Chapter - 324: – Powerful  Evolution Pt. 1
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After seeing yet another companion die in Suo Jia’s hands, the other three warriors grew even more crazed. They all raised the war blades in their hand, roaring loudly as they charged at Suo Jia and the Diamond Dragon.

Suo Jia looked at the remaining three warriors in disdain and lightly clapped his hands together. Immediately…the ice stream that had originally gone limp on the ground from lack of control began to wriggle once more, wrapping itself around the three warriors.

Faced again the ice stream suddenly bursting towards them, the three warriors had absolutely no time to evade. After all…the ice stream was just below their feet. In just an instant, Suo Jia had successfully used the ice stream to bind a warrior. He then used Freezing Touch to freeze another warrior into an ice cube!

Although the ice stream’s entrapment and Freezing Touch were fine, these could only limit the enemy’s movements for around 3 seconds. But to Suo Jia, this little amount of time was already enough!

However, one couldn’t forget that there were still three warriors remaining. While two of them were being frozen once more, the last warrior had suddenly leapt up into the air and brandished the weapon in his hand as he slashed explosively towards Suo Jia, who was standing on the shoulder of the six meter tall Diamond Dragon.

Because the Diamond Dragon was 6 meters tall…Suo Jia was currently standing at a height equivalent to that of a two-story building’s roof. To his right was the Diamond Dragon’s slender neck and large head. Although Suo Jia’s height was already around 170cm, he seemed so tiny when standing on the dragon.

The blue cloak Suo Jia wore fluttered in the cold wind. He faced the last, explosive warrior without a single trace of fear. He didn’t make any move to counter or block either.

Seeing his own war blade nearing Suo Jia, the warrior’s gaze couldn’t help but flash red. He had already decided that as long as he touched Suo Jia, he’d immediately activate Lotus Flower Slash. Even if Suo Jia was a Great Magister, he’d die on the spot. The Lotus Flower Slash could frenzily attack over 30 times within only 3 seconds. No matter how powerful one’s Life Protection was, they’d still inevitably meet a violent death.

Of course, the Lotus Flower Slash wasn’t unrivaled. It could be broken through or evaded, and maybe even resisted. However…a warrior wouldn’t ever believe that at such close range, a mage would be able to go up against an Advanced Warrior’s activated Lotus Flower Slash!

As he thought this, the war blade in his hand had finally reached 10 centimeters from Suo Jia’s body. With a cruel smirk, the warrior burst out in roar, and his battle qi came pouring outwards. The war blade flashed red, and the Lotus Flower Slash gushed outwards as well.

“Hiyah!” He clearly saw that his war blade had already touched Suo Jia’s magic shield. However, the next instant, the warrior suddenly cried out in shock as his body suddenly felt pain. He was astonished to discover that his body had actually gotten further from Suo Jia!

Had Suo Jia retreated? No…of course not. Putting aside the fact that Suo Jia didn’t have that kind of evasion ability, Suo Jia wouldn’t have only dodged now if he could. He hadn’t reached that high of a realm yet.

Suo Jia smiled at the dumbstruck expression on the warrior’s face and said, “You only saw me standing there. But did you ever think about where I was standing?”

Rewind to a second before…

Seeing the human completely ignore its existence and charge with all they had towards its left shoulder, the Diamond Dragon was finally enraged. What was this? Was it just some decoration? In its fury, the Diamond Dragon had suddenly stretched out its neck, its gaping mouth opening wide to bite the warrior. This was also why the warrior couldn’t approach Suo Jia. His body was currently in the dragon’s mouth; how could he possibly advance?

“Crunch…crunch….crunch…” Suo Jia watched as the Diamond Dragon’s large mouth began to chew. The fierce crunches resounded out as the warrior’s miserable cries could be heard from within the dragon’s mouth each time it chewed. At the same time, a section of his Life Protection energy strip instantly disappeared!

Green, yellow, orange, red, clear…after chewing four times in a row, the Diamond Dragon successfully consumed the warrior’s Life Protection. Then…with a vicious bite, crimson blood immediately shot out. The sound of blood could be heard as it flowed down the Diamond Dragon’s body, quickly dripping onto the ground. Before it trickled very far, it was pitifully frozen into ice.

When one looked over at the Diamond Dragon’s large mouth…one would see that a thick, blood-red and dark reddish-purple colored liquid covered its mouth. As the Diamond Dragon continued to chew, the poor warrior’s bones were instantly ground into powder. Flesh, bone, and organs all fell down from both sides of the dragon’s mouth.

Seeing this scene, the other two that had just escaped from the ice stream and Ice Seal were completely stunned, their bodies shaking as they stared the dragon’s constantly moving jaw. The two guys finally let out strangled howls and turned around to flee.

Suo Jia smirked darkly as he watched the two people quickly running off into the distance. Since they’d already become his enemy, Suo Jia definitely wouldn’t spare them. Otherwise, they could go and secretly plan an attack in the future. By then, no matter how powerful he was, it wouldn’t be a comfortable situation to be in.

Suo Jia commanded the Diamond Dragon through telepathy. After receiving the order, the Diamond Dragon’s thick and sturdy lower limbs suddenly bent, and then it shot up like a spring. The powerful force allowed the dragon’s body to burst into the air.

“Whoosh…” With a fierce shriek, the dragon suddenly opened its pair of diamond wings in midair, and with powerful strokes of its wings, it chased after the two warriors from above.

No matter how quickly the warriors ran, their speed couldn’t possibly compare to that of flight. In a mere instant, the Diamond Dragon had shot forwards like a bullet and arrived right above the warriors. Seeing this, Suo Jia pushed his feet down on the dragon’s body and activated Unrivaled Wave Walking. While Suo Jia’s body was suspended strangely in midair, the Diamond Dragon retracted its wings slightly and shot back down to smash into the ground.

The six meter tall and extremely thick and solid Diamond Dragon probably weighed tons. In addition to the impulse generated by the fact that it had just flown down at high speed, its body whizzed down to crush the warriors like an artillery shell.

Hearing the descending noise, the warriors turned around in confusion to look up at the sky as they ran. Immediately…the Diamond Dragon’s massive body appeared within their line of vision.

“Bang!” Just as the warriors intended to dodge, their visions suddenly turned black as the Diamond Dragon’s thick legs even thicker than pillars, as well as its feet about the size of small cars, crashed onto their bodies with a violent boom. There was a warrior underneath each foot; neither had escaped.

From midair, Suo Jia stared in astonishment at the two warriors on the floor. Using the Spirit’s Eye, Suo Jia had clearly discovered that this single stamp had instantly crushed both these warriors’ Life Protections. Before even getting a chance to cry out miserably, they’d already lost their lives.

Suo Jia looked at the Diamond Dragon in admiration. He’d never thought that aside from having an overpowered defense, the pet would also possess such domineering physical strength. This was really too extreme!

First was the sweeping strike from the dragon’s tail, then the trampling with its large feet, then using its mouth to chew, before finally smashing down at high speed from the air. The might of its physical power kept getting greater and greater, and increasingly more extreme!

Suo Jia knew that these definitely weren’t all the dragon’s attack methods. At the very least, it still hadn’t used its sturdy and powerful claws yet. Looking at its front claws as thick as thick as an elephant’s legs, Suo Jia believed that the power they contained definitely surpassed a terrifying level.

Suo Jia stared at the Diamond Dragon in astonishment. He knew that it relied on its unequaled Glacial Armor as defense, its extremely low temperature ice magic attacks as supplement, while its real attacks replied on its body’s physical force!

Ice magic was just like that. It really focused on control. It lowered one’s speed, weakened one’s attack and defense, but it had difficulty actually killing. Of course…instances where there were differences in strength weren’t factored in.

“Roar!” A heaven-shaking dragon’s cry burst out after it had descended. The giant Diamond Dragon suddenly looked down at the enemy before raising its head up high and opening its mouth up to the sky. With its wings spread wide open, it roared wildly. At the same time, an intense, blue light began to emanate from its body.

“This…this is!” Suo Jia couldn’t help but grow concerned about the Diamond Dragon’s strange changes. He didn’t understand, what exactly was going on with it? Why was it like this?

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