Chapter - 34: – Exhaustion Training
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According to the book’s explanation, the first 100 uses of the Exhaustion Training Method will result in very obvious changes. Such changes will allow one to raise their spirit power and magic power by several fold rather quickly. However, after the first 100 uses, the continual usage of the Exhaustion Training Method will provide no further advancements.

In addition, the Exhaustion Training Method will raise spirit power and magic power proportional to one’s own strength. The greater one’s magic and spirit power, the more it will increase. Similarly, the lower one’s magic and spirit power is, the less it will increase. It is for precisely this reason that most people traditionally only use the Exhaustion Training Method after reaching the Dacheng Realm, even though the method is incredibly effective.

However, Suo Jia didn’t agree; he wanted to find his own way. Even though he had no idea how he was going to achieve his goals, he would not give up as long as there was even the slimmest chance at victory.

In addition, another aspect that Suo Jia considered, was that although using the Exhaustion Training Technique right now would not be as beneficial as using it in the future, he was only missing out on the potential to double his spirit and magic power. If he could learn meditation and Ice Arrow earlier, the potential gains would outweigh the losses in Suo Jia’s opinion.

Since the beginning of recorded history, the youngest age to have learned mediation was 10 years old; the second youngest was at 12 years old. These records have remained unchanged for the last thousands of years, so Suo Jia did not actually think he was talented enough to learn meditation before the age of 10. What’s more was that it was said that in the entire history of the continent there was not one individual who ever had talent remotely close to that of those two people.

Perhaps there have been some people who have suspected that by using the Exhaustion Training Technique, meditation can be learned earlier and they could thus set new records. However, if that is the case, then why hasn’t anyone done so?

The reasoning was quite simple; becoming a Magister was the highest rank a human could occupy. Only one in a million was capable of being promoted from a Magic Priest to a Magister; However, those who use the Exhaustion Training Method to double their spirit power and magic power in a short period of time could easily enter the ranks of the Magister. But who would be foolish enough to give up the chance of becoming a Magister by choosing to learn the Meditation Technique faster? That would be meaningless.

The amount of spiritual and magic power that could potentially promote a mage from Magic Priest to Magister by using the Exhaustion Training Method was a hundred times more than the amount that could be gained through using the technique right now. If the benefits Suo Jia gained from used the Exhaustion Training Method was represented by a single drop of water, the amount of Spiritual and Magic Power gained while at the Magic Priest level was like that of a great ocean. Who would be willing to give up an entire ocean for a single drop of water?

However, Suo Jia had his own thoughts regarding this. He was currently only eight years old, and if he could learn the Meditation Technique now, at the very least, he would have a four year advantage over others! At least he would be able to stand at the very top of his peers in the initial stages of ice magic.

Suo Jia was interested in setting a record and leaving behind a legacy. He wanted to become the youngest person to learn the Meditation Technique and Ice Arrow and become the youngest Apprentice Mage. He wanted the power to defeat all the opponents at the same level as him six months from now and stand above his peers. He wanted to become the most powerful water mage in this generation!

In actuality, Suo Jia did not actually care too much about his future mage prospects. Since the day he enrolled in Holy Light Academy, Suo Jia had never thought of becoming a great mage until now. Suo Jia’s initial goal of becoming a brave warrior like his father was still firm and resolute.

After returning the book to the librarian, Suo Jia rushed home, finished his dinner, and went to bed early. He did not carry out the Exhaustion Training Method. One reason was because his magic power had not fully recovered yet, the other reason was that tomorrow was Sunday and he needed to carry out his street stall business.

The next morning, Suo Jia carried the tent and prepared to head out. This time, Suo Jia did not prepare to take his mother with him. The Sixth Sister who was in charge of travel preparations accompanied Suo Jia.

When they finished packing and were about to leave, his mother appeared in front of the door and pleaded sincerely, “Suo Jia, Mother is really bored staying at home everyday. Let Mother accompany you!”

“Agah!” Upon hearing his mother’s words, Suo Jia couldn’t help but let out a weird exclamation. The reason he did not bring his mother was because he was afraid she would be tired. However, he had not imagined that letting her stay at home would make her feel bored instead!

After a bit of thinking, Suo Jia soon understood. Even though she had a son that was already 8 years old, his mother had given birth to him when she was still very young. Therefore, his mother was currently only 24-25 years old. Since she was still young, being shut at home would definitely make her feel bored.

While thinking, Suo Jia said helplessly, “Fine. If Mother wants to go, then of course I’ll welcome you. Are you finished preparing? Let’s go!”

“Nn… ” Seeing Suo Jia actually agree, the woman immediately nodded her head in excitement without a thread of motherly appearance. In reality, when talking with her 8 year old son, she could have simply commanded him to bring her along with her authority. There was certainly no need to have discussed it.

However, it was exactly because she normally discussed such things with Suo Jia that Suo Jia had developed an independent personality since he was young. It was also the reason why every one of Suo Jia’s opinions and ideas dictated his own will. If it was any other child, if their parents did not approve, would he/she dare to casually test new activation methods? Would any other child use the Exhaustion Training Method at such a young age?

The group of three first headed to the church to pray. After they had arrived once again at the designated spot on the street, they raised the tent. During the past year, Suo Jia had already built up a regular set of customers. There would already be a huge crowd of girls lined up waiting for them when they arrived from praying.

The tent was quickly set up and Suo Jia began to let people enter the tent one by one. His mother stood at the entrance and was in charge of allowing people in while Sixth Sister was responsible for reception. She had somehow managed to produce a ton of leaflets from somewhere and was now distributing them in front of the church on the same street.

When Sixth Sister came back to grab flyers, Suo Jia had quietly asked her. It turned out that… these plans were all organized by Eldest Sister. Since in the future, the location of the business would change to their home, she had naturally wanted to distribute a few leaflets, making sure to bring the regular customers to the new location as well!

Sighing in admiration, Suo Jia shook his head. He casually activated the Moisture Technique and at the same time, he secretly sighed in sorrow. This older sister was really not simple, to have thought of such a method. Perhaps this method was not very brilliant, however Suo Jia had never considered it before.

With the guests entering and exiting one after another, the number of gold coins in Suo Jia’s pocket increased. After activating 100 Moisture Techniques, Suo Jia still did not feel drained at all. This level of method of activation really did greatly conserve his spirit power.

After activating 160 Moisture Techniques in a row, at last Suo Jia felt the strain. Not only was he lightheaded, his whole body felt like it was made of soft cotton. Feeling all this made Suo Jia excited; these were the requirements for using the Exhaustion Training Method!

Although Suo Jia had often ran out of spirit power in the past, this was not the same as practicing the Exhaustion Training Method. Entering the state of the Exhaustion Training Method had a set procedure.

Suo Jia’s previous ‘exhaustion’ hadn’t been real complete exhaustion. Real ‘exhaustion’ meant that there wasn’t a single remaining trace of power; it only counted if it was completely used up. Otherwise, it would be categorized as ‘dried up’ and not ‘exhausted’!

Utilizing the Exhaustion Training Method requires certain steps: first, low ranked magics have to be cast continuously. Once the low rank magics have exhausted the magic power, you have to cast the highest rank magics you know. Although the activation will obviously not succeed, the activation of higher rank magics flushes out all the few remaining streams of magic power and spirit power within the body.

However, there was one important point that had to be addressed; going beyond was just as bad as falling short. For example, the previous evening, although Suo Jia’s magic power had similarly been emptied, there were no benefits to it. Suo Jia not only failed to raise his magic power, he had allowed his magic power to drop. The goal of the Exhaustion Method was to completely drain the body of power until empty, and not go into the negatives. Once it caused harm to the body, it could no longer be called ‘exhausting’, it was essentially organ failure, and caused harmful damage!

After dispersing all the customers, Suo Jia instructed his mother to not let any others inside for the moment. He faced the ground in front of him and consecutively activated the Swamp Technique numerous times. Even though none of the activations were successful, his body’s spirit power and magic power were quickly decreasing with each attempted activation.

Finally, the instant that the thirteenth Swamp Technique activation had failed, Suo Jia felt as if he was floating. Of course, Suo Jia was not really floating and simply at that sort of sensation. His body had already collapsed onto the floor from the exhaustion of magic power.

The fact that he could feel himself floating up in the air verified this point. Suo Jia’s spirit power had already been completely exhausted; it was completely used up. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the feeling of floating in the air. As for magic power, he had completely exhausted it earlier when he had activated the Swamp Technique for the thirteenth time.

Exhausting magic power only made the body weak, it didn’t actually exhaust spirit power. Only by continuing to consume spirit power itself will the spirit power eventually enter a state of exhaustion.

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