Chapter - 305: – Unimaginable Horror Pt. 2
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“Whoosh…whoosh…whoosh…” Over 20 hazy figures gathered from either side of the road. By the time they stopped moving, all of the figures just happened to have halted in front of Xiang Yun, tightly surrounding him.

Using the moonlight, Xiang Yun carefully surveyed the people in front of him. Their getup was very strange; some used sabres, others used swords, there were bows, and even staffs as well. However…although they were all dressed differently, there was a slight similarity they all shared. These people were all vaguely emitting a chilling murderous aura! It was very clear, very obvious, to the point where it seemed like one could physically touch it.

Of course, the murderous aura wasn’t all they shared. More importantly, although these people were filled with killing intent, they gave off feelings of dejection as well. Their eyes in particular had been listless since the beginning.

As Xiang Yun was sizing them up, a tall and sturdy figure opposite him stepped out and coldly declared, “Hey! If you don’t want to die a horrible death, hand over your chariot! Otherwise…” The tall and sturdy figure slowly raised his right hand and clenched it into a tight fist, emitting ear-grinding cracks.

Xiang Yun looked coldly at the person threatening him, feeling like he’d just suffered from the greatest embarrassment. A group of trash that had lost their guts actually dared to threaten him, how despicable!

Xiang Yun took a deep breath to suppress his rage and prevent it from bursting. He said in a low voice, “Hey! You cowardly bastards, did you think I was as useless as you guys? If you want the chariot, it’s fine, but…you have to beat me first!”

Xiang Yun had thought that if he spoke so rudely, the other party would definitely unsheathe their blades and face him. However, contrary to his expectations, the tall and sturdy person didn’t get angry. Instead, he said in a deep voice, “Youngster, just showing off your tongue is useless. Since you want to fight so badly, then I’ll just accompany you. Come at me…”

The tall and sturdy figure abruptly clapped his hands together. Then…his arms suddenly stretched out in opposite directions. At the same time, a string of metallic clanging sounds rang out as ten sharp and piercing claw blades shot out from the back of his hands. In a mere instant, ten 20 centimeter long, penetrating and sharp claw blades combined to form only two incisive talons.

“Kiang! Kiang…” The tall and sturdy figure slightly opened his hands to reveal the claws, and he lifelessly intoned, “Youngster, I’ll give you one last chance. If you directly hand the chariot over to us, I can let you go. Otherwise, once we start fighting, I won’t be able to control myself!”

Xiang Yun stared hard at those sharp, metal claws in the figure’s hands. He didn’t doubt their sharpness, and the claws matched the person’s long arms and the solidness of his body. Once he attacked, it would be like a barbarous, big bear! This definitely wouldn’t be easy to defeat!

Xiang Yun’s right hand silently rose upwards and back towards the seven weapons on his back. As he analyzed the opponent opposite him, Xiang Yun’s hand was moving along the tops of the seven hilts.

Finally, Xiang Yun’s eyes lit up, and his right hand suddenly gripped the second war blade from the right. His right arm abruptly yanked upwards, and with a fierce shing, the war blade was finally unsheathed.

Faced against the opposite party’s unique traits, Xiang Yun chose the Chasm Moon Blade. The Chasm Moon Blade’s main characteristic was how wide and thick its blade was. Although it wasn’t sharp enough, its swings were very powerful. Moreover…its expansive body had powerful defensive abilities that could go against the top half of a shield!

In a practiced matter, Xiang Yun looked at the wide sabre in his hand as he loudly declared, “This blade’s name is Chasm Moon Blade, and uses the Chasm Moon Blade Techniques. Let’s fight…”

Hearing this, the tall and sturdy figure that had been standing there the whole time with his head lowered suddenly raised it. A pair of slender eyes suddenly grew round, and red veins instantly filled the whites of his eyes.

“Hya!” With a bestial roar, the tall and sturdy figure suddenly opened wide his giant, ape-like arms, and his legs quickly cycled around as he charged towards Xiang Yun like a wild bear.

Although Xiang Yun had vaguely realized before that people able to enter the Greater Trade Routes definitely weren’t simple, he’d been careless. He hadn’t imagined that someone that looked so large would have such agile movements. In a flash, the opponent had covered a distance of 20 meters, and appeared 2 meters in front of Xiang Yun.

Faced against the sudden arrival of the attack, Xiang Yun only had the time to hold the Chasm Moon Blade horizontally across his chest before the opponent’s attack hit its mark. A string of fierce clashing sounds followed as the opposite party’s long and pointy claws slashed at Xiang Yun’s Chasm Moon Blade many times in succession, as fast as lightning. For a moment, Xiang Yun could only bitterly block, completely unable to find a chance to counter!

“Hiss…hiss…” A defense would reveal holes after a long enough time. Finally…after blocking the dozens of slashes with all his might, Xiang Yun exposed a gap; a fraction of his chest was wide open. In an instant, the opposite party’s claws flashed as they bore inwards. Two bone-deep cuts on Xiang Yun’s right chest and left rib were left behind. The boiling blood instantly gushed out from Xiang Yun’s body; in the blink of an eye, Xiang Yun’s shirt was soaked crimson.

The tall and sturdy figure didn’t continue attacking. After that strike, the figure used an unimaginably nimble style of moment to quickly retreat and arrogantly stand in his original spot as he coldly looked at Xiang Yun.

Xiang Yun gripped his chest wounds in agony as he stared at the figure opposite him in shock. He said in disbelief, “If your strength is this powerful, why are you scared to the point where you must leave!”

The person couldn’t help but shudder a few times. With the aid of the moonlight, Xiang Yun could clearly see the opposite party’s facial muscles distort and twitch a few times, an expression of terror reflected in their eyes. The person seemed to have recalled some incomparably frightening experience.

After a long while, the figure replied in a low voice, “Youngster, you’re too tender. Perhaps my strength already seems very powerful in your eyes, but in reality, these people in front of you are each around the same level as me!”

“What!” Xiang Yun’s expression couldn’t help but change in shock. He looked around at the 20 some figures lifelessly standing there and looking at him with apathetic gazes. Could it be that…all these guys had such horrifying strength?

The person then continued, “Actually, we’re just the representatives from all the adventure groups at this relay station. Currently, over a hundred people live here, and they all possess strengths no weaker than mine. Those with strength levels just the slightest bit lower died ages ago. How could they possibly live in this kind of place!”

“Heavens!” Xiang Yun shot a stunned look at the one opposite him and asked incredulously, “This is too hard to believe. You’re telling me that…there are really so many experts like this on the Greater Trade Routes?”

“Experts?” The figure gave a puzzled look at Xiang Yun and fiercely shook his head. “No, no, no…we still can’t be counted as experts. In reality, we’ve only passed through the second checkpoint. Before we reached the third checkpoint, we encountered him!”

“Him?” Xiang Yun knit his brows in confusion.

“Yea…” Fearfully nodding, the tall and sturdy figure shakingly said, “That’s right, it’s that terrifying fellow. Back then…we were entrapped by 400 or more people, but he alone managed to murder over 300 people.”

“What!” Xiang Yun looked at his counterpart in astonishment and doubtfully said, “What did you say? A single person was able to murder over 300 people, including you guys?”

The tall and sturdy figure shakily nodded and said in a terror-stricken voice, “That’s right…it was exactly so. Too terrifying! You didn’t witness it, so you will never be able to imagine just how horrible he is. He wasn’t just killing people there, he was slaughtering them. I can’t ever even hope to forget such a terrible scene in my lifetime!”

Hearing this guy’s words, the surrounding 20 some people all began to tremble as well. It was obvious that those words had made them recall the events that had occurred that day. The memory alone was enough to scare them to this point.

Xiang Yun looked at the crowds of people around him, not daring to believe this. Just what kind of methods could frighten these guys like this? Unless…did a demon king truly exist in this world? Aside from a demon king, who else could possess this kind of ability?

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