Chapter - 315: – Thriving and Prosperous Business Pt. 2
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Finally, after he’d finished making the 100 toys, Suo Jia gave a large stretch and slowly stood up. An entire week had passed before Suo Jia had finally completed the toys’ designs and production.

Suo Jia looked in satisfaction at the hundred toys each with a tall and straight body that stood a third of a meter tall, with a large sword in its hand. These toys were his greatest masterpieces that he’d created after researching so many years of alchemy!

Once all the toys were stored away into the interspatial ring, Suo Jia opened the tent door to get a breath of fresh air. However, the moment he opened it, he heard a cry of alarm!

Bewildered, Suo Jia looked over towards the direction of the sound, and saw a large, robust male currently looking at him in surprise. Suo Jia watched as the thick and sturdy man suddenly turned around and loudly shouted, “Village Chief! That guy woke up!”

Suo Jia stared at the guy that had seemingly opened his throat and was currently yelling extremely loudly. He had absolutely no idea what was going on. As he was questioning it, the silent village suddenly burst into life. Countless figures began to race over from their homes in all different directions, quickly gathering at Suo Jia’s location.

Soon, the elder from the day before once again appeared before Suo Jia. Wild with joy, he looked at Suo Jia and shakingly said, “Friend, I’ve already tested the potions you gave me that day, the effects are really too miraculous! They’re so mystical that it’s hard to believe true!”

Suo Jia let out a breath and said, “As a merchant, it is aesthetic to always be honest. I wouldn’t ever lie to others.”

“Mm, mm….” The elder impatiently nodded and said, “I wonder, can we use the Golden Raccoon Dog furs you’d mentioned before to exchange for some of these potions?”

Suo Jia nodded in delight and smiled, “That’s not a problem. 10 Golden Raccoon Dog furs can be exchanged for one bundle of potions. What do you all think?”

The elder looked at Suo Jia with a gaze of admiration and gratefully said, “I really can’t thank you enough. However, I don’t understand, you definitely know how impactful these potions are to us. But why are you selling them off for so little?

Suo Jia smiled and earnestly replied, “I’ve said this before: although I’m a merchant, I’m not evil. Although these potions are like lives to you, I care more about being truthful as a merchant. After all…what I want to do isn’t just a business transaction; if possible, I want to continue doing business with you all!”

The elder looked at Suo Jia with praise and excitedly replied, “I really thank you. Since you’re so generous, then I will represent the village and order 400 bundles of four colored potions!”

Suo Jia’s lit up in delight, and he pulled out a toy from his ring. “With the addition of these 100 teaching machines, you guys only need to give me 5000 Golden Raccoon Dog furs!”

“Not a problem!” The elder happily nodded and said, “Although the Golden Raccoon Dogs are a bit hard to get, they’ve been stocked for hundreds of years. If each family takes out 10 furs, it’s not a problem at all!”

“Hehe…” Greedily licking his lips, Suo Jia said in a low voice, “Mister Elder, I’m sure you know that I, a merchant, came to Enchanting Village in order to purchase those Golden Raccoon Dog furs. If everyone is willing, I will purchase every fur for 10 coins!”

“Ah!” The elder looked at Suo Jia in astonishment and nodded. “That’s not a problem, I’ll help you spread the word. However…I can’t guarantee that everyone will sell them to you!”

Suo Jia joyously nodded, and passed the toy in his hands to the elder. “That’s right, you should verify this. This is the new teaching machine I created for the villager children!”

The elder doubtfully took the toy and surveyed it a few times. He then looked back at Suo Jia in confusion and said, “This…it’s best if you give me a demonstration. I can’t move it!”

Suo Jia smiled and nodded as he took the toy back and pointed to the button. “Everyone, look, there is a button here. Once you press it, this toy will begin moving!”

Suo Jia pressed down that button and immediately afterwards…the little person a third of a meter tall quickly began to move. A warrior’s basic battle skills were fluidly demonstrated one after another in front of everyone.

“Wow!” The villagers couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. Although everyone knew these battle skills, this was the first time they had seen a toy perform them to this level, and so accurately as well.

Suo Jia mysteriously smiled at the sight of everyone’s gazes of admiration. He reached out to pick the toy up, then opened the cover on the toy’s back to show 9 buttons. Then…Suo Jia explained, “Everyone, look here. These are the routine circuits. These 9 buttons each represent one action. Based on the different orders that you can press the buttons in, you can arrange the battle skills in various sequences!”

Suo Jia handed the toy to the elder and urged, “Mister Elder, you should set it up. Set the toy up according to the sequence you believe it should follow!”

The elder looked at the toy in bewilderment, and inspected it closely. Each button had a small word written on it: strike, poke, pierce….etc. After some thought, the elder slowly pressed them. At the same time, Suo Jia took out another toy, and after opening the cover on its back, quickly programmed that one too.

Soon, both of them had pretty much finished their arrangements. Under Suo Jia’s command, they simultaneously placed their toys onto the ground, and Suo Jia declared, “When I say ‘start’, we’ll both press the start button at the same time!”

Although the elder didn’t understand Suo Jia’s commands, he still nodded. Following this…Suo Jia gave the command, and the two pressed the buttons on the toys’ heads in unison.

The next instant…everyone watched as the two, less than a meter tall toys waved the large swords in their hands into a dance as they exchanged blows against each other in a fight. One could only be victorious if they managed to deal 3-4 blows in succession. Suo Jia’s toy ended up being knocked to the ground by the elder’s toy with a sweep!

All the hunters were stunned as they silently stared at the two toys on the ground. Although the fight had only been between two toys, it had demonstrated so much. Those accurate, fluid, and connected movements made it practically seem like a showdown between two experts!

Suo Jia smiled in satisfaction when he saw the spectators’ amazed expressions, and loudly announced, “Did everyone see that the one I’d programmed was defeated by the one Mister Elder had set up? After using these toys, the children will definitely have their zeal and self-motivation sparked. These will not only help teach them all the basic warrior battle skills, but more importantly, allow them to understand their uses and relationships between each other. It forces their minds to move, and will teach them how to use strategic techniques starting from a young age!”

The elder looked at Suo Jia with a gaze filled with admiration. “Heavens! That’s really too mystical! Are you really willing to trade such amazing things for just 10 Golden Raccoon Dog furs?”

Suo Jia smiled, and confirmed it with a nod as he firmly responded, “That’s right. 10 Golden Raccoon Dog furs are enough. I’ve already said that before. I will definitely always abide to the words I say. A promise is the same thing as my life!”

Faced with Suo Jia’s magnanimity, the elder seemed afraid that Suo Jia would regret it. Thus, he quickly gathered the villagers to trade with him. Soon afterwards…100 toys and 400 four colored potions were all shipped out. At the same time, 5000 Golden Raccoon Dog furs were given to Suo Jia.

After hearing that Suo Jia was actually suggesting a price of 10 coins to purchase the furs, the villagers each sold 2. However…the mountain villagers didn’t seem to care much for money. Thus, by the time the sky had darkened, Suo Jia had only purchased 1000 furs. After that point, nobody else was willing to sell them.

The elder saw Suo Jia’s disappointed expression and smiled mysteriously. “Mister Suo Jia, I know that you really want to buy some Golden Raccoon Dog furs, but you no longer have anything to persuade us with.”

“Oh?” Suo Jia asked to the elder in curiosity. “Mister Elder, is there anything else you want? If there is, I hope that you tell me. I’ll definitely be able to think of a way to give it to you!”

“Gulu…” The elder swallowed hard, and narrowed his eyes. “I’m sure Mister Suo Jia knows that as hunters, we eat meat all year round and can’t grow anything. That’s why…if you can manage to get Xiangshui rice for us to eat to our heart’s content, I can help you gather 5000 Golden Raccoon Dog furs!”

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