Chapter - 46: First Encounter With The Prince
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Seeing Eldest Sister’s expression of worship, Suo Jia nodded his head as he thought about it to some extent. He knew that Eldest Sister’s message was: if you want others to follow you, then you need to have a unique charisma, extraordinary power, extremely high status, and a sea of wealth. Only then could you satisfy everyone’s desires.

However, despite these words, there were still many things that remained unresolved. Knitting his brows, Suo Jia cautiously asked, “Reputation and status are things we can slowly gain right now; after all, they cannot be achieved immediately. But what about money? Where are we supposed to get all the money needed to pay wages to a hundred girls?”

Looking at Suo Jia with an expression of appreciation, the girl replied without hesitation, “This is not a problem at all. We can just form a service project that, at a set period of time, will call a gathering. Anyone who attends the gathering will be able to enjoy a hundred water mages consecutively activating a moisturizing rain to bathe in. That way, it will not only improve the style of our White Villa, it will also create another source of income. Once we have this revenue, we can pay off the wage expense.”

After muttering to himself for a while, Suo Jia shook his head and said, “This idea of yours won’t work. Everyone has to attend school everyday; there’s no way they can come here to help out frequently. Even if we offer wages, it won’t work. After all, as students, our current duty is to study!”

“Hehe….” Laughing nonchalantly, she said, “Young Master, this concern of yours is superfluous. Do you still remember our objective? We are not advancing based on quantity, so even if they don’t come every day, once a week would be fine as well. Although the frequency would decrease, the price of attending a gathering would, in turn, increase. No matter if they come every day or once a week, our income will not change.”

In understanding, Suo Jia rubbed his head, suddenly understanding everything. He sighed in admiration at Eldest Sister; how would the income not change? Knowing her, she would definitely take advantage of the situation; if the original prices were not increased by ten times, she would definitely not be satisfied.

With Suo Jia now pleasantly surprised, the girl continued, “Moreover, we don’t need to offer very high wages. Rich and powerful children are not uncommon, and giving minimum wages to middle class is fine. After all….an eight year old child has no way of going out to work; not every person is like Young Master.”

Sitting back on the ground, Suo Jia wrinkled his brows and considered it for a very long time. After a while, when he was finally unable to pick out any more flaws, Suo Jia clapped down hard on his leg, “Ok Eldest Sister, this matter is decided then. We’ll send out the letters to my classmates’ parents today; this matter cannot be delayed any longer!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Eldest Sister replied without a pause, “If it’s like this, then I will hire people to request a day off from school for you. Don’t go to school today; instead immediately hurry to the City Lord’s residence and find Miss Wen Ya to discuss this matter with her. That way, we can completely finish this matter today.”

Suo Jia agreed to Eldest Sister’s request without any hesitation. In reality, going to school now didn’t have much meaning anymore. He had already learned the Meditation Technique and the Ice Sphere Technique. He didn’t need to go back and practice mage apprentice level magic like the Swamp Technique anymore.

After quickly finishing his breakfast, Suo Jia rushed over to the City Lord’s residence. After announcing his presence, Suo Jia walked towards Wen Ya’s quarters alone. This matter required her to help in order to secure the matter.

Just as he was nearing her quarters, he heard Wen Ya’s joyous laugh. Following it, he heard a deep male voice. Just as he was secretly guessing the male’s identity, Wen Ya saw Suo Jia from her window, and shouted happily, “Younger Brother Suo Jia, come in quickly. I want to introduce this person to you.”

Hearing Wen Ya’s voice, Suo Jia quickened his pace, and after turning around the wall’s corner in a few large strides, he entered Wen Ya’s quarters from the main entrance. Within the entrance, Wen Ya was currently snuggled next to a man with a face full of happiness, and she waved Suo Jia over with a smile.

Although Wen Ya’s beauty was Suo Jia’s work, Suo Jia could not help but be awestruck at her unique beauty every single time he saw her, to the point where he could not speak. If her skin wasn’t always so beautiful, no matter how capable Suo Jia had been, he would not have been able to make her look so good.

After looking at Wen Ya, Suo Jia looked toward the man beside her. He was a fair and plump young man, with a look of heroic spirit. Unfortunately, his life was probably too abundant, as he seemed a bit fat; his belly already bulged up slightly, and he had a double chin.

With a quick glance, it was obvious this slight bulge was not normal, the young man who was a little fat, at this moment…… he looked at Suo Jia with a smile, his face showing praise and a thankful expression.

As Suo Jia secretly observed the opposite party, Wen Ya proudly said, “Younger Brother Suo Jia, this is the Holy Light Empire’s Fourth Prince, your Big Sister’s future husband. Why aren’t you greeting him quickly? You must know, as a prince of a country, he definitely won’t let your greeting go to waste.”

Smiling, Suo Jia was not at all intimidated by the man’s identity. With a scrutinizing look, he glanced over the Fourth Prince. Afterwards… Suo Jia acted just like Wen Ya’s blood-related brother, and in a spoiled manner, curled his lip, “Although this man’s standing matched Big Sister’s, his appearance is not appropriate, and I don’t think he is good enough for my beautiful sister.”

“What!” After hearing Suo Jia’s words, no matter how well-tempered the Fourth Prince was, he was still unable to accept such words. Even though he did not burst from anger, it could be seen from the expression on his somewhat fat face that he was trying hard not to let the anger get to him.

Suo Jia remained smiling; at the same time, Wen Ya’s expression had evaporated. She knew what kind of people Suo Jia and the Fourth Prince were. She also knew that Suo Jia wouldn’t have said such hurtful things thoughtlessly, and that the Fourth Prince wouldn’t just explode rashly either.

Truthfully, Suo Jia had his reasons to dare to say such things. Where he had first heard about the Fourth Prince’s identity, Suo Jia suddenly realized: rather than asking for Wen Ya’s name, wouldn’t it be better if the Fourth Prince’s was used?  If they sent the invitation letter in the name of the Fourth Prince, anyone who dared to refuse would end up waiting for the slaughter of their whole clan. With the royal family’s power, how would the royal family allow such a stain, much less, the Fourth Prince’s invitation. This consequence was something that everybody would be able to realize in their sleep; even idiots won’t refuse.

However, although perhaps the Fourth Prince would help on behalf of Sister Wen Ya, he also would not necessarily agree to help if Suo Jia asked directly. However, if Suo Jia really did do so and ended up owing the Fourth Prince, how exactly was he supposed to return a royal’s favor? The only way would be to become his servant.

While thinking this, Suo Jia swept a glance over the Fourth Prince, and shook his head, mouth twitching, “Don’t accept my words so easily; I didn’t say you were ugly. To be honest, you are quite handsome.”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the Fourth Prince’s expression became a bit better. Sadly…just when he had barely begun to feel pleased with himself, Suo Jia once again attacked, “However despite this, whenever you and Sister go out together, people will definitely say that Sister is like a fresh flower that was stuck in the….”

Suo Jia was clever enough not to finish the sentence; otherwise, that would qualify as insulting royalty, something that would lead to death no matter how many lives he had. However, on behalf of Wen Ya, the Fourth Prince would have no way of punishing him. A royalty’s dignity was his most important aspect, and was definitely not something that could be stained.

There are many things that did not have to be said out loud; people can understand the meaning even without the physical words. Once said aloud, then problems become more complicated. ‘Loose tongues can cause a lot of trouble’; knowing when to say certain things is also an important skill that needs to be learned.

As expected, after listening to Suo Jia’s words, the Fourth Prince’s face became green. He was abnormally furious inside; even a saint would not be able to bear someone saying that he wasn’t good enough for his girlfriend right in front of her. Moreover, although a little fat, the Fourth Prince considered himself as being someone confident and at ease.

“Gege…” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Wen Ya actually was so amused that her heart was racing. She completely ignored the Fourth Prince’s feelings, and instead began laughing in delight. Hearing Wen Ya’s laugher, the Fourth Prince glanced at her lovingly, and his anger abated a bit. Anyone, regardless of their identity, would have a difficult time maintaining an angry mood when faced with such a beauty.

Seeing the two exchange flirting glances at each other, Suo Jia no longer held back, and walked to the table next to the two lovers to drink a cup of tea. Once he finished, he loudly sat on the chair, and began to dig into the delicate sweets. Since he had eaten his breakfast in a rush, he was still hungry.

Seeing Suo Jia’s uncaring manner, the Fourth Prince could not help but shake his head as he bitterly laughed. If an adult did the same thing Suo Jia was currently doing, the Fourth Prince would have dragged the person out and beat him up. However, since it was Suo Jia, the Fourth Prince could only tolerate it. The great Holy Light Empire’s Fourth Prince could not, after all, sulk because of a mere child!

Glancing at the Fourth Prince critically, Suo Jia seemed to have become addicted to teasing him, “Fourth Prince, your big belly and that fat chin, are really too ugly. Your body is so fat that it looked like edema; it’s torture to eyes.” Speaking, Suo Jia nodded hard, as if completely serious.

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