Chapter - 264: – See Who’s Shadier Pt. 2
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Nicole shuddered at Archduke Roland’s threat, and her expression was no longer as resolute as before either. In Roland’s eyes, her siblings’ lives were higher than her own life; nothing was more important than them. Nicole’s heart began to tremble at these words.

However, while Nicole felt fear, Suo Jia definitely didn’t. Although…Suo Jia was only 15 years old, 3 years younger than Nicole, Suo Jia had been fighting and scheming around since he was young, so making crafty plots and conspiracies was something he was 100 times more skilled at than Nicole was.

Completely ignoring Roland’s threat, Suo Jia pulled out a bronze necklace from his chest. He then reached out to place it around the completely bound Archduke Roland’s neck.

“Hehe…” Suo Jia smiled smugly and said with pride, “Archduke Roland, you’re not the only one that puts slave necklaces on others. Although these things are a bit annoying to make, it’s extremely easy to use; snapping it on is all it takes.”

As he spoke, Suo Jia’s body left its concealed state. Seeing Suo Jia suddenly appear before him, Archduke Roland gaped in shock and shouted angrily, “Who are you?! You dare to break into my Archduke mansion; aren’t you afraid of the law?”

“Law.” Suo Jia glanced at Roland in disdain and spat out, “Your law only applies to you citizens of Kaya Empire. I’m someone from Holy Light Empire; your law doesn’t affect me at all.”

Suo Jia looked at Roland in glee and said, “How about it? Tell me, how does personally wearing a slave necklace feel? Doesn’t it feel super refreshing?”

“What?” Archduke Roland finally responded. What Suo Jia had put on him just now was actually a slave necklace? Archduke Roland’s face couldn’t help but turn deathly pale.

Suo Jia glanced at Archduke Roland in contempt before turning around to say to Nicole, “Alright then, why are you still here? Hurry up and go do what you need to do. Now isn’t the time to think twice; didn’t you want to save your siblings?”

After being pushed by Suo Jia, Nicole bit down hard and ground out, “I’m willing to do anything for my siblings. I’ll go over to them now.” Her body slowly faded out, and skillfully disappeared completely before Suo Jia and Roland.

“You, what do you want to do?” Archduke Roland asked in alarm.

“Hehe…” Suo Jia chuckled darkly. “Nothing much. Since you put slave necklaces around Nicole’s siblings, we just followed suit, and placed them on your sons and grandchildren. They have to wear at least one of these pretty necklaces each.”

“You.” Archduke Roland’s eyes grew wide as he glared at Suo Jia in fury. But soon after, he let out a sigh of despair. Anything he could do to others could obviously be done to him as well. The matter was quite simple, but nobody had ever dared to do it before. After all, those that had this ability and this kind of chance to were very few in number.

“Ya.” A sharp voice came from outside the door. Suo Jia suddenly turned around to look over, and saw a single woman shouting in shock from her covered mouth. It was clear that Suo Jia’s actions had been caught.

Following the woman’s sharp cry, a jumble of running sounds could be heard from every direction as countless guards quickly sped over to the hall. Suo Jia’s expression changed slightly, and he silently activated the Concealment Ring, his body once again hiding in the air.

Soon, many warriors poured out from the front and back doors. Seeing how Archduke Roland was tightly wrapped in an ice stream, the spectators couldn’t help but cry out in shock. Their sharp sounds loudly rang out through the entire residence.

While still hidden, Suo Jia couldn’t help but secretly sigh in admiration. Just like that, the entire hall had already filled with 30+ experts. There were also more than 300 soldiers pouring out like water, completely surrounding the main building. Even if Suo Jia could transform into a mosquito, he couldn’t have possibly been able to escape.

However, Suo Jia didn’t really want to run. Even if he could, what would happen to Nicole’s siblings? The reason Suo Jia had come this time was to completely resolve this matter.

It was clear to see that Archduke Roland also knew this. Just as Suo Jia dispersed the ice stream, Archduke Roland said with an ashen face, “What are you all panicking for? All of you go back. Without my orders, none of you are to even approach the main building.”

Although they didn’t understand what was going on, none of them dared to go against the Archduke’s commands. After exchanging glances with each other, the soldiers all turned around to leave the hall. In a moment, the entire area fell silence once more.

“Phew…” Archduke Roland let out a breath and said, “Alright, since things have already reached this point, we should have a proper talk. Go on and show yourself.”

Suo Jia’s and Nicole’s figures appeared on Roland’s left and right. Roland looked deep into Nicole’s eyes and said, “I admit that I had been wrong in the past. But…let’s just end the matter there. I’ll help you release your siblings from their necklaces, and you remove the necklaces on my family as well.”

Nicole excitedly clenched her hands into fists and said, “Are…are you serious? Then that’s really great. Let’s promi—”

“Wait,” Before Nicole had finished speaking, Suo Jia suddenly interrupted. “Archduke Roland, you seem to think I’m an idiot. You don’t have any other choice right now; immediately release Nicole’s siblings from their necklaces. As for the ones around your family, we’ll send people to escort them over here after we’ve secured our safety.”

“That won’t do, that absolutely won’t do. I can’t put my and my family’s lives in your hands. Either you release them now, or everyone simultaneously meets their ends.” Archduke Roland hissed.

“Pfft…” Suo Jia sniggered and lazily replied, “What are you thinking? If I release them all now, then do we still have a chance of living? As soon as we release you from the necklace, we’ll be surrounded and killed right here.”

Hearing this, Nicole couldn’t help but cover her mouth in fear. Just now, her mind had been focused completely on saving her siblings, and she had almost agreed to Archduke Roland’s suggestions. After hearing Suo Jia’s words, she finally realized that this suggestion couldn’t be followed at all.

Nicole wasn’t stupid or dumb. The only reason her judgment ability was so low right now was because her mind was in disarray from worrying. Since the matter involved her beloved siblings, she couldn’t properly use her brain.

Suo Jia continued, “Archduke Roland, you have to understand the current circumstances. You don’t have a choice. Immediately release Nicole’s siblings from their necklaces. Then, after we’re in the clear, I’ll naturally send people to bring you keys.”

Archduke Roland opened his mouth anxiously, but Suo Jia interrupted him before he spoke, “No need to say anything else. I refuse any other negotiations. Right now, I’m giving you two choices: either you immediately release the necklaces and wait until we’re safe before receiving the key, or you let us go right now. Either way, you’re all wearing necklaces, so I’m not afraid of you harming us.”

Nicole looked at Archduke Roland in concern. This was the most critical moment; this was the one point that wasn’t completely in their control. Who knew if Archduke Roland would agree to this condition?

Suo Jia shot a glance at Nicole, and shook his head. He smiled as he turned around to say to Archduke Roland, “Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance. We’re all empty-handed, as frail as a blade of grass. We couldn’t possibly compare to someone as well-built as you, Archduke Roland. If everyone is wearing necklaces, then whatever. But it’s best if give us your blessings and guarantee we’re safe. Otherwise, the moment something happens to us, regardless of whether it’s because of you or someone else, we’ll immediately destroy the keys and eliminate your entire family.”

“Urk.” Archduke Roland took a deep breath as he abruptly realized that they were no longer on equal grounds. Although both sides were wearing necklaces, Archduke Roland’s side had over 4 people victimized, while Suo Jia’s side only had 2.

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