Chapter - 288: – City of Freedom Pt. 2
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Xiang Yun proudly patted his chest and smugly declared, “Does that even need to be asked? Of course I won. Did you think there was any other possibility?”

“Tch…” Roger tsked in disdain and angrily retorted, “You really feel no shame. If it wasn’t for your sabre being so sharp that it split apart my combat boots, how would I lose to you?”

Xiang Yun didn’t even bother looking at Roger, and he coldly replied, “Weapons are extensions of one’s body. Now that your weapon is broken, you have naturally lost to me. If this was the battlefield, you would’ve already become a corpse.”

Roger hatefully gnashed his teeth, but he was unable to refute Xiang Yun’s words. After all, they were correct; in reality, Roger had indeed lost today, even if it was because his shoes had broken.

Suo Jia looked down at Roger’s feet. At the moment…his two, hard leather combat boots sported multiple gashes from Xiang Yun’s sharp sabre. Moreover…the bottom of the shoes had also been slashed into a mess. If Xiang Yun had wanted to, Roger’s feet would’ve been cut off.

Seeing Roger’s unhappy mood, Suo Jia stood up with a smile and said, “Let me speak from a fair standpoint. Xiang Yun did indeed win today’s fight. Although it’s because Roger’s shoes weren’t good enough, fights are just like that. There’s never a truly “fair” course of events!”

Xiang Yun nodded and added, “That’s right. No matter what, today was my victory. However…this is just the first fight. Once you find a better pair of combat boots, I’ll just fight you again.”

“Mmm…” Suo Jia nodded in agreement and smiled, “That’s right, I meant that as well. Xiang Yun may not know this well, but Roger was a slave for many years. He was only just released recently, so he doesn’t really have any better equipment or weapons. That’s why…there’s no way he can go against your war blades. However…”

Suo Jia turned to look at Roger and said encouragingly, “Don’t worry. Since you’re going to join our group, your equipment won’t be a problem. I’ll naturally resolve that issue for you. Just tell me what you want!”

“Really!” Roger excitedly jumped up from the ground, his hands clenched into fists. “Boss Suo Jia, will you really get me a good set of equipment?”

Suo Jia nodded and firmly stated, “I’ve never gone back on my words. Tell me, exactly what do you need?”

“Hmm…” After thinking about it for a bit, Roger quickly replied, “I just need a pair of legguards and combat boots. The legguards needs to be made of durable yet soft leather. It’s best if the combat boots are able to resist any type of precious or sharp blades…I use my legs and feet as weapons, after all.”

“Mmm?!” Nicole exclaimed in shock from the sidelines and curiously asked Roger, “You only want a pair of trousers and boots? What about armor? A cloak? And handguards, belts, etc. You don’t need any of them?”

“Hehe…” Roger sharply and nimbly kicked his feet and said, “My body’s abilities are all in my legs and feet. There’s no need to protect or give weapons to any other part.”

“That…” Suo Jia looked at Roger in surprise and asked, “Why don’t you use dual hand combat? Although your leg attacks are very sharp, they aren’t as agile as your hands. No matter what, getting at least a dagger as a supplement would be better than going empty-handed!”

Nicole and Xiang Yun both nodded in agreement, then looked expectantly at Roger. Everyone watched as Roger chuckled, “You guys should also know that my family is comprised of chefs. As such, we cannot get our hands dirty. Think about it, if I just smashed an enemy’s head open, and then steamed buns for you guys with my hands covered in brain juices, would you be able to eat it?”

“Uh…” Everyone was at a loss of words. At the same time, Roger continued, “Chefs can only use their feet to fight, and their hands to cook. That’s why…no matter what, the food my family makes is always the cleanest. You can all relax and eat it heartily!”

“Yea!” Nicole excitedly pumped a fist and sighed in appreciation, “This is really the best. You’re very right, as a chef, your hands must be clean. Based on this point alone, your family is definitely a hundred times more amazing than all those other great chefs out there!”

Suo Jia thoughtfully looked at Roger. After a while, he resolutely declared, “Alright. In that case, let’s rest up early, and rush over to the next city tomorrow. There, I can collect some materials, and then personally make you a pair of combat boots!”

“Huh?” The other three people all looked at Suo Jia in shock. Roger cried out in astonishment, “God, don’t tell me that you’re also a cobbler or a blacksmith! I won’t believe it!”

“Hehe…” Suo Jia chuckled mysteriously and smugly replied, “Of course I’m not a cobbler or a blacksmith. In reality, aside from being a water elemental mage, I’m also a very profound alchemist!”

Suo Jia impatiently waved his hand and said, “Ok, ok, you guys shouldn’t ask anymore questions. Since we’re all together, you guys can just watch me closely when the time comes if you still have doubts. Right now…I need to go back and research a bit.”

Suo Jia then turned around to return to his own tent. He retrieved various alchemy books from his interspatial ring and found corresponding notes as well. After consolidating Roger’s characteristic traits, he shut himself inside and began to research.

During the next few days, Nicole led the four of them in a large circle to head towards Amin City. Here, various materials that were needed to make Roger’s peak grade equipment set were sold.

Amin City was a city that dealt out minerals and materials. As long as one had the money, they could buy any type of material here, no matter how precious and rare it was. The reason why their collection was so complete was because this place was less than 1000 kilometers away from the starting point of the Greater Trade Routes.

The Greater Trade Routes only used one type of currency, and no other country’s money was circulated. Moreover, it couldn’t be exchanged either. Thus, no matter how much wealth one had, it would become complete garbage upon entering the Greater Trade Routes.

To adventurers, entering the Greater Trade Routes basically meant not coming out alive. That’s why, they’d use up all their money before entering to increase their strength. By purchasing materials and ores, they’d be able to upgrade their own armor and weapons. This was the most effective action.

Wherever a request was made, a business for it would be established. As time passed, Amin City gradually expanded from a small village into today’s Amin City. Merchants from all over the world carrying various ores and materials would rush here to sell their items. This place was where one could sell such things for the highest possible prices.

It could be said that one could buy anything here, no matter how expensive it was. As long as one had the money, it wasn’t a problem. Even ambrosia could be found here, let alone normal raw materials.

Of course, just having materials and ores was nowhere near enough. No matter how many such things one had, it was impossible to upgrade a magic equipment’s level without the help of a blacksmith or a cobbler. That’s why…aside from minerals, this place was also where great scholars and masters gathered. Of course…requesting them required a large amount of gold. If one just had small change, there wasn’t even any point in thinking about asking help; the great masters wouldn’t even be willing to meet with such people.

Suo Jia’s group rushed through their journey. Finally…they entered the city of freedom: Amin. They first rested for a while at a hotel, then under Nicole’s lead, headed towards the bazaar.

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