Chapter - 298: – Thousand Year Monster Core Pt. 1
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The ice stream wrapped around Xiang Yun, Roger, and Nicole. Afterwards…Suo Jia manipulated the ice stream by focusing all his strength into lashing the stream outwards like a whip, sending it and the three people with it flying high up into the air and into the distance.

The bodies of Xiang Yun, Roger, and Nicole were all flying through the air. As they looked down below, the three of them were shocked to discover that walls of flesh had abruptly risen up around Suo Jia. They could only helplessly watch as an incomparably giant sandworm burst out from the ground, and used its large mouth over 20 meters in diameter to swallow Suo Jia up from below. It then turned around and plunged back into the ground head first. After a short moment of twisting and turning, its long and thick body disappeared underneath the sand.

The three blankly descended back onto the sand, staring in a daze towards the direction the sandworm had disappeared in. The next instant…as if they’d all gone insane, the three of them disappeared as they charged in that direction at full speed. However…by the time they’d reached the spot, the sandworm had already completely buried itself underneath the sand. After a moment of moving sand, all traces of the worm had disappeared.

The three of them stood there in complete shock, unable to say a single word. They knew that Suo Jia had encountered this disaster for their sakes. If it weren’t for the sake of rescuing them, Suo Jia definitely would’ve been able to escape by himself. Their lives had been exchanged for Suo Jia’s!

“Hu…” As the three stood frozen, a fierce whizzing sound came from nearby. They turned their heads in alarm, only to see that thick and extremely long sandworm leap out from the sand once more, flashily twisting its body as if provoking them!

When they suddenly saw Suo Jia’s murderer, the eyes of Xiang Yun, Nicole, and Roger couldn’t help but turn red. They pulled out their weapons and wildly charged at the sandworm.

“Hiyah!” Xiang Yun pushed off the ground and suddenly jumped up. As his body soared through the air, Xiang Yun’s hands reached out and firmly grabbed the largest, cross-shaped war blade.

“Clang!” A violent sound reverberated through the air as the extremely thick and sharp two meter long crossblade was unsheathed. As Xiang Yun lunged forwards, the blade glinted with a bright and piercing light as it slashed at the sandworm’s thick skin.

“Eh!” Xiang Yun’s attack left a deep gouge in the sandworm’s skin. The next instant…the large rebound traveled through Xiang Yun’s war blade. After freezing for just a moment, Xiang Yun’s body was sent flying backwards into the distance like a bullet.

“Tch…” Seeing this, Roger clenched his teeth. Just as Xiang Yun had done, he bounded into the air. His body somersaulted and his feet kicked outwards as if chained together, his target being the sandworm’s throat region.

“Bang, bang, bang…” Roger heavily kicked the sandworm’s throat multiple times. However, his attacks had absolutely no effect. Roger’s feet weren’t able to pierce the sandworm’s meter thick and elastic skin, let alone wound it.

With lack of better option, Roger could only descend from the air to kick at the sandworm’s skin, before pushing off the sandworm and flipping through the air to continue attacking once more. No matter what, he wouldn’t give up.

However, the instant Roger’s body rose through the air once more, the long feelers next to the sandworm’s mouth suddenly curled upwards. Like a whip, it lashed Roger’s body. By the time he’d realized what had happened, his body had already been sent flying backwards 100 meters, and he fell back down to get stuck deep in a sand dune. If the soft sand hadn’t cushioned his fall, this attack alone would’ve been enough to end his life. But despite this fortune, Roger seemed to have lost his ability to continue fighting.

Xiang Yun and Roger had lost one after another. They furiously glared at the sandworm, both of them knowing that all they could do was place their hopes on Nicole, since they didn’t have the ability to harm the sandworm at all!

Just as the two of them were struggling to stand up, the concealed Nicole suddenly appeared behind the sandworm. With a bright flash of her hands, she instantly attacked with Instant Kill – Revised!

“Clunk…” Following Nicole’s full speed attack, the sandworm’s glossy and moist skin suddenly caved in. Then…its great elasticity suddenly caused it to rebound, pushing Nicole’s stiff dagger back!

Nicole grit her teeth as she waved her right hand once more. The dagger slashed down multiple times like rain on the sandworm’s skin. In a mere instant, multiple attacks bored down. Unfortunately, Nicole’s attacks didn’t seem to have any effect. The sandworm simply wriggled around and with a swing of its feelers, Nicole was also sent flying backwards, trailing dust behind Roger.

Xiang Yun, Nicole, and Roger couldn’t help but feel despair. Such a powerful sandworm wasn’t something humans could possibly contend with. That sturdy and extremely elastic skin couldn’t be harmed by any weapon. The three of them watched as the sandworm danced violently along the sand, as if provoking and teasing them.

Xiang Yun struggled to crawl back up. Although he knew victory was impossible, Xiang Yun wouldn’t concede. At the moment, only he still had the ability to fight. Roger and Nicole had both incurred serious damage. If they didn’t properly recover, they might even lose their ability to move altogether.

Xiang Yun dragged the heavy crossblade as he walked towards the sandworm step by step. Following his advance, a blazing energy violently surged out from the heavy crossblade in his hands and gathered together.

Seeing that he was just about to enter the attack range, Xiang Yun abruptly stopped. He stared blankly at the sandworm fiercely twisting about. Now that he was looking more closely, it didn’t seem to be provoking them, but rather, struggling in pain!

At that moment, a pale blue color quickly rose up from below the sandworm. As the blue spread outwards, the sandworm’s movements gradually slowed. The next instant…a certain part of the sandworm’s body was suddenly covered with a white mist. At the same time, the color of that patch of skin quickly changed from pale blue to azure.

“I’ve got it!” With a loud shout, Xiang Yun excitedly leapt up and wildly brandished the war blade in his hand, chopping downwards towards that azure colored skin with all his strength.

“Snap…” A clear sound followed the fierce strike as that sandworm’s chunk of skin shattered, the pieces falling to the ground one after another. This revealed the space within its body.

“Wa!” Xiang Yun, Nicole, and Roger couldn’t help but cry out joyously as they watched the skin fall down. They saw that Suo Jia was currently standing up inside the sandworm’s body with a slight smile towards their direction, his body surrounded by the Water God’s Shield.

They watched as Suo Jia quickly wriggled out of the crack that Xiang Yun had split apart. He then dragged Xiang Yun by the hand and they retreated at full speed.

Only after running far away and reuniting with Roger and Nicole did Suo Jia finally stop. He turned around to look at the sandworm that was still painfully writhing around.

“***….” Suo Jia cursed. “That thing was too abominable. Not only did it swallow our table and food, it even dared to harm my team members. It must die!”

“That…” Roger crawled up from the ground with difficulty and bitterly smiled, “Boss, that thing is too powerful. I think…that it’s better if we just run now!”

Suo Jia firmly shook his head and huffed, “That won’t do. Nobody can safely leave after harming my teaming members like this. You guys stay here and watch, I’m going to split that thing into eight parts!”

Suo Jia suddenly raised his right hand. With a flash of blue light, a sharp Mysterious Ice Arrow whizzed out towards the sandworm, accurately striking its body.

Nicole weakly stood up and said, “Don’t bother wasting your strength, Suo Jia. That thing’s skin is extremely supple and strong, and extremely elastic as well. It’s pretty much indestructible. It’s best if we just take this chance to hurry up and flee!”

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