Chapter - 271: – Great Frost Wyrm Pt. 1
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In reality, the current Diamond Dragon couldn’t even defeat a normal Golden Wind Lion, let alone the Golden Wind Lion King. If Suo Jia’s Mysterious Ice Arrow couldn’t even harm the Golden Wind Lion, how could the cumbersome Diamond Dragon land an attack?

Of course, while the Diamond Dragon was very stupid and slow, becoming a true Thousand Year Dragon was completely different. It would be several dozen meters tall, standing there like a small mountain, and its normal attacks would be ultimate level ice magics. Any magic attack it activated was a forbidden spell, without exception.

The Thousand Year Dragon actually didn’t rely on speed to fight its opponents. With its magic, it didn’t matter how fast its opponent was, because its attack range measured up to 100 meters. Any magic spell it used would attack any enemy within at least 100 meters. No matter how fast they were, they wouldn’t possibly be able to escape quickly enough.

For example, the Diamond Dragon’s trademark move: Diamond Charge. The effective range of Suo Jia’s Diamond Charge was only ten meters, but if a Thousand Year Great Frost Wyrm activated it, the attack range would at the very least reach a massive distance of 100 meters. A single Diamond Charge would immediately exterminate anything within its range. Its might was unimaginably great.

“Hmm. Something doesn’t seem quite right.” Suo Jia furrowed his brows together. At the moment…there were only two Golden Wind Lions left fighting the Diamond Dragon, aside from the Golden Wind Lion King. Three of the Golden Wind Lions had already collapsed in pools of blood. Suo Jia just couldn’t understand how the Diamond Dragon had killed these lions off.

Just then, a Golden Wind Lion suddenly leapt up from the ground. Like a flash of lightning, it covered a distance of nearly 10 meters before clamping its jaws onto the Diamond Dragon’s neck area. As ice shards flew wildly into the air, the Golden Wind Lion lost its momentum, and jumped back down onto the ground.

The instant the Golden Wind Lion had turned around and dropped back onto the ground…a piercing light flashed. At the same time, blood suddenly appeared at the Golden Wind Lion’s neck. By the time its body had hit the ground, it had already lost all ability to stand. A large amount of blood was furiously gushing out from its throat. Its entire body twitched as it neared its death.

“Gasp.” Suo Jia couldn’t help but sharply inhale at the scene. He knew that the attack just now had actually been from Nicole. That sudden attack was really too frightening. It was impossible to evade, impossible to block.

As expected, Nicole’s figure appeared in midair. The dagger in her hand was still brandished, and her body flashed like lightning as she leapt up to the Diamond Dragon’s shoulder. Her right foot lightly pushed off the Great Frost Wyrm’s body, and her body once again soared high into the air. The next moment…Nicole’s body mysteriously disappeared in the air, as if she had passed through another dimension.

Suo Jia could only stare in shock at the place she’d disappeared from. The whole process of materializing, then re-entering the concealed state had only taken a span of 2-3 seconds. She’d first flown through the air for a distance, then stepped off the Diamond Dragon’s shoulder, and her body had risen into the air to enter her invisible state once more. Her movements were incomparably smooth, giving any onlooker the impression that she’d become one with the air.

Suo Jia found Nicole’s miserable appearance back when she’d been fighting with the people on the street completely unbelievable now. The Nicole in front of him was actually the same Nicole from back then? It was really too frightening of a thought. When Suo Jia recalled what Nicole had said, Suo Jia finally realized that her words had been absolutely correct.

When one looked at Nicole like this, any warrior would be completely confident in their ability to defeat her. She didn’t look very strong. However…once she entered the concealed state, the entire world became her hunting grounds. Nobody could possibly dodge the Instant Kill from the shadows.

If she was so formidable, than why had she been defeated and captured? Actually, everyone had their own weaknesses; when Suo Jia had first bumped into Nicole on the street, it had been right after Nicole’s training had finished. Her energy had been completely drained, which had made it impossible to enter the concealed state. That’s why she had lost so miserably.

Nicole would always go to her secret training area in Emerald City every year to practice, so she had definitely been training while she had been there. But once she had appeared on the streets, it was definitely her resting period. Her energy was completely exhausted, and only by taking advantage of the time needed to replenish her energy would she have the time to stroll around the street. Occasionally, she’d steal something as well. She had unfortunately been caught this time, which is what had led up that day’s events.

In reality, Nicole believed that was fate. If she had been so easy to capture, she wouldn’t have survived up until that day; who knew how many times she’d have met her end before. That day was both a disaster and destiny. This was what Nicole thought of it as. In her view, Suo Jia’s presence that day had been arranged by the Heavens. Their encounter was a symbol of the Heavens doting on Nicole.

As for stealing in Endless Clouds City, that was the question of both luck and strength. If her luck wasn’t good enough, she’d have been discovered as soon as she’d taken away the item, which was why she could only use stealth to hide. However…stealth wasn’t limitless. After all the pathways in the city lord’s residence had been sealed off, Nicole could only be miserably caught after she was helplessly forced to lift her stealth. If she didn’t have a certain amount of confidence, how could Nicole have rashly gone to wreak havoc in the city lord’s residence?

Just then, a crimson light flashed across the last Golden Wind Lion’s throat. At the same time, Nicole appeared in front of Suo Jia’s vision in a strange stance. After she brushed past the Golden Wind Lion, Nicole’s body quickly leaned forward, and her left, dagger-holding hand struck the ground, sending her body into somersault, only to hide herself within empty space once more.

“Sigh…” Suo Jia wordlessly shook his head. All he felt towards Nicole’s appearing and disappearing abilities was admiration. Suo Jia knew that if Nicole deliberately tried to assassinate him, there was no way he’d be able to avoid it. The failed assassination that time on the battlefield had really been a fluke. If she had chosen to attack his throat back then instead…

Suo Jia shuddered violently. He didn’t dare think about it any further; instead, he stared intensely at the spot Nicole had disappeared from, and once again sighed in praise. It was fortunate that such a terrifying person wasn’t his enemy, and moreover, was his ally. Otherwise, he’d probably have to always sleep with one eye open.

Suo Jia shook his head, then quickly sprung back into action. It was already getting late, so it was best to hurry up and end the fight. The Diamond Dragon’s energy would be hitting empty soon. If it fell, it would be impossible for Suo Jia alone to pin the Golden Wind Lion King down.

Suo Jia circled around from behind the Diamond Dragon, and sent three consecutive Mysterious Ice Arrows flying out through a gap in the Diamond Dragon’s body. Although the Golden Wind Lion dodged all of them, its body had already lost its previous stability.

Suo Jia smirked, and waved his right hand once more to instantly activate an Ice Roar. Facing the closely packed ice blades slashing towards it, even the Golden Wind Lion King couldn’t possibly dodge. With a flash of crimson across its body, the Golden Wind Lion King had finally gotten injured.

With a laugh, Suo Jia suddenly jumped up onto the Diamond Dragon’s shoulder. He stretched his left hand out, and a long ice stream snaked out. Following Suo Jia’s left arm, the over 9 meter long ice stream danced around. After storing up energy, it viciously lashed out at the Golden Wind Lion King.

Having just been hit by the Ice Roar, the Golden Wind Lion King had somewhat slowed. It was struck by that single lash, and with the activation of Freezing Touch, the Golden Wind Lion was instantly sealed within a large ice cube.

“Snap…” It was a pity that the Golden Wind Lion still couldn’t be completely frozen by a Freezing Touch of this level. A clear sound rang out as the ice around the Golden Wind Lion instantly shattered into pieces. At the same time, the Golden Wind Lion King suddenly leapt up, charging at the Diamond Dragon’s shoulder that Suo Jia was standing on.

Suo Jia only laughed at the Golden Wind Lion King currently lunging at him with lightning-fast speed, and he quickly leapt onto the Diamond Dragon’s large head. At the same time, the crystal ice whip in his left hand swung outwards, wrapping around the approaching Golden Wind Lion King.

Against the nimble, snake-like crystal ice whip, the Golden Wind Lion King was unable to dodge, even if he wanted to. Just like other wind-type magical beasts, while it was fast, changing direction midway was too difficult. In a mere instant, the Golden Wind Lion King’s body was tightly wrapped up.

However, the Golden Wind Lion King was the king of beasts after all; a gold light covered its body, and the long ice whip fractured bit by bit. At the same time, without slowing down, the Golden Wind Lion King flashed in an arc through the air, lunging at Suo Jia.

Seeing this, Suo Jia couldn’t help but frown. There were only 5 meters remaining between them, so Suo Jia dispersed the ice stream in his control and instead reached his right hand out. His palm faced the Golden Wind Lion King in mid-air, and suddenly yanked backwards. The Golden Wind Lion King let out a miserable cry as bright crimson arrows of blood frenziedly gushed out from all the wounds it had sustained from the Ice Roar.

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