Chapter - 45: – Future Choices
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After hearing Suo Jia’s words, the girl’s face blushed deep red in embarrassment. How was she supposed to explain? Was she supposed to say, ‘This specific place is delicate’, or ‘Young Master has to be tender/affectionate in this way’, in order to prevent him from breaking her?

Helplessly, the girl clenched her teeth and said resolutely, “In short, this lowly maid’s everything has been entrusted to Young Master. Young Master just has to remember to take pity on this lowly maid. As long as you remember this, anything you do will be fine.”

“What….” Helplessly rubbing his forehead, Suo Jia bitterly laughed, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about it. Forget it, I’m sure that there are many things that children [like me] do not understand. Anyways, I’m just going to directly say what I wanted to!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the girl breathed in a sharp breath. She tightly closed her eyes, waiting for that moment to arrive. Even though the girl knew that this day would eventually arrive, and she had even once dreamt about the circumstances of her first time, no matter what, she had never imagined that her first time would unexpectedly be with the young master…..

Just as the girl was waiting for Young Master to make a move on her, Suo Jia’s voice was heard and took 5 minutes to explain the circumstances from top to bottom. Lastly, he pointed out that he wished for Eldest Sister to help him think of a solution.

Opening her eyes in disbelief, Eldest Sister said breathlessly, “You secretly called me inside just for this?”

“Yes, what else would it be? I really can’t understand you; no matter how much I think about what you said before about breaking you, I can’t understand it. I’ll ask Mother later, and have her help explain it to me….” Suo Jia muttered to himself.

“Wu…” Hearing the young master’s words, the girl grew more embarrassed the more she listened. Eventually, when she heard that the young master was actually going to question his mother in order to understand the situation, the girl panicked, and held him back. She quickly used her hand to cover Suo Jia’s mouth, and said in a strained voice, “Don’t, Sister begs of you; please don’t tell others about what just happened, alright?”

Hearing Eldest Sister’s words, Suo Jia understood that there definitely had been some misunderstanding between the two of them just now, although he didn’t know how it happened. Moreover, this misunderstanding was something that Eldest Sister did not wish for any person to know about. From her ashamed expression, she looked like she wished the misunderstanding had never even occurred.

Wrenching Eldest Sister’s hands away, Suo Jia gloomily said, “Why cover my mouth for no reason? This place doesn’t have anyone else in it; as long as you don’t tell other people about what I’m about to tell you, I will also keep your secret.”

After saying this, Suo Jia furrowed his brows, and anxiously said, “You should hurry up and help me think of a way. I really don’t have the heart to see those older sisters become disfigured, but I also don’t wish to see my classmates do something so senseless every day.”

“Hehe…” Once the emergency had been avoided, the girl’s mind immediately kicked back into action. While pondering this problem, the girl lifted her finger and said, “I’ve got it, Young Master. I’ve thought of a solution!”

“Hurry up and say it…” Hearing Eldest Sister’s words, Suo Jia excitedly urged her to continue.

Smiling at Suo Jia, the girl said confidently, “If you hadn’t invited your classmates over yesterday, I actually wouldn’t dare say there’s a solution. However, based on their actions here yesterday, besides from a few select girls, most of the girls in your class are from normal backgrounds. Even the few who are from better backgrounds definitely aren’t part of aristocratic families!”

Suo Jia nodded his head. In regards to his classmates, he understood quite a lot about them. After all, they had been together for a bit over half a year; it was inevitable for him to understand at least some things about them.

After contemplating for a bit, Suo Jia said with certainty, “In my class, there are definitely some rich and powerful people. However, I can ascertain that none of them are from aristocratic families. The other girls are all from middle-class backgrounds.”

After saying this, Suo Jia looked at Eldest Sister with a puzzled expression and said, “Out of curiosity, how were you able to guess this when you’ve only seen them once?”

Laughing in glee, Eldest Sister proudly replied, “Do you think I just fooled around during my years of training? Not mentioning other things, Eldest Sister is extremely skilled in observing people.”

At this point, the girl felt that she had bragged too much. Embarrassed, she stuck her tongue out and said, “In reality, it’s not anything big. If they are from aristocratic families, then they would not have admired our house so much, and would also not have gone wild with joy when they had tried those dishes we served. If they really were from aristocratic backgrounds, they would have been tired of eating those types of foods.”

Wrinkling his brows, Suo Jia asked in confusion: “This explanation is fine, but the few girls from the rich and powerful families should’ve also been tired of these foods. On what basis did you rule out the possibility that they were from aristocratic families?

“Temperament, speech patterns, manners, etiquette, poise, and bearing.” Faced with Suo Jia’s question, the girl fluidly said these six characteristics without a single pause.

Hearing Eldest Sister’s words, Suo Jia first started, then immediately understood. There were many things that could be pretended, but things like temperament, speech patterns, manners, etiquette, poise, and bearing were things that were difficult to learn. Aristocrats had their own versions of these characteristics, and although they were not good or bad in any way, they were definitely different from those of an average person’s, like the contrast between black and white.

Looking at a spot on Suo Jia’s head, the girl continued, “If that is the case, then it’s easy. Rather than persuading them, why not persuade their parents instead? Against the commoners, we convince them with money. In regards to influential families, we move them with fame. With both fame and money, there aren’t many problems that can’t be solved in this world!”

With a blank face, Suo Jia laughed bitterly and said with difficulty, “When you say it, it sounds simple. However, where would I make a name for myself, and where would I go to pass it onto them if I don’t have fame or money myself?”

In exasperation, the girl rolled her eyes at Suo Jia, and sighed, “You don’t have fame or money? Right now in all of Holy Light City, there is nobody that doesn’t recognize the name of the genius mage. First, you casted the Moisture Technique on people on the streets voluntarily, then you miraculously succeeded in helping Miss Wen Ya lose weight. Even though you don’t realize it yourself, in reality, you’ve already become the main source of gossip in all of Holy Light City!”

“It can’t possibly be to such an extent!” Suo Jia exclaimed in shock.

“It isn’t possible?” Glancing up and down Suo Jia, the girl said with certainty, “The topic has already fallen into girls’ discussions, since your abilities are exactly what girls dream about. Especially since we recently advertised quite a bit, as well as the fact that Miss Wen Ya helped you spread the word, you are currently the biggest trend in Holy Light City.”

Hearing about how famous he had become, Suo Jia stood up in happiness, and paced around. Although unsure of how to express his inner happiness, his expression soon turned bitter again. Turning around, he said to the girl, “However, even if it is like so, my reputation and benefits are both fake. I can’t pass them to others; I can’t even really earn them myself.”

“Hehe….” Shaking her head with a smile, the girl’s eyes lit up as she said, “Young Master, listen to me. We should draw up letters and directly send them to the girls’ parents. The letters will all have the same format: first, introduce an appropriate wage, then explain how working here can help them enter the aristocrats’ circle. This way, no matter what type of parents they are, they will not be able to resist such temptations. No matter whether for reputation or for benefits, coming here will definitely be the best choice.”

“However, what if there are people who do not desire reputations or benefits?” Even though Suo Jia had faith in Eldest Sister’s plans, Suo Jia still tried to investigate all possibilities.

Helplessly rolling her eyes at Suo Jia, she replied, “No matter what they desire, coming here is still the best decision. Even if they were pursuing greater strength, coming here would raise their chances of fulfilling this goal. Also, since we’re giving wages, where else could they find a better opportunity?”

After speaking up to this point, the girl’s eyes shone and she lightly smiled, “Also, when you send the letters, you should also ask your Sister Wen Ya, with her status in Holy Light City, to send out invitations. With the government involved, people’s trust in us will be preserved. I don’t think anyone would be doubtful enough to reject our offer.”

“But….” Furrowing his brows, Suo Jia said worriedly, “What I need is for them to stay by my side for the rest of their lives so that they can help those fire wind warriors. With just your idea, won’t everyone still go their own separate ways after graduating?”

Looking at Suo Jia in praise, the girl replied, “Suo Jia, the fact that you have considered this possibility proves that you have a strong resolve to see this through to the end. However, you must understand that if anyone is ever willing to follow you, they will definitely be doing so because they are satisfied in your abilities to fulfill their desires, ideals, and the pursuing of their objectives.”

Standing up with a serious demeanor, she continued, “Your current task is to quickly improve your strength and try to enter the aristocrats’ circle as soon as possible, so that you can obtain the status of a noble and earn lots of money. Once you have enough power, privileges, and gold, then you will be able to fulfill everyone’s desires. In that case, who would bear to leave your side?”

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