcomed with a sky filled with arrows despite their prayers. It was not any different from before. Seeing this scene, everyone realized that those thousand experts were done for.

However, the enemy didn’t fall straight into despair. The army split up on the ground, and a strange, large machine was slowly pushed over. Seeing the peculiar machine, the slave soldiers couldn’t help but feel bewilderment. What exactly was that?

Everyone watched as the machine was pushed in front of the city gates. Then…a fierce ramming sound floated in the night air. Although nothing could be seen, the slave soldiers all knew that the enemy was ramming the city gates.

“Hahahaha…” Although they were in battle, seeing the enemy make such hilarious actions made the slave soldiers unable to hold back their laughter. In reality, those gates were just decoration; behind the wooden door was actually the city wall. At the moment, Dawn didn’t have any city gates.

In the beginning, the enemy didn’t know what Dawn Army was laughing at. But…after they had finally smashed Dawn’s city gates into smithereens, they were depressed to discover that these so-called city gates were pretty much the same as the city walls. It was clearly a fake door, as the only thing behind it was a wall. What kind of passageway was that?

At this discovery, the enemy’s morale was greatly destroyed. With such high city walls and such concentrated firepower, attacking was clearly just seeking death. Even if one was tired of living, they wouldn’t go die in such a way.

Finally, at daybreak, after attacking for an entire night, the Alliance was forced to retreat. If they didn’t leave now, Dawn Army’s archers would regain their vision, and then he wouldn’t be able to leave even if he wanted to. Dawn Army’s arrow shower had caused so many losses here.

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