Chapter - 245: – Utter Destruction Pt. 1
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The 900 scarlet fireballs whizzed out, and formed a crimson rain of fire. The fire elemental magic streaked down like meteors, but…incantations were normally activated by a single person. Yet the rain of fire in front was activated by 900 violent Magic Automatons all together.

The 900 Violent Fireballs were like 900 cannon balls flying through the air all at once. After drawing long arcs through the air, they crashed into the public square with a bang. The next moment…the violent, world-shaking sounds of explosion caused the ground to tremble.

The nearly 1000 shots landed on the 100 meter long and 200 meter wide public square all at once. The resulting scene was extremely tragic. The place glittered even brighter than fireworks, and in an instant, the entire square was engulfed in crimson flames.

There were no cries of misery, no struggles. After the fireballs had landed, the entire public square fell completely silent. Nobody knew how many people had been there, nor did anyone know how many casualties that wave of fireballs had brought about. The fires died out, revealing a completely empty square. All the enemy troops that had entered the square had died. There wasn’t a single survivor; one couldn’t even find any corpses.

Suo Jia stared at the public square in absolute shock, his jaw dropped wide open, unable to shut it. Although he had witnessed the Magic Automatons’ formidability before, having all 900 of the magic machines fire at the same time displayed a might that even Suo Jia couldn’t believe.

Following the earth-shattering bang, both the inside and outside of the city fell silent. Only on the walls on the opposite side of the city were there still sounds of killing going on. However, at the front of the gates, both the enemy and Dawn Army had completely lost their ability to speak.

The Violent Fireballs were magic attacks that only Intermediate Mages and above could activate. On the other hand, activating Violent Fireballs with such a powerful destructive ability was something that even Advanced Mages couldn’t do. When 900 Advanced Mages gathered together, they possessed world-shattering might that wasn’t any inferior to these magic incantations.

Faced with the dead atmosphere around the limestone public square, the thief army that remained outside could only cry tears of grief. A few seconds earlier, their companions had filled the entire square, but in only a blink of an eye, their nearly 100,000 companions had completely disappeared without even leaving behind any corpses.

The violent explosion had blasted all the enemies on the limestone public square into smithereens. The floor was covered in purple-black blood, grounded bones, and mushy flesh. The mountains on both sides that were as tall as the city walls had minced flesh stuck all over them and was slowly dripping down the surface.

It was Hell. No, even Hell wasn’t this horrifying. At the moment, nearly 100,000 corpses had been turned into mincemeat from the violent explosion, and it covered the square in a thick layer. The surrounding mountains and walls were all covered with the ground up meat that was gradually trickling downwards. This was a scene that had never been witnessed even in Hell.

Nobody spoke. The enemy silently retreated. Although they were very unwilling, and felt extreme grief, they all knew that such a terrifying fort wasn’t something that manpower alone could seize. After seeing the tragic scene in front of them, nobody tried to charge in courageously anymore; all of them had been scared witless.

Seeing the quickly retreating enemy, Suo Jia let out a sigh. After looking around at the horrible condition outside the city, even he was momentarily at loss on how to deal with it.

Just as Suo Jia was preparing to send out the slave soldiers to go clean up the messy aftermath…the faint roar of wild beasts rang through the air. The next moment…the fierce sounds of running filled Suo Jia’s ears.

Suo Jia was confused for a moment, but then saw countless magical beasts race over from the ravine’s passageway. Without demur, they raced straight into the square and ravenously began to gulp down the mincemeat on the ground.

Suo Jia felt nauseous after watching this, and for a moment, almost vomited right there. In order to avoid losing face, Suo Jia hurriedly covered his mouth and raced away from the city walls, towards the opposite side. If he watched any further, he’d definitely end up throwing up.

As Suo Jia ran towards the opposite walls, he knew that there was no longer any need for him to concern himself with the remains outside. Soon after, that disgusting mincemeat would be cleanly eaten up by those wild beasts without leaving even a single trace of bone or flesh behind. In addition, the enemy outside the front wouldn’t charge over as easily after that battle. It wasn’t any different from seeking death.

Suo Jia rushed to the opposite city walls. After seeing the mild attacks outside, he quickly guessed the opponent’s intention. It was clear to see that the opposite party didn’t plan on overtaking Dawn from this side at all. They just wanted to keep Dawn’s forces here occupied, then rely on the army on the other side to destroy Dawn City’s defense troops.

In terms of tactics, the enemy had definitely succeeded. If the Magic Automatons weren’t there, as long as the enemy was willing to sacrifice some people, Dawn would be forced to fall. Unfortunately for them, Suo Jia’s luck had led to another victory. Those thousands of Magic Automatons had combined to form an unparalleled line of defense.

This anticlimactic battle continued on until daybreak. It was evident that the army on this side hadn’t yet become aware of the situation on the other side, and were dragging it on for as long as possible.

Although the battle had advanced for an entire night, the enemy’s casualties wasn’t actually that large. From beginning to end, they’d used armored chariots to open up a path to charge at Dawn City’s walls, but also made sure not to get too close. That’s why despite fighting for so long, their injuries were limited.

Seeing the armored chariots going back and forth to provoke Dawn Army, Suo Jia felt slightly disgruntled, but he couldn’t do anything. Even if he wanted the army to go out of the city to attack, how could they do it? Dawn City didn’t even have city gates, there was no way to leave the city. Moreover…if they really left, the defensive powers would be lost, and victory would be hard to grasp.

It was precisely due to this reason that the enemy troops outside the city were recklessly provoking Dawn Army. Although they didn’t have the strength to harm Dawn’s troops, Suo Jia knew that his army’s hearts had already begun to grow agitated. This wasn’t a good thing.

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