Chapter - 322: – Power Displayed by the Explosive Dragon Pt. 1
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The Ice Roar was a peak grade magic that actually combined three major magics: Revolving Frozen Gas, Violent Ice Blade Surge, and Rotating Flow Technique. It had vast amounts of attack power. The only regrettable part was that its attack range was a bit lacking; it could only surround a circular area of 10 square meters.

The chilly Revolving Frozen Gas carried hundreds of sharp, shrieking ice blades whirling around in the direction of Rotating Flow Technique. If the blades did not cut any physical objects, they would continue spinning around within the 10 meter perimeter for 3 seconds before exhausting their energies and scattering.

Although the time seemed short, these 3 seconds were enough for all the frenzily dancing ice blades to circle around the magic’s range 10 times. Moreover…all the ice blades overlapped and waved together to form a giant net. Nobody could completely dodge the slices of these revolving blades.

Although he was a Magister, ice trumped fire. Before ice, flames would pretty much be extinguished at a single touch. Although fire magic’s flames were fiercer and more tenacious than normal flames, Suo Jia’s Ice Roar wasn’t ordinary ice either. It contained tons of cold air, to the point where it seemed unimaginable.

Under his companions’ shocked gazes, the dozens of ice blades whizzing around in the air went in a slight loop and then easily broke the opposing fire mage’s Blaze Shield. The next instant…Suo Jia used his Spirit Eye to watch as the fire mage’s Life Protection strip decreased as if a flood was charging out of it. After the Ice Roar had finally stopped its destruction, the fire elemental Magister only had a very slight bit of energy remaining in his Life Protection.

Having resisted against Suo Jia’s Ice Roar with great difficulty, the fire user couldn’t help but let loose a sigh of relief. However…before he’d even finished his sigh, a piercing, blue glow instantly flashed across the 20 meter space and sharply blasted into his body.

The blue light flashed fiercely, and both it and the fire Magister’s Life Protection simultaneously burst into blue rays that filled the sky. Seeing this, the fire user realized that if he hadn’t taken advantage of the gap in time the activation of the second Mysterious Ice Arrow had created to erect his Vulcan’s Shield, he would’ve definitely died today!

The fire Magister quickly raised the staff in his hand, prepared to activate the Blazing Shield. Yet…the action that was normally very easy to execute now seemed to be much slower and much harder to perform!

“I was frozen!” The fire mage gave an astonished stare at the right hand he was slowly lifting, and he inwardly let out a devastated cry. He clearly knew that the Ice Roar from just now, as well as the Mysterious Ice Arrow, had already forced him to enter a frozen state, making his actions incomparably slow. Seeing this, the fire user couldn’t help but feel despair.

Suo Jia didn’t let the fire user despair for too long. Pretty much following right after the blue glow, the fire Magister’s throat was instantly pierced. The fire Magister had only gotten the chance to raise his staff halfway before he fell with shock and fear written all over his face. The instant his large head came into contact with the ground, it smashed into pieces that scattered all over the grounds. Everyone knew that the fire Magister’s fatal casualty hadn’t been just the arrow through the throat, but the cold air that the arrow brought with it. This had instantly already frozen the fire Magister’s head into an ice cube.

As the fire Magister’s corpse hit the ground, Suo Jia’s figure suddenly appeared on the Diamond Dragon’s right shoulder. He coldly stared at the corpse without any trace of pity. Since they’d already decided to become his enemy, the only thing Suo Jia could do was to concentrate all his effort into getting rid of them. There was nothing else to be discussed about the matter.

The battle had just started, yet they’d already lost such an important companion. The four warriors couldn’t help but grow furious. The only reason they’d been able to run around freely on the Trade Routes was precisely because of this fire Magister’s existence. Although fire magic could be restrained by ice magic, it was without a question that fire magic had the most powerful destructive ability among the four elemental magics. It was pretty much irreplaceable in terms of its ability to weaken the Life Protections of wild beasts!

The might of fire elemental magic was in its large range and intense tyrannic ability. Fire magic was in a frightening realm with respect to these two aspects. This fire Magister that had died by Suo Jia’s hands had an AoE magic attack that could contain all life forms within a 50 meter perimeter. In addition to the protection offered by the four warriors, the Magister pretty much stood at an invincible position. But nobody had imagined that as soon as the fight had started, the Magister would be killed by Suo Jia.

This thief group had been in the Greater Trade Routes for several years already. This whole time, their ability to survive wandering around within the first and second checkpoints was because of that fire Magister’s existence. Whenever they encountered a magical beast, the fire mage alone, under the protection of the four warriors, would be able to simultaneously attack hundreds of magical beasts.

His powerful destructive ability and superior large-range attacks made the fire Magister the magical beast killer. No matter how terrifying the beasts’ numbers were, he could always use up their Life Protections within a short period of time, and then burn them into ash.

Right now, having suddenly lost such a major support, it’d be stranger if the four warriors didn’t lose their cool. Losing this most powerful companion meant that they were already unable to roam around the Greater Trade Routes any further. The four warriors alone were nowhere near suitable opponents to go up against the flood of magical beasts. Thus…Suo Jia had already become their arch nemesis. Only one side could survive the ordeal!

“Instant Kill!” Just as Suo Jia was focused on watching the four warriors quickly approach, a chilled voice rang from behind him. At the same time, that hidden thief suddenly appeared behind Suo Jia like a ghost, and the dagger in their hand came piercing towards Suo Jia’s heart.

This extremely fast speed made Suo Jia’s expression change to one of shock. Although he had the Water God’s Shield, as well as Life Protection, Suo Jia knew that thieves were frightening because they had the unique trait of being able to ignore all defenses!

Once the attack reached a certain speed, the Energy Shield and Life Protection energy were unable to be replenished fast enough, so the dagger could use its swift movements to pierce through the Water God’s Shield and Life Protection, injuring Suo Jia’s heart. At this point, any powerful defense would seem extremely weak.

Previous tests showed that, under normal circumstances, normal glass wasn’t as sturdy as asphalt. If one used a glass dagger to try to pierce the asphalt, the glass dagger would shatter immediately.

However, if the dagger was brought to the 20th floor of a tall building and allowed to freely drop, the glass dagger would be able to deeply embed itself into the asphalt ground with the addition of gravity’s acceleration.

Now, Suo Jia’s defense was like that asphalt surface. The thief’s dagger was like that glass blade. Although under normal circumstances, it couldn’t pierce through the Magic Shield and the Life Protection, after having reached a certain speed, nothing could block Instant Kill!

Everyone watched as the dagger neared Suo Jia’s back, inch by inch. In a mere instant, the dagger had already entered a 10 centimeter range from Suo Jia’s body. In that instant, a delighted expression of triumph couldn’t help but form on the thief’s face!

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