Chapter - 250: – Pain of Betrayal Pt. 2
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Faced with the Fourth Prince’s orders, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes all shook, but none came forward to capture Suo Jia. Only General Harvey and General Jason didn’t hesitate. They drew the swords from their waist, and attacked Suo Jia.

Suo Jia gratefully glanced at the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, and his tears finally began to overflow. He stamped his right foot down and instantly activated the Diamond Charge. At the same time, Suo Jia quickly leapt forward, his body twisting in a strange way as he jumped up like an agile fish, instantly cleaving the air.

Suo Jia stood arrogantly in midair and coldly declared, “I’ve already said you aren’t God, you can’t possibly know everything. I can tell you right now that the things you don’t know far outnumber the things you do know.”

Suo Jia abruptly turned around to look at the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, “I didn’t let you girls use the Fire Phoenix equipment set before, and you didn’t really understand why back then. Now…I’ll show you all one last demonstration. Hiding your strength is the only true way to stay alive when you are in dire straits.”

Suo Jia suddenly spread apart his arms, and his magic robe strongly billowed outwards. The sound of silk splitting pierced the air as the robe tore into pieces, revealing the armor under it.

“Si…” With a light whiz, a white mist slowly drifted around Suo Jia’s body. There was an armor that emitted a blue glow covering him. Those flowing lines, intricate designs, and hazy yet beautiful glow could only mean one thing: Suo Jia’s Atlantis set had been miraculously completed.

“Whoosh…” A scarlet cloak billowed outwards despite the lack of wind, and it shot out straight from Suo Jia’s back. At the same time, Suo Jia looked at the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes and said, “Aside from me, nobody else knows that I’ve finished gathering the Atlantis equipment set. And this…is my last advantage.”

As Suo Jia leisurely floated in midair, General Harvey and Jason blocked Diamond Charge. They once again leapt up while brandishing their swords as they charged at Suo Jia, attempting to capture him.

Seeing the two figures charging at him as fast as lightning, Suo Jia just frowned in disdain. Although General Harvey and Jason were both experts that had trained in military arts for over 40 years, endured many battles, and gained a lot of experience, they were still only wearing normal armor. In addition, it was just the generic military wear that training soldiers wore.

Although Suo Jia wasn’t sure if he could directly kill them both off, and engaging in battle might eliminate his chance to flee…just running away wasn’t that difficult. With a wave of his right hand, a blue light flashed, and an Ice Roar was instantly activated.

Aside from the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, who remained entirely still, General Harvey, Jason, and even the Fourth Prince and Wen Ya all scattered in panic to evade the devastating Ice Roar. Those flying ice blades were flying out indiscriminately.

Although he was forced to take shelter and was stuck in a miserable state, the Fourth Prince still refused to admit his loss, and he shouted, “Suo Jia, don’t be too unruly. Let me tell you now, I’ve already arranged for hundreds of experts to wait outside. You can’t possibly escape.”

“Oh,” Suo Jia looked at the Fourth Prince in astonishment and said sincerely, “Then I must really thank you for warning me. Since there are so many people outside, I’ll just leave from the top.” Suo Jia stretched his hand towards the room’s roof, and an ice stream about as large as a person leapt outwards like a flood dragon. With a violent bang, it blasted a cavity a bit wider than a person into the ceiling. At the same time, Suo Jia followed behind the ice stream and flew out from the window as fast as lightning.

The Fourth Prince was completely stunned by how Suo Jia had left the room so easily. He finally regained his senses and shouted in fury, “Hurry. Quickly go and chase after him, and capture him.”

Despite the Fourth Prince’s orders, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes still didn’t move. Their disloyalty to Suo Jia had already made them feel beyond ashamed. Making them go and seize Suo Jia now was something that they’d never do, even if they died.

Suo Jia turned around, but was faced with 36 pairs of misty, tear-filled eyes, which caused him to abruptly turn back around. A whistle rose into the air as Suo Jia swiftly stepped upwards, instantly rising to a frightening height.

When he looked back down, he saw countless figures quickly gathering together. However…Suo Jia’s current location was just too high up. Unless archers shot at him, it was impossible for the other party to touch him.

Suo Jia shot a pained look at the people below him and his resentful voice rang out, “Fourth Prince, this debt is one that I, Suo Jia, will never forget. You know my personal character well; I never owe anyone, let alone allow others to owe me. Just you wait, there will come a day where I will return and get my revenge. When that time comes, I’ll be taking back what you owe me with interest.”

“Roar. Roar. Roar…” A low roaring sound came from the distance. When Suo Jia turned around, he saw the figures of a few Wind Dragon Knights in the air.

“Aha…” The Fourth Prince grew smug again after seeing the Wind Dragon Knights approach, “It looks like this debt is something you won’t get a chance to repay. Show me just how you plan on running away under these circumstances.”

Suo Jia ignored the Fourth Prince and stretched out his left hand. A bright, silver light flashed, and Suo Jia’s body magically disappeared in midair. At the same time, his voice could be heard, “Your Royal Highness, the Fourth Prince, make sure to remember what you owe me, and wait for a bit. I’ll definitely be back.”

The Fourth Prince stared in shock at where Suo Jia had stood in midair. He just couldn’t understand how Suo Jia had suddenly disappeared. A long time passed before the Fourth Prince suddenly remembered that there seemed to be a type of magic items that could conceal the body.

Since Suo Jia had escaped alive, the coup d’etat had to begin immediately. The Fourth Prince knew that there was already no more time to prepare. If he didn’t act quickly, Suo Jia would notify the Emperor, and then the Fourth Prince would be doomed. With the old man Emperor’s power, the Fourth Prince would be dealt with before the coup d’etat even started if the Emperor caught wind of the situation.

During the following 3 days, the Fourth Prince and all the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes rushed to the capital with the help of the Wind Dragon Knights. The 5000 Velociraptor Knights had used their storm-like speed to rush over 3000 li in only 3 days over dry land to the capital. By successfully borrowing the cover of the night, they managed to enter the city under the Fourth Prince’s arrangements.

That evening, the Fourth Prince initiated the coup d’etat, as fast as rolling thunder. Although the old man Emperor was somewhat prepared, the 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes all wore semi Epic ranked equipment sets, had the four colored potions, and elements of both fire and wind. They also had the aid of the 5000 Velociraptors’ fierce, all-out attacks, and in just an hour, the palace had completely fallen.

One couldn’t say that the old man Emperor had been unprepared. But such an overpowering attack was basically unstoppable. While the 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes couldn’t destroy the palace’s experts, they could hold them up by borrowing the power of their semi Epic ranked equipment sets. On the other hand, the other court soldiers couldn’t possibly be the 5000 Velociraptor Knights’ match. Victory was inevitable.

The next morning, when all the chancellors had been going to attend the court as usual, the old man Emperor sadly announced his abdication of the throne, granting it to the Fourth Prince. Thus, Holy Light Empire changed to a new generation monarch.

The first thing the Fourth Prince did as soon as he gained the throne was to have the whole empire search for Suo Jia. Anyone that caught or killed him would be rewarded a billion gold, have their status raised to a Duke, and also be conferred a piece of land that they were free to choose.

Afterwards, the Fourth Prince also rewarded the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes that had helped him successfully pull his coup d’etat. He knew that even though he had gained the throne, staying there required these powerful female warriors to stay by his side and protect him.

As for the 5000 Velociraptor Knights, they had taken the place of the original palace guards, and taken up the important responsibility of protecting the palace. With the 5000 Velociraptor Knights present, the palace was extremely well-fortified. The experts could be dealt with by the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, while the Velociraptor Knights could go against an army. The Fourth Prince could only sigh in praise at how talented Suo Jia was. It was a pity that such a formidable person wasn’t willing to serve him, and instead became his greatest enemy.

Up until now, the Fourth Prince had felt fully content with his achievements. Wen Ya also got her wish of becoming the Holy Light Empire’s Empress fulfilled, and Duke Wen Sha became part of the Prince’s assisting government. However…not all of them were happy.

Duo Mei despondently sat on a cushion, blankly staring at the air in front of her. Betraying Suo Jia had been the most agonizing thing to her, but…as a citizen of Holy Light, she and her sisters had sworn loyalty and devotion to the Fourth Prince the day they had first entered the academy. That’s why, although Suo Jia had been so kind to them, they were trapped in the Fourth Prince’s plans. What could they do?

In addition, the Fourth Prince could give them wealth, glory, privileges, status, and anything else they desired. He’d even agreed to helping them maintain their appearances. Suo Jia had already set up everything perfectly, all the Fourth Prince needed to do was to maintain it.

Now, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes all had noble ranks, and had halos of glory above their heads. The privileges within their grasp had also increased, along with their status. However, the girls discovered that they not only weren’t happy, but instead felt so empty and lonesome that they were about to go insane.

Although they hadn’t been able to see Suo Jia every day when they were together with him, more like a few days’ chance per year, they would spend these days together very richly, dynamically, happily. But now, they suddenly discovered why they were at a loss. They couldn’t see any goal ahead of them, nor any type of hope.

Every day, they recalled how well Suo Jia had treated them, and would then find themselves utterly isolated. The girls couldn’t help but feel miserable, as they all understood that they had bitten the hand that had fed them.

The sudden change that had occurred made the girls completely lose their capability of judgment. In reality, if Suo Jia had stood up and told them he’d bring them away, with him that day, they wouldn’t have known how to respond. It was to the point where, if Suo Jia had ordered them to forcibly kick the Fourth Prince out, it was highly likely that they would’ve obeyed Suo Jia’s commands.

However, Suo Jia hadn’t said nor acted in such a way. He had only grievously left alone. He didn’t realized that in actuality, even though the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had pledged loyalty and devotion to the Fourth Prince, they’d never be willing to betray Suo Jia either. Originally…they had thought that Suo Jia and the Fourth Prince would be allies for the rest of their lives. With the sudden fall-out that day, nobody could blame the girls for not knowing what to do. The Fourth Prince was definitely superior; while the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had hesitated, he’d taken the initiative to act, and Suo Jia had backed down.

But the girls all knew that the reason Suo Jia had conceded was to make things less difficult for them. If Suo Jia had also gone up and demanded for them to seize the Fourth Prince, what would they have been supposed to do? Exactly who were they supposed to have listened to? No matter what choice they had made, it would’ve been tormenting.

As she thought of Suo Jia’s various good points, Duo Mei grew more and more heart-broken. She looked around at her companions, and…saw that all the girls’ eyes were brimming with tears. After all, who in this world enjoyed betrayal?

Author’s Note:

In regards to the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, I already said ages ago that they are part of the imperial family’s guards, which had been set the moment they were born. They had pledged loyalty and devotion to the imperial family the day they entered Holy Light Academy, which I’m sure doesn’t need any further explanation. The only reason Suo Jia’s swindling away of these girls was successful was because it had been secretly coordinated by the Fourth Prince.

Some people say that I didn’t hint beforehand about the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ betrayal, but that is an irrational claim. Many friends had already seen through it. Why could they fake their deaths so easily, and why did nobody suspect them? In reality, this was all being controlled by the Fourth Prince.

The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ loyalty towards the imperial family isn’t fake, nor are their feelings towards Suo Jia. Exactly whether it was betrayal or not still hasn’t been concluded. Actually, from the moment they were discovered to be fire wind warriors, they were forced to vow devotion to the imperial family, and were taught to stay loyal no matter what since they were young. This point was something that a ruler could never let go of. Did all this not count as foreshadowing?

Perhaps I buried it too deeply for everyone to see it. But there’s no way it can be said that it wasn’t there. If you remain unconvinced, go back now to the beginning and closely read anything involving the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes. You’ll discover that nothing I say is false.

Moreover, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes haven’t really betrayed Suo Jia at this stage. They needed to swear loyalty to both the Fourth Prince and Suo Jia, so what were they supposed to do? In addition, you can’t forget that their families are actually still in the hands of the Fourth Prince.

Holy Light Empire is only a small point within the large world, a nameless little country. This isn’t Suo Jia’s goal. His objective is the Martial Way. In addition, if he doesn’t experience some setbacks, he won’t have any means of maturing.

Before writing this part, I reconsidered it many times, but still resolutely wrote it in the end. Although I know it’s depressing, it is absolutely necessary. If he doesn’t experience wind and rain, how will he see a rainbow? Nobody can just succeed in everything they do whenever they want. Everything Suo Jia has done has a reason behind it. This event has made Suo Jia learn of many things, building a foundation for many matters in the future.

Suo Jia actually has the ability to get rid of the Fourth Prince right now. While he can’t attack him head-on, he can assassinate him secretly. However…since the Fourth Prince made Suo Jia lose everything, Suo Jia has to do the same in return. Thus, he just restrained himself, that’s all.

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