Chapter - 292: – Establishing a Team Leader Pt. 2
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Xiang Yun nodded and smiled at Suo Jia, “You said just what I wanted you to. Like you said, being the Boss or being the members are fine, it’s just a different division of work. However…if competing in martial arts won’t work, then how do we choose the leader?”

After thinking about it for a bit, Suo Jia declared, “As a boss, one must first have charisma enough to convince others to willingly follow his plans. As for strength, that’s second! A boss doesn’t necessary have to be the first in fighting, having complete control over the overall situation is the most important!”

“You mean to say…? We shouldn’t be using martial arts to choose the leader then?” Xiang Yun frowned.

“No!” Suo Jia resolutely shook his head and smiled at Xiang Yun. “Right now, Nicole and Roger clearly don’t want the leader position, right?” Suo Jia looked over at Nicole and Roger.

The two simultaneously nodded in response, indication their agreement. They simply wanted to accompany Suo Jia on his travels; they wouldn’t ever in their lifetime become Suo Jia’s superior.

This wasn’t just related to owing him a favor. In terms of wisdom, Nicole and Roger both knew that they’d never be on the same level as Suo Jia. Although Suo Jia was the youngest among them four, he wasn’t that much younger.

Although Suo Jia was only 16 years old this year, Xiang Yun was 18, and both Roger and Nicole were only 19. The largest age gap was only 3 years. In terms of only stratagem and tactics, Suo Jia clearly couldn’t be compared with the others.

Suo Jia nodded and turned around to narrow his eyes at Xiang Yun. “In reality, I can’t think of any better way to elect the leader either. However…since you suggested using martial arts to decide everything, that’s fine too.”

Suo Jia looked back at Nicole and Roger. “Nicole and Roger are both my friends, and they’ve been with me for a long time. In other words, as long as you defeat me and I recognize you as the leader, those two will naturally do so as well.”

“That…” Roger and Nicole thought about it for a bit before nodding, “That’s right, Boss’s boss is obviously Boss as well!”

“Alright!” Xiang Yun’s eyes glowed as he laughed, “In that case, this is easy, we can just battle. The winner is king. What do you think?”

Suo Jia nodded indifferently and said, “This isn’t really the solution, but it’s fine as long as it’s only occasionally, and not every time. I hope that regardless of whether the victor is me or you, this will be the only election process ever. Once the boss is decided, it is permanently set!”

“Clang!” Xiang Yun pulled out a war blade from his back and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, I understand this principle better than you do. Once the boss position is determined, it can’t ever be allowed to change. This is immovable and unquestionable. If anyone attempts to vainly seize the position, everyone else will coordinate together to behead the offender!”

“Ok!” Suo Jia abruptly took a step forward and reached out a hand. “In that case, let’s have a fight. Nicole and Roger will be the judges of the victor for this battle. The one who wins will become the leader!”

Facing Xiang Yun, Suo Jia didn’t dare waste any time. With a quick wave of his right hand, an arm-thick ice stream over 9 meters long flowed out from his hand. The long ice stream wrapped itself around Suo Jia’s body. Through the small chinks in the ice, one could faintly see Suo Jia being protected within.

“Crack…crack…crack…” Amidst the sounds of friction coming from the coiling ice stream, Suo Jia said, “Alright, Xiang Yun, you can attack any time you want!”

Xiang Yun gritted his teeth and his eyes suddenly flashed with a piercing light. He shook the Chasm Moon Blade in his hand, his body following the blade. With a flash of yellow light, it violently slashed towards Suo Jia.

Suo Jia’s eyes suddenly opened wide. His right foot abruptly stomped on the ground, instantly activating Diamond Charge. At the same time, Suo Jia materialized Water God’s Shield. The pale blue, bubble-like magic shield tightly wrapped itself around Suo Jia immediately.

Xiang Yun didn’t pay any mind to Suo Jia’s Diamond Charge. With a wild downward slash of the war blade in his hand, a blazing sword qi lit up. Even the Diamond Charge was slashed into halves by it. Not a single ice diamond was able to approach within 2 meters from Xiang Yun’s body.

Suo Jia didn’t panic at the sight. This had all fallen within his calculations. As Xiang Yun had slashed down to disperse Diamond Charge, Suo Jia had brandished his right hand and caused the long ice stream to instantly leap outwards. Like a python, it sprung towards Xiang Yun.

“Clang!” With a fierce clash, Xiang Yun’s blade chopped down onto the ice stream. The instant his blade and the ice stream came into contact, Suo Jia’s right hand quickly shot forwards, loosely clapping onto the body of the ice stream.

“Gela…” A strange sound range out. Xiang Yun remained in his downward cut position, his entire body frozen within a large ice ball 2 meters in diameter. That’s right…Suo Jia had activated Freezing Touch with the help of the ice stream!

However, Suo Jia wasn’t naive enough to believe that successfully freezing Xiang Yun was enough to defeat him. Suo Jia quickly retreated backwards. With another wave of his right hand, a blue light flashed from the palm of Suo Jia’s blue glove. The instant Xiang Yun managed to shatter the ice, and Ice Roar was instantly activated.

The freezing cold stream of air mixed with the hundreds of sharp ice blades wildly burst out to wreak havoc. For a moment, Xiang Yun could only frantically swing his Chasm Moon Blade around, blocking the ice blades that were incessantly shooting at him.

However, Suo Jia wasn’t a normal mage. With the help of the Atlantis equipment set, he could instantly activate Ice Roar. As long as his magic power wasn’t exhausted, he could continue doing so without end.

For a while, Xiang Yun’s figure was completely enshrouded by the ice and snow as Suo Jia activated four Ice Roars in succession before stopping. Since he didn’t dare consuming any more potions, Suo Jia had to properly calculate his magic power consumption!

Although he’d only activated 4 Ice Roars, Suo Jia knew that Xiang Yun had already entered the frozen state. His movements had been slowed, and his attacks were also impaired by quite a bit. The next part was just dragging out time!

Suo Jia shot out Mysterious Ice Arrows one after another. After 8 years of practicing this thousands of times per day, the Mysterious Ice Arrow had already become Suo Jia’s innate ability. At Suo Jia’s current level of strength, he could pretty much release Ice Arrows endlessly without being concerned about his magic power.

Xiang Yun struggled to move, constantly blocking Suo Jia’s lightning fast Mysterious Ice Arrows. Up until now, he still hadn’t conceded. Although his whole body was frozen stiff, his inner power was still quickly circulating through his body as it normally did. Qi couldn’t ever be frozen!

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