Chapter - 26: – Successful Weight Loss
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Finally, the sounds of the guards roused the dazed Wen Ya, and she impatiently waved her hand. Once all the guards had been driven out, Wen Ya turned to Suo Jia, her whole body trembling, and said to him incredulously: “Heavens! How did you do this? In such a little amount of time, without me doing anything at all, I got slimmer by so much! This isn’t a dream right?”

Lightly tucking the handkerchief into his pocket, Suo Jia smiled slightly and said: “Since the last time you helped me, I’ve been constantly mulling over ways to strip away your lipid layers. After repeated analysis, research, and experiments, I finally found the method to quickly lose fat!”

Looking at Wen Ya with confidence, Suo Jia said proudly: “I have already tested this method on 60 Quack Chickens, as well as on my own body. Not only is it painless, it also has no negative effects. The most miraculous part is that I can use my control over the lipid layers’ thicknesses to change a person’s appearance, as long as the bone structure remains unchanged. I believe that I can return you to your previous elegant manner!”

“Heavens!” Seeing everything that she had previously only dreamed of suddenly becoming reality, Wen Ya’s entire body was trembling with excitement. She grabbed Suo Jia’s hand and urged: “Then what are you still waiting for? Hurry! Hurry up and help me lose weight!”

Slightly smiling, Suo Jia nodded and warmly said: “The reason I came here to search for you was to help you lose weight. Since you’ve already agreed to let me help you, you should first go and prepare yourself.”

“Prepare myself?” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Wen Ya furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

Seeing Wen Ya’s puzzled expression, Suo Jia patiently explained: “The clothes you are wearing are too thick and they will affect my ability to perceive the water content within your lipid layers.”

“Ah ga!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Wen Ya could not help but cry out: “God, you’re not saying that you want me to completely strip before you help me lose weight are you? If that is the case, I definitely want to die right now, and I don’t want you to help me lose weight either.”

Awkwardly scratching his head, Suo Jia said embarrassingly: “It’s not necessary to completely strip, but you still have to change to a flimsier set of clothes. Moreover…if you wear too much, then I have no way of determining how much more fat is left from your outer appearance. Eliminating too little is fine, but if I eliminate too much, wouldn’t that be bad?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s explanations, Wen Ya did not say much more, and directly went into an inner room. Soon after, she had changed to a set of flimsy, skin-tight clothes and walked out: “How is this? Are the clothes I’m wearing okay?”

Suo Jia glanced at Wen Ya’s blue, skin-tight clothes and nodded with certainty, replying, “There’s no problem; as long as I am able to see the outline of your body shape, it’s fine. The perception I was talking about was my perception of water. It doesnt matter if it’s the water within your body or the water within your clothes, my perceptions of them are the same. I am unable to completely separate the two from each other.”

As it was now, if there was only a flimsy skin-like layer of clothes, then it would not pose any problem. It could be regarded as Wen Ya’s skin. Whether it was perception or being able to determine the status of the target at any given moment, none were currently able to hinder the process of losing weight.

Instructing Wen Ya to lie down on the bed, Suo Jia moved a chair over and sat in front of the bed. He closed his eyes, extended his hands, and once he was about 10 cm away from her body, he began to gesture in the empty space.

In reality, as long as he was within the radius within his absolutely control, Suo Jia could could freely move about this water. However….if he wanted to pay close attention to detail, then the closer he was, the lower the chances of making any errors. This made the process much more precise.

Seeing Suo Jia’s small and tender hands swaying in front of her own body, even though Wen Ya was currently ugly and fat, no matter what, she had once been beautiful. She was still a girl, and the feeling of shyness was something that could not be avoided.

Closing her eyes with embarrassment, Wen Ya could no longer continue watching. However, even though her eyes were closed, there was still an itchy feeling that could not be resisted. Accompanying Suo Jia’s magic-filled hands was a numbing and itchy feeling that gave Wen Ya a weird feeling, almost making Wen Ya **.

(TL: ** is in the official raws: not the link we posted in the ABOUT page, which means it was originally censored. ** signifies “moans” here. It’s supposed to be a sexual reference.)

Of course, Wen Ya would not really ** for no good reason. Even though that feeling was extremely strong, Wen Ya continued to tightly shut her mouth, without letting a single sound escape. The whole room had become silent without any trace of sound.

The room was completely quiet. After some time passed, finally…Suo Jia tiredly opened his eyes. Even though controlling water was not an active magic and did not require spirit power or spell arrays, the process of squeezing water out of the lipid layers still required a lot of mental concentration. After such a long time had passed, Suo Jia was beyond exhausted.

Fortunately however, despite the fact that he could barely open his tired eyes, Suo Jia had finally completed his first weight loss task, just as he had planned. From top to bottom, and front to back, Suo Jia had completely squeezed out the fat from all over Wen Ya’s body.

When Wen Ya received Suo Jia’s indication to open her eyes, she only felt that her body was completely moist and sticky. Looking at her body, she realized that her body was completely covered with layers of yellow fluids. The bedding underneath her had also become soaked.

All girls love to be clean, regardless of whether it is a fat girl or a slim girl. Suddenly seeing herself so dirty, Wen Ya could not help but cry out in shock, and quickly run out of the room, making a beeline towards the baths. If her current state was seen by anyone else, then filthy would be added to her reputation, on top of being ugly and fat. If this happened, she would rather die.

Just when Suo Jia was about to collapse on the chair unconsciously, a beauty with a voluptuous figure was within the luxurious baths of the residence belonging to the Lord of the city. She blankly stared in the mirror at the gorgeous curves on her well-developed body!

Was she still fat? No! Wen Ya could definitely say that the current her could no longer be described as fat. The more accurate words would be well-developed and blossoming!

First, her curves. The previous Wen Ya had the figure of an obese roly-poly doll, with several layers of fat on her stomach and thighs. As a whole, she looked both fat and sluggish, making anyone who saw her reel in disgust.

However the current her was different. Her beautiful smooth and round face coupled with a large and flourishing chest, together with her slim waist, all outlined the main curves of a charming woman beautifully! Adding the smooth and round bottom below her waist, she would no doubt attract many men’s desires.

Seeing her reflection in the mirror, Wen Ya was completely dumbfounded. The current her was already so beautiful to the point where she was enchanted by herself. This was only her first weight loss and she had already changed to a completely different person. If she followed Suo Jia’s words and completed nine rounds of the Weight Loss Technique, how much more would she change?

Wen Ya put on her clothes excitedly. The originally perfectly fitting clothes now very loosely drooped off of her body after putting them on. Looking at her own large clothes, Wen Ya practically began to question how she had previously been able to wear them. Based on current standards, this set of clothes could fit at least two of the current her inside!

Perhaps there were people who thought this was extremely exaggerated, but in reality, it was for safety purposes that caused Suo Jia to split the weight loss into nine treatments. The first treatment was really the easiest, as well as the one that caused the most change.

To Suo Jia, the first task was like sculptor carving. First, he had to approximate a silhouette and eliminate all of the unnecessary fat. The first round of the Weight Loss Technique did not have any dangerous aspects.

The real danger appeared during the final treatments where extreme care and precision was needed. If his control varied by the slightest bit, then the whole piece of fat could die off. For now, in Suo Jia’s eyes, as long as he prevented lipid layer from decaying, then there would definitely not be any risk of danger.

Turning her body over and over, Wen Ya found that she couldn’t stop looking at herself. She discovered that she had actually fallen in love with her reflection in the mirror; although her current appearance was still far from perfect, reaching this degree was sufficient to make even God jealous.

Her beautiful face, full chest, slim waist, charming bottom, and perfectly straight and slim legs….all her previous sources of pride had returned. Even more, she now had a more mature and rich ambience. Her whole body emitted an alluring scent…

A few hours earlier, Wen Ya had lost all faith in this world, lost all hope, and only wanted to commit suicide. But only a few hours later, Wen Ya felt that the whole world was smiling at her, and that all of the flowers in the world were now blossoming around her.

“This won’t do! I absolutely have to thank that boy properly. He gave the whole world to me!” Wen Ya finally returned to her senses, and thought of her benefactor.

However, once Wen Ya put on some clothes and returned to the room, Suo Jia was already gone. The only thing left on the table was a piece of paper: “Respected Miss Wen Ya, I am very glad to have been able to help you. I have finally had the chance to return the favor I owed you!”

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