Chapter - 289: – Huge Fortune Pt. 1
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Amin City’s bazaar was established within a large district. This bazaar was actually an area that spanned over 4 streets. All merchandise was sold within shops, and not actually displayed outside.

“Sky Crystals!” Suo Jia couldn’t help but cry out in shock at the display on an ore-peddling shop’s front counter. The fact that such precious ores were in such an unremarkable little shop made Suo Jia feel like he was picking up some kind of treasure.

Seeing how excited Suo Jia looked, the store’s boss warmly greeted him. He rubbed his hands together as he said, “Did something catch this customer’s eye? Is it that Sky Crystal? It’s very cheap, only 1000 diamond coins!”

“What!” Suo Jia couldn’t help but let out a strange shout. One diamond coin was equivalent to 100 amethyst coins, and 10,000 crystal coins were equivalent to a million gold! A piece of rock that small was actually worth a ridiculous value of a billion!

Seeing Suo Jia’s shocked expression, the boss said in annoyance, “Customer, please don’t think this as expensive. This Sky Crystal can be forged into Legendary ranked, and even Epic ranked peak grade materials. This price is definitely cheap!”

“Haha…” Suo Jia’s dryly chuckled with an agonized expression. From the boss’s words, this Sky Crystal indeed seemed pretty cheap. However, the amount of metal that this Sky Crystal could be smelted into would at most be only enough for a ring. Moreover, if one wanted to create a Legendary ranked magic equipment, a peak grade gem was also necessary, which made the total price even more boundless.

Seeing Suo Jia’s forced expression, Nicole quietly moved to Suo Jia’s side and said, “Please, Boss, can you not be so embarrassing? This place can’t be compared to Holy Light. Holy Light’s money is of so little value. Most of the currency distributed between the countries in this world is crystal coins. A crystal coin can be exchanged for 100 gold coins.”

Suo Jia nodded bitterly. Actually, he knew of this fact ages ago. Holy Light Empire was just too small, and its economy wasn’t that developed. Thus, it had serious inflation. In terms of exchanging with another country, the other party wouldn’t even be willing to trade 100 gold with anyone from Holy Light.

Although they were called gold coins, Holy Light Empire’s currency was actually made of copper. It was both thin and light. The reason they were called gold coins were because they were metal currency, not currency made of actual gold (TL Note: In Chinese, 金 can mean gold or metal in general.)

Suo Jia made some calculations. After helping Nicole pay her debt, Suo Jia only had 10 billion gold coins left. If they were exchanged for diamond coins, he could get 10,000 diamond coins and buy 10 Sky Crystals. However these 10 Sky Crystals didn’t seem to be enough for that many materials!

A pair of combat boots, as well as combat trousers required a lot of materials. In addition…Suo Jia also wanted to bring some expensive heavy metals to the Greater Trade Routes with him. After all…who knew if they’d get any more companions. Moreover…Suo Jia required precious heavy metals for his alchemy experiments.

Suo Jia turned around and left the shop. He let Nicole lead them to a bank and exchanged all the money he had into diamond coins. After looking at the large bag of diamond coins, they continued to walk about.

They toured around until the afternoon, before entering a tavern with bitter expressions. However, nobody was in the mood to drink. They simply filled their stomachs before sitting still while staring blankly into space.

After walking around the bazaar for half a day, they’d all realized that the cheapest thing on display here was still worth hundreds of diamond coins. Anything that was slightly more appealing was worth thousands of diamond coins!

The most ridiculous part was was that everything was just like that Sky Crystal. Although it was only 1000 diamond coins, buying enough to create a pair of combat boots required buying 100 of them. That would be a total sum of 100,000 diamond coins. However, Suo Jia only 10,000 at the moment, so he didn’t even have enough to buy the materials needed for one pair of combat boots.

In addition, after collecting information, they’d discovered that if one wanted to make equipment, the manufacturing cost alone would be 10,000 diamond coins. Thus, all the money in his hands was only enough to cover this cost.

At the moment neither Roger nor Nicole had money, let alone Xiang Yun. Only Suo Jia still had some money. But this amount was nowhere near enough to use. Thus the four of them simply sat in the tavern in a depressed mood.

Originally, Suo Jia had wanted to peddle some potions here too. However, this place already had such businesses. This included the ones he produced in White Villa. As for his Spirit Potions, Magic Potions, and Endurance Potions, Suo Jia didn’t really want to sell too many here. Otherwise, if these fell into enemy hands, wouldn’t it be equivalent to seeking trouble for himself?

Suo Jia gritted his teeth, thinking over this issue for a long time. Having reached this stage, he was helplessly forced to sell some. Although he clearly knew that the potions could fall into the wrong hands, this was all he could do.

Suo Jia turned around to say to Nicole, “Nicole…does Amin City have any auction houses?”

Nicole looked at Suo Jia in confusion and replied, “Your words are too strange. This place is a commerce city, how could there be no auction house? Even a small city would have such a thing, this place naturally wouldn’t be lacking.”

Suo Jia nodded in thought and stood up, “In that case, fine…everyone follow me. We’re going to an auction house. In order to gather a complete equipment set for Roger, we must sell some items.”

Suo Jia began to walk out from the tavern. The other three didn’t dare fall behind, and hurriedly caught up with him, walking together towards the auction house. They were quite confused, exactly what was Suo Jia selling? This place was filled with priceless treasures; normal things would never be accepted by an auction.

Suo Jia walked straight into the auction house to confront the receptionist, indicating that he wanted to sell something. In response to Suo Jia’s application, the receptionist formally replied, “Alright, now…please take out the items you wish to auction. We have experts that will appraise the items. They must reach a certain grade level to be sold here!”

Suo Jia nodded, and took out several belts from his interspatial ring. He tossed them onto the table and said, “Go ahead and look. These are the items I wish to sell.”

The receptionist glanced at the belts and said lazily, “Oh? The four colored potions produced by Holy Light City? I’m sorry, but that grade level is too low. These don’t have the qualifications to be auctioned here!”

“What!” Suo Jia couldn’t help but cry out in shock. How was that possible, he’d never sold these four colored potions before. They should’ve been enough to enter this auction.

Suo Jia suddenly recalled that the 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had these four colored potions. Moreover…the 5000 lancer users and 5000 Velociraptor Knights back in Dawn City also had copious amounts of these potions. It looked like they had clearly been unable to resist the temptation of the money, and violated Suo Jia’s orders, revealing the four colored potions to the public.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but grind his teeth in regret. Those despicable bastards seemed to have completely ignored what Suo Jia had said back then and violated his commands. In that case, they’d better wait to be punished. Although Suo Jia didn’t have the ability to do that now, there would eventually come a day that he’d be able to punish them into suffering!

The receptionist said in disdain, “Although your four colored potions are valid, their uses are too limited. Those that enter the Greater Trade Routes are at the very least Full-Fledged Mages. These four colored potions replenish too little, and aren’t worth much money.”

Suo Jia’s heart skipped a beat at the receptionist’s words. Back when he’d created the four colored potions in Dawn, they had indeed replenished little. After all…they were only equivalent to 20% of a Full-Fledged Mage’s entire magic power supply.

Although Suo Jia had already been a Great Mage back then, he’d already been able to contain so much energy into the potions without refining them. Now, Suo Jia wouldn’t even be able to replenish half his magic power with 10 potions, so they weren’t very useful at all. Thus, they had little value.

However, the refined potions were different. These had been purified, extracted, and compressed. Although they were the same volume, the refined potions could replenish great amounts of energy. Even Suo Jia’s current magic power supply could be completely refilled after drinking only one bottle.

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