Chapter - 267: – Deviant Evolution Pt. 1
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That afternoon, Suo Jia brought Nicole, her two younger sisters, and her younger brother out of Endless Clouds City. Suo Jia knew from what Nicole had told him that Nicole’s family had a training base. During the past 10 years, Nicole would annually train there for half a year, and would spend the other half wandering around outside to earn money.

The group of people were escorted back to Emerald City, where Suo Jia had met Nicole the second time. If Nicole hadn’t bumped into Suo Jia because she was stealing money, today’s events probably would’ve never happened.

Nicole led the group to a manor outside Emerald City. This was where her family’s special training grounds was. There were all kinds of equipment and weapons inside. No place could be more suitable to be Nicole’s family’s training area for the children.

Although Suo Jia really wanted to continue onwards, he really wasn’t an unreasonable person. Nicole’s siblings had just been reunited, shouldn’t he let the group have some time together? In addition…Nicole needed some time as well to make proper arrangements for her siblings. Suo Jia knew that after entering the Greater Trade Routes, Nicole had the possibility of never returning again. If he wasn’t comfortable with letting her leave properly, then how would she wholeheartedly join him through the Greater Trade Routes?

In order to tighten the siblings’ relationship, Suo Jia didn’t disturb them. He found an empty room in the manor, and began to practice training by himself. If he wanted to leave for the Greater Trade Routes, Suo Jia’s power still wasn’t enough at all.

During the following several days, Suo Jia followed his own daily routine. But he soon discovered something was off; the time he’d used previously for Enchanted Zhiyao was now empty. Although he could train in other things, this wasn’t necessarily the most appropriate thing to do.

After contemplating this for a long while, Suo Jia finally prepared to redraw up his plans. Although he could no longer continue consuming the potions, he could still perform the Enchanted Zhiyao process. While potion usage had detrimental effects, the manufacture process itself didn’t. Either way, it’d allow his spirit power and magic power rise crazily. Why waste such an amazing training technique?

Suo Jia opened his interspatial ring and fished out the alchemy furnace, then a high quality Ice Soul he’d requested from the dwarves to use as a cooling medium. With this, he was prepared to start the Enchanted Zhiyao again.

Most likely because it had sensed the energy from the Ice Soul, the 2 meter tall Frost Wyrm suddenly leapt out of the ring before it had been closed. It greedily looked at the high quality Ice Soul, looking as if it wanted to swallow it in a single gulp.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but wryly laugh at the sight. This Ice Soul wasn’t a crystal core from a magical beast, but something dug up from a 10,000 year old glacier. It was a core made of old, condensed black ice, a rare material the dwarves used to forge. If Suo Jia hadn’t handed over Life Potions, he would’ve never been able to obtain this Ice Soul.

Suo Jia looked at the Frost Wyrm with a bitter smile. He found it unfathomable that it even wanted to eat a stone. This thing wasn’t a crystal core, would the dragon even be able to digest it?

Suo Jia reached out his hand and said sternly, “Let me warn you, you cannot eat this Ice Soul. If you want to eat, I’ll give you some ice elemental magic crystals later. Without this treasure, I can’t perform the Enchanted Zhiyao.”

Seemingly understanding Suo Jia’s words, the little Frost Wyrm begrudgingly laid down on the ground next to Suo Jia. But its eyes were still firmly locked onto the Ice Soul that was emitting a frosty air.

Suo Jia patted the little Frost Wyrm’s head. This guy didn’t seem very different from a large dog at this point; it was just a bit fatter, and had wings.

Suo Jia shook his head and gathered his concentration to begin the Enchanted Zhiyao. Just as before, he created Spirit Potions, Magic Potions, and Endurance Potions, producing over a hundred bottles at once. Only then did Suo Jia stop in satisfaction.

Suo Jia stretched his arms and pondered for a bit. He no longer remembered how many potions he’d made since he’d first learned the Enchanted Zhiyao. However, he could say with certainty that his alchemy skill was one that he’d brought to the point of perfection.

Although Suo Jia had already mastered the skill for creating the three major potions, this wasn’t the end, but rather, the beginning. Suo Jia would have to create refined potions next.

The refined potions were still the same as the three major potions, but…the previous potions weren’t pure. A bottle of potion contained limited energy. The refined potions that Suo Jia needed to make now were different though. In the same amount of potion, the amount of energy that could be replenished would be much more. In addition, practicing the refined potions would also increase the energy in the normal potions.

Suo Jia suddenly heard a sound come from next to him. Puzzled, he turned around to look, and saw that the little Frost Wyrm that had been sprawled across the ground the whole time was trying to take advantage of the moment that Suo Jia hadn’t been paying attention, and tried to secretly eat the Ice Soul.

When Suo Jia saw the Ice Soul was just about to enter the little Frost Wyrm’s large mouth, he hurriedly raised his hand to shoot out an Ice Arrow accurately at the Ice Soul on the alchemy furnace. In that critical moment, Suo Jia managed to save the treasure from the jaws of the little Frost Wyrm.

“Crunch…” The little Frost Wyrm hadn’t been able to get the Ice Soul, but instead chomped down on the potion that Suo Jia had just made and hadn’t had the time to put away. Just like that, the little Frost Wyrm swallowed a dozen bottles.

At that moment…the little Frost Wyrm hadn’t yet realized that it hadn’t gotten the Ice Soul. Thinking that the Ice Soul was in its mouth, it contently closed its eyes and took a large gulp. But after swallowing a few times, the little Frost Wyrm finally discovered that Suo Jia was picking up the Ice Soul from the corner. It was clear to see that…it had missed.

Eyeing the Ice Soul in Suo Jia’s hand, the little Frost Wyrm hurriedly swallowed a few more times, dumping all the potions down into its stomach before preparing to lunge and forcibly take the Ice Soul from Suo Jia’s hand. But just then, a strange feeling arose from the dragon’s’ body.

The little Frost Wyrm suddenly felt a refreshing, relieving feeling, and it closed its eyes in contentment. Under the stimulation of the Spirit Potions, the dragon suddenly grew dizzy, which felt both peculiar yet wonderful, an indescribable feeling.

That wasn’t all. The Magic Potions and Endurance Potions also made the little Frost Wyrm’s entire body feel relaxed and full of energy. In addition to the light, floating feeling it felt, the stimulation was even greater than one that a female Frost Wyrm could give it. This was the first time it had ever felt so comfortable in its entire life; in contrast, it no longer even cared for the Ice Soul.

The dragon tightly shut its eyes, concentrating on enjoying that indescribably amazing feeling. After a long while, that light, floating feeling gradually faded, and the little Frost Wyrm couldn’t help but open its eyes in disappointment.

At almost the same time it opened its eyes, the little Frost Wyrm happily noticed the scattered potions strewn across the ground. Its eyes flashed, and it suddenly lunged forwards, its red tongue flicking outwards to quickly shove a dozen potions into its mouth. With a loud crunch, the little Frost Wyrm contently closed its eyes as that light feeling arose from within him once more.

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