Chapter - 258: – Terrifying Magic Power Pt. 2
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Nicole looked deeply at Suo Jia and earnestly explained, “Although you cannot release all of your magic power at once…your magic power and spirit power are indeed at extremely profound levels, to the point where you can activate 1000 ice arrows.”

Nicole took a deep breath and explained, “Did you know, a standard Great Mage can only cast 100 Ice Arrow Techniques in one go? But you. You activated 1000. That’s…”

Suo Jia stared at Nicole in shock as he said in disbelief, “No way. It can’t be that extreme. Although my magic power is on the more solid side, it’s not that high.”

Nicole nodded with certainty and replied, “Don’t think it’s exaggerated. If, for example…a normal Great Mage’s magic power was a thermos, your magic power would be a large water jar. The difference is really too great. I even suspect that your magic power has already reached the level of a Magister’s.”

“That…” Suo Jia began to ponder. When he thought more closely, he realized that putting aside the Enchantment Zhiyao, the training speed he’d gained from the Atlantis equipment set alone was already ridiculous. He could maintain the meditative state 24/7, and….with the other parts that also boosted his training speed, this all seemed to be normal.

Suo Jia finally came to the conclusion that with the occupation that improved magic power and spirit power the fastest, as well as the most powerful Epic ranked set, he was extremely terrifying. This result made Suo Jia’s magic power reach a level that was 10 times higher than a same ranked mage’s.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but happily cheer to himself. All he needed to do now was the deepen his comprehension of the elements and improve his affinity with them. As long as he caught up in that realm, the conditions would be perfect for him to rise to success and activate even higher and mightier magics.

In terms of how to train, Suo Jia actually didn’t need any special kind of method. He just needed to spend every moment sensing the elements and fostering his relationship with them. Since he was able to draw knowledge from his meditation for 6 hours per day, as well as train his Ice Arrow Technique and the Ice and Snow Pact so often, his results were especially outstanding.

Of course, he could no longer use the potions. Otherwise, ushering out the old and only replenishing the new meant that he’d never be able to understand or get closer to the elements. Wouldn’t that be like a prostitute? A prostitute would always have many clients, but if she never bothered to get to know the opposite party, how could she ever get closer to them?

Suo Jia knew that what he needed to do now was to protect his body as if it were precious jade. Unless it was a desperate situation, the potions were basically poisons, just as Nicole had said.

During the next few days, Suo Jia practically never left the carriage except to train in the Ice Arrow Technique. While doing closed door training for the Ice and Snow Pact and improving his ice magic’s formidability, he could deepen his relationship with the elements and foster his affinity.

A profound mage’s affinity with the elements was at a frightening level. Even flames hot enough to melt metal would just be dancing in their palms without harming their skin at all. But when they used these flames to attack others, the raging devastation would be enough to instantly turn the enemy into ash.

Rushing along their journey, the two people finally reached one of Kaya Empire’s famous metropolises a month later….Endless Clouds City. The reason the city had such a name was because when one looked down from the sky, the city had the appearance of a long series of connected clouds.

Endless Clouds City was a port city. The entire place had been created along the coastline that stretched for hundreds of kilometers. It was much larger than any city in Holy Light Empire; even Holy Light City was only half the size of Endless Clouds City.

Although the two people weren’t tired because they had been sitting in the carriage, they were inevitably mentally exhausted after the trip. After entering the city, Nicole led Suo Jia into a large inn in a very familiar manner. The two then collapsed into a deep sleep. After all…no matter how comfortable the carriage was, it still couldn’t compare to a bed.

After sleeping for some period of time, Suo Jia finally awoke. When he saw the warm glow outside the window, he couldn’t help but sigh comfortably. He couldn’t even remember the last time he’d slept so well. It seemed like…iit probably traced all the way back to when he was still very young.

“Grumble…” Amidst his contentment, Suo Jia heard a strange sound. At the same time, an exceptionally fierce hunger arose in his stomach.

Although he had the interspatial ring’s storage, and hadn’t exactly gone hungry during the journey, he could only eat long-lasting, nonperishable foods, which weren’t exactly delicious. One could say that even if they did have amazing flavor, eating them for a month straight would eventually make it impossible to swallow them down.

Recently, Suo Jia hadn’t eaten very much; he’d pretty much treated food like medicine. He’d close his eyes then wash it down with water. To a normal civilian, exceptionally delectable venison wasn’t enough for his appetite.

Suo Jia sat up and changed his clothes before leaving the room. After thinking about it, he walked up to Nicole’s room door, and was prepared to ask her to eat with him. He lightly knocked on the door, but even after waiting for a while, Nicole still answered it.

Amidst his bewilderment, one of the inn’s workers walked over and respectfully said, “Mister, this room’s occupant already went out this morning. She said that she had something to do, and that she’d return by night.”

Suo Jia nodded in understanding, and turned around to go down the stairs. He ordered a table full of dishes, and heartily ate. After he finished, Suo Jia strolled around Endless Clouds City alone, and only returned to the inn once it was already evening. Then, he slept deeply once more.

Originally, Suo Jia had thought that Nicole would’ve already returned by that night. But when he woke up the next morning, he discovered that Nicole hadn’t ever returned.

Commanding the worker to open the room door, Suo Jia walked in, and discovered that the bedding was abnormally tidy. It was clear that after they had been tidied up yesterday morning, nobody had slept in it. In other words, Nicole really hadn’t returned.

When Suo Jia looked at the neat bedding, a vague feeling of foreboding arose. Although they hadn’t known each other for long, Suo Jia knew that Nicole was a trustworthy person. She had had many chances to leave during the journey. If she hadn’t gotten into trouble, there was no reason to wait until coming here to leave.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but frown. He wanted to go out and search for her, but without any clues, there was no way of finding her. After all, it was like finding a needle in a haystack in such a large city that had a population of millions if he just went out to search for her like this.

After contemplating the issue for a long time, Suo Jia finally came up with a solution. If…Nicole had really gotten into some mishap, then her name would definitely be passed around in the thief bar. Thinking this, Suo Jia hurriedly left the inn, and rushed over to the thief union.

An hour later. Suo Jia sat in the corner of the bar with a downcast expression, using his finger to play around with an unusual glass. Just as he had expected, Nicole really had gotten into trouble. As soon as he had arrived at the bar, Suo Jia had already heard a lot of information from the thieves’ chatter.

Yesterday morning, Endless Clouds City’s lord had been robbed, and lost a large amount of his wealth. Fortunately, he’d discovered this quite soon; nearly right after they’d been stolen. After receiving this news, the city lord had immediately deployed sentinels to block all exits, and searched every corner to seize the thief.

But even after searching for a really long time, he still hadn’t been able to find that vile robber. Just as everyone had thought the robber had already left, everyone saw Nicole’s figure appear in a corner. This was inevitable; one couldn’t move around stealthily forever. No matter how powerful a thief was, they still had limits of various lengths of time.

In reality, maintaining stealth for a minute was already quite amazing for a thief. Typically speaking, one could only conceal themselves for a dozen seconds, or maybe a bit more. But Nicole had clearly hid herself for at least 10 minutes. This was just too shocking. What was even more astonishing was that Nicole had successfully hid herself from all the searching experts’ eyes and ears. This could only be described as terrifying, and only Nicole’s ancient family’s stealth technique was able to exhibit such insane results.

However, thieves were all the same; once their stealth failed and their concealment was lifted, they couldn’t possibly be a warrior’s opponent. Moreover, with so many hidden talents in the city lord’s residence, there was pretty much no way Nicole could resist. Thus, she was subdued.

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