Chapter - 270: – Might of the Diamond Dragon Pt. 2
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Faced against Suo Jia’s attack, the Golden Wind Lion opposite him lightly flashed, and successfully dodged the Mysterious Ice Arrow. After all…the Golden Wind Lion was a wind elemental magical beast. Beating them in speed was clearly giving oneself the short end of the stick. Even if one could win like that, it was by far the stupidest possible method.

Suo Jia leapt up high into the sky. With the activation of Unrivalled Wave Walking, he hung in midair. With a wave of his right hand, he instantly activated an Ice Roar, and countless lightning-fast ice blades burst out towards the other lions opposite him.

The Ice Roar actually used a single point as its origin, and would wildly send sharp ice blades spiraling outwards. Its effective attack range, the number of ice blades, and the cutting intensity of these blades all increased with the user’s magic power and spirit power.

With a vicious shriek, hundreds of ice blades spun out. They were so densely packed together that even the speed-type Golden Wind Lions couldn’t possibly evade them all. It wasn’t that Suo Jia was precise; actually, he was simply wildly shooting everywhere. But just like that, he could hit his targets.

However, a single Ice Roar was clearly not enough to easily eliminate these Golden Wind Lions. If they were so easy to deal with, they couldn’t possibly be that well known. After the Ice Roar had passed, countless cuts had appeared on these lions’ bodies, but not a single one had received a fatal attack.

It was common knowledge that injured beasts were the most frightening. Stimulated by the musky smell of blood, the Golden Wind Lions frenzily leapt forwards. Their feet fiercely pushed off the ground, propelling them up into the air as they lunged towards Suo Jia in attack.

Lions were creatures with the most exquisite strategy and tactics. While hunting, they paid particular attention to formations and position. Once they initiated their attack, there was no way any creature would be able to easily flee.

Seeing the Golden Wind Lions jumping into the air, Suo Jia couldn’t help but inwardly gasp in praise. These five lions charged over from five different directions, forming the vague shape of a large net. No matter how Suo Jia tried to evade, there was no way he could completely dodge. He’d definitely end up suffering from at least two of the attacks.

Of course, Suo Jia could also rise up higher, but it was clearly too late now. While the five Golden Wind Lions were jumping into the air, they opened their mouths, and five whirling wind blades tightly blocked off any space for Suo Jia to dodge. The air above was particularly impossible to escape through.

If it were anyone else encountering this kind of scene, they’d definitely be powerless. But Suo Jia was different; against these pouncing Golden Wind Lions, Suo Jia didn’t bother trying to dodge at all. His right foot stomped down, and Diamond Charge instantly burst outwards.

Although the assault was fierce, the five Golden Wind Lions were still in midair, so they had no way of gathering power. With the impetus from Diamond Charge, they all miserably tumbled down from the air, and their first wave of attack failed just like that.

Suo Jia inwardly judged the fallen Golden Wind Lions as a fluke. If these guys had been on the ground, Suo Jia’s Diamond Charge might really have been unable to force them all back. It was precisely because of this that Suo Jia had cautiously risen into the air. Only there would his Diamond Charge truly be unrivaled.

Suo Jia didn’t dare waste any time. His left hand waved, and a nine meter long ice whip snaked out of Suo Jia’s hand. He swung his left hand once more, and instantly….the long ice whip shot out towards the five Golden Wind Lions crawling up from the ground with a fierce shriek.

After half a year of Refined Enchanted Zhiyao, Suo Jia’s control over the water elements had already reached a terrifying realm. The long ice whip seemed to surge outwards like a living creature. Under powerful manipulation and the push of strong spirit power, the ice stream whip’s lashes grew sharper and sharper. Each time the whip lashed onto the ground, a deep scar would instantly be embedded.

Although the Golden Wind Lions were very fast, they were only swift when moving in a straight line. If they had to twist and turn, the wind elements were incomparable to the water elements, like how a bird could never be as agile as a fish.

After analyzing the Golden Wind Lions’ forward trajectories, Suo Jia’s crystalline, ice whip welcomed them with a forward lash. In an instant, the five lions were tangled up into the whip, and any of them that tried to break away were fiercely pulled back.

Of course, Suo Jia’s attack wasn’t only this. When the ice stream whip struck the Golden Wind Lions, they’d be simultaneously affected by the Freezing Touch. Although the ice would quickly be broken by the Golden Wind Lions, this constantly shaved away at their energy. As this decreased, their speeds also slowed. This was Suo Jia’s chance.

Finally, after five minutes were up, Suo Jia’s right hand pushed out. A blue light flashed, and a sharp Mysterious Ice Arrow instantly shot towards one of the Golden Wind Lion’s right eye. The penetrating point pierced through the lion’s back. At the same time, its entire head was completely frozen into a block of ice, and the lion couldn’t be any more dead.

“Bang.” With a dull sound, the Golden Wind Lion miserably toppled to the ground. Without the commands of its brain, no animal could possibly continue moving. As it collapsed, its already frozen head shattered into tiny pieces.

With this lion’s fall, the battle situation was set. The five lions together hadn’t been able to do anything to Suo Jia before; now that there were only 4 left, it was even less possible. Within 10 seconds, Suo Jia consecutively activated four arrows, and shot all of the remaining lions dead.

The Mysterious Ice Arrow was the magic that Suo Jia used the most often. At the same time…it was also a single target ice attack. It was the magic that had the highest amount of damage. Using the Mysterious Ice Arrow to end the battle was the most appropriate, most reasonable choice.

After that side’s battle had ended, Suo Jia didn’t rest. He quickly turned around, and looked behind him. There…the Diamond Dragon and the Golden Wind Lion King’s fight had entered a white-hot state.

Without a question, the current Diamond Dragon was far from being the Golden Wind Lion King’s opponent. It was simply being beaten up; it couldn’t possibly go against the Golden Wind Lion King’s rising might. But despite this, the Diamond Dragon had still successfully managed to pin the Golden Wind Lion King back down, dragging it along the ground.

Although the Diamond Dragon wasn’t the Golden Wind Lion King’s rival, the Golden Wind Lion King was probably still extremely depressed. While it far surpassed the Diamond Dragon in strength, the Diamond Dragon had a ridiculously overpowered defense. Thus, it couldn’t really be harmed.

“ROAR!” A world-shaking roar rang out from the Golden Wind Lion King’s great mouth. Immediately…violent, Ice Roar-level wind blades instantly formed. Hundreds of these blades combined together to form a wind blade net, completely wrapping around the large Diamond Dragon.

“Screech…” Each wind blade slashed towards the Diamond Dragon with crisp, compressed sounds. Deep gouges began to form on the surface of the Diamond Dragon’s body. However…this was the only effect. Although it looked like it was heavily injured, Suo Jia knew very well that the Diamond Dragon was currently hiding deep within the Glacial Armor’s layers, and hadn’t been injured at all.

Although the water element couldn’t trump the wind element, everyone knew that while the wind elemental magics were mainly fast, cutting, and piercing, they lacked impact force. It was like thin blade pieces momentarily cutting one’s body; one couldn’t really feel any impetus behind these.

It was exactly due to this reason that while broken ice slashes were dancing around in the air, the Diamond Dragon hidden deep within the Glacial Armor was completely unharmed; it had barely even shaken.

Suo Jia watched as a white mist began to flow around the Diamond Dragon’s body, and the deep gouges that had been carved out were quickly repaired until it looked like they had never been attacked. The Golden Wind Lion King’s attacks had clearly been wasted.

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