Chapter - 42: – Desperately Begging At The Door
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Outside the main entrance stood two young beauties wearing maid clothing. They smiled slightly as they bowed from their waists at everyone outside the door; their actions were both elegant and beautiful. At the same time, they chorused with pure, ringing voices, “We welcome you to enjoy yourselves in our home.”

Seeing such a scene, all the girls felt a bit overwhelmed by the favor extended from their superiors. They hurriedly bent their knees slightly to return the greeting using the standard ladies’ etiquette. However, with so many people crowded together, it gave off a slightly awkward and messy feel, completely lacking the elegance and grandeur a young lady’s greeting should have.

The girls nodded their heads in satisfaction. The two maids at the door, whether it was their faces, figures, temperaments, conversation style, manners or smiles, everything was impeccable. Anyone watching could not help but feel at ease. The most important thing was that everything raised the white villa’s style to a much higher degree.

Turning their heads to greet all the girls, the group of people grandiosely entered the yard. Inside the doors, a wide, white, paved path led to an elegant, milky-white villa close by. The path actually split the garden into two sides, and as it was a nice summer day, the fresh blooming flowers overwhelmed the young girls with fragrant aromas. Stone benches and wooden chairs were spread out on the garden’s empty spaces. Everything felt graceful and unique, the fresh and clean ambiance also imposing an aristocratic manner.

Even further out was an enormous swimming pool, a large artificial mountain, as well as the waterfall cascading off of it. There was a man-made lake and forest as well, making everyone who saw this scene in front of them think they were under a spell. This place no longer seemed like Holy Light City, but rather, a paradise fairyland with verdant hills and limpid water.

In the end, all of the girls that came with Suo Jia were thoroughly confused, and began to guess what kind of person Suo Jia really was. How could he afford to live in such a large and wonderful place? Only after the food had been served in front of them did they awake from their stupors.

After a complete renovation, the ten rooms on the second floor had been converted entirely into luxurious dining rooms. Each of these rooms had a luxurious table that could seat up to 12 people. The girls all sat down and took up ten tables, each and every one of them speechless. However, what really made the girls hunger for were the dishes of food. None of them were able to hold back their saliva upon seeing the mouth-watering dishes.

After the dishes had arrived, Suo Jia accompanied his mother to greet all of the girls. As his mother invited them to start eating, all the girls forgot their manners and disguises, and attacked the food with their chopsticks.

The dishes had all been meticulously worked on all morning and prepared by professional chefs. The taste of these dishes far outclassed those of the simple dining halls. For a while, the girls were completely focused on the dishes, eyes glued to the food, and absolutely refused to let anything divert their attentions.

In order to ensure that the white foyer had enough reception capacity, Eldest Sister had hired fifty extra workers. They were responsible for various things such as cooking, cleaning, and entertaining guests. This proved that fifty workers were perfectly capable of maintaining the white foyer.

Based on Eldest Sister’s plans, the entire white foyer had undergone construction. Although Big Sister did indeed say that the floor could accommodate a total of a thousand people, it would really be too crowded then. In addition, none of the nobility and rich would enjoy being in a cramped place, making a hundred roughly the best number. If the number ever rose above that, the class and style of the place would definitely decline.

Although the first floor foyer could indeed fit a thousand people, it could only comfortably fit 100. The second floor had undergone renovations, and had been converted into a dining area. The third floor had a total of ten rooms, and had actually been converted into an amusement center. As for Suo Jia’s workplace it was now located within that small wooden hut. According to what Eldest Sister said, that was the idler’s stop, secluded by a beautiful scenery.

Based on Eldest Sister’s calculations, Suo Jia’s set customers could not be too high of a number. Firstly, because Suo Jia would be too busy to entertain them, and secondly, because once there were too many people, the value could not rise any higher, and the class of the location would fall, making Suo Jia’s status less conspicuous; his status among the aristocrats was the most important factor.

Eldest Sister meant for Suo Jia to maintain ten customers maximum; it was best if it were 6-7 customers. As long as he diligently treated each person, it would represent his status, position, privileges, and wealth to his customers. That way, Suo Jia would no longer have a problem with earning any amount of money.

Suo Jia didn’t get tired, was able to earn more money, and had both name and power; everyone would naturally help Suo Jia spread the word, significantly saving the costs of getting large amounts of advertisements. Suo Jia could also have more free time since….to the current Suo Jia, earning money was secondary; studying and training, as well as constantly strengthening himself, were the most important.

Although Suo Jia did not really accept Eldest Sister’s uses of influence as correct, he also could not deny his admiration at her abilities. By organizing it this way, Suo Jia only needed to spend very little time to concentrate at catering to a handful of customers, and yet he could still earn a lot of money.

If it was a while ago, Suo Jia probably wouldn’t have minded the issue of time much. However, ever since he had learned meditation, Suo Jia’s time became more and more precious. Meditation was the fastest way to raise spirit power and magic power. If Suo Jia had a lot of time left over, he could spend more of the time on meditating to refine his magic power and comprehend its true meanings. If Suo Jia had gone by his original plans of moisturizing 1800 people per day, he would not do anything else.

Although the dishes were very delicious, an 8 years old girl’s stomach was like the size of an egg; even though her eyes were not yet satisfied, her small stomach was already bursting. She could not resist stopping, but she would still have to helplessly place down her chopsticks as she reached the point where she really couldn’t eat another bite.

Seeing all the girls place their chopsticks down, under Eldest Sister’s commands, the maids began to present cups of sweet and tasty fruit juice that were placed in front of the girls one by one.

Even though this was Holy Light City, the world’s richest and most luxurious megapolis, fruit juice, or even just fruit, were not things that everyone could constantly enjoy.

Seeing the colorful, fresh fruit juice, the girls began to bring the cups up to their mouths in wonder to drink it. After drinking, all the girls closed their eyes in bliss; this was really too delicious. The fruit’s flavor was sweet and refreshing. That taste was something all children loved. Even adults would be unable to resist its allure.

Seeing the girls’ contented expressions, Suo Jia could not help but laugh. Picking up the juice in front of him, he lightly pursed his lips, preparing to silently enjoy its taste. However, just then, Eldest Sister walked in with a serious expression.

Without warning, she walked to Suo Jia’s side, and whispered lightly in his ear, “Young Master, a group of people wearing red hoods are outside saying they want to meet you.”

Suo Jia knit his brows; he knew that the people who had arrived was definitely the group of fire wind warriors. Even though he really wanted to help them, he had already stated very clearly last time that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to help; even if he did help them, they all knew that he was powerless to actually aid them.

While pondering this, Suo Jia swallowed the juice in his glass in one gulp, casually placed the empty glass on the table, and slowly stood up. Calmly, he said, “Later when they finish drinking their juice, bring them to stroll around the gardens. I will arrange for those people to leave.”

After giving this message, Suo Jia furrowed his eyebrows, and began to walk towards the main entrance. He just could not understand; he had said his words so clearly, so why did these girls still come to visit him?

Hurriedly walking, soon…Suo Jia arrived in front of the entrance. At the same time, the 36 figures completely covered in red and gold and wearing red cloaks came into view; they really were the same girls!

While trying hard to calm himself, Suo Jia quickly walked to the group of red cloaks, and silently stopped a few steps in front of them. Indifferently, he said, “I believe that last time I gave a very clear explanation to my response. I don’t understand why you have come to seek my aid again.”

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