Chapter - 49: – Incredibly Selfish
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After returning to his home, Suo Jia immediately summoned Eldest Sister to come to his bedroom. He explained to her in great detail regarding everything that had occurred today. When the girl heard that Suo Jia had already become an eighth ranked lord, she could not close her surprised mouth.

However, the shocking news that Suo Jia brought home was not simply just this. As the girl continued listening, she became more and more relaxed. With so many pleasant surprises stacked on top of each other, she actually felt a little numb, or in other words, sluggish.

Eighth ranked lord, the ability to recruit 100 official attendants, and the authority to award 100 civilians the noble rank of village paladin: these things were simply too outrageous. Even if it was Grand Duke Wen Sha, he only had so much power. For the first time, the girl could clearly feel Suo Jia’s brilliance; he was already becoming an unstoppable force.

Maybe within the eyes of ordinary people, these three gifts seemed extremely precious; however, the girl was trained from a young age, and knew that these were simply things that people saw on the outside. As for Suo Jia’s actions, the most precious thing he obtained this time was the prince’s feelings and trust. Being seen as important by the Fourth Prince was the real treasured gift that Suo Jia received.

Although this time, Suo Jia did indeed board Fourth Prince’s ship, as long as the Fourth Prince did not sink, the  things that Suo Jia wished to accomplish would simply be smooth sailing. By borrowing the Fourth Prince’s name, within the circle of nobility, he had an identity and status. In the future, if the Fourth Prince claimed the royal throne, then Suo Jia could be said to have limitless good fortune; it would be simply too frightening.

Of course, high profits always carried with it heavy risk. Once the Fourth Prince fell, then Suo Jia could forget about running away. It could be said that if one received glory, then everyone received glory; if one suffered a loss, then everyone suffered the loss. As for what Suo Jia could do at the moment, before the battle for the throne began, he had to hurry and improve his own strength. After obtaining more influence, he could then help the Fourth Prince claim the throne.

Tightly biting her lips, the girl already thought of things that could potentially happen ten years in the future in an instant. While she was pondering and was lost in thought, Suo Jia said with a joyful expression, “Eldest Sister, now all of our problems are solved. Those 100 village paladin titles, as well as 100 official attendants, let’s give them all to those girls. With this, their parents definitely won’t reject my plans right?”

“You!” Suo Jia’s words woke up the girl from her thoughts. Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the girl opened her eyes wide, and after a moment, began bitterly laughing. “I am starting to have some doubts. The Fourth Prince setting his sight on you was most likely a bad decision!”

“Ah!” Hearing the girl’s evaluation, Suo Jia’s jaw dropped in surprise. Where did these words come from?

Seeing Suo Jia’s astonished expression, the girl said in an angry tone, “You are being blinded by this luxury. Do you think that the village paladin nobility title is something so cheap? Did you know, if a businessman wanted to earn the village paladin noble title, he needs to spend 1,000,000 gold in order to do so. If you add together all 100 titles, then it surpasses 100 million gold. Who gives gifts like this as if it were candy?

Speaking up to this point, the girl took a deep breath. With some effort, she calmed herself down before continuing, “Not to mention the 100 personal attendants, what do you take them for? Do you really understand? As long as that someone is a civilian, then you can use your authority to order him or her to become your official attendant. No matter who they were or how powerful they are, they have to obey your orders. If not, then they will be seen as opposing the royal crown, and will be completely annihilated.”

Hearing Eldest Sister’s voice, Suo Jia’s jaw dropped wide open, and carried a completely stupefied expression. Suo Jia bitterly said, “Since it’s like this, then what should we use to make the parents of those girls agree?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the girl said without any hesitation, “For now, just use the Fourth Prince’s name to send them a letter, and recruit them over to do work. As for wages, let’s follow the numbers we originally set. Afterwards, write on the letter that if they are hardworking and diligent, then you will grant them the village paladin titles. This will be enough.”

“Ah! So simple! Will this work?” Hearing Eldest Sister’s words, Suo Jia asked skeptically.

Coldly snorting, the girl replied grumpily, “Young Master, how can you still not understand? First of all, this is a letter written using the Fourth Prince’s name, and in addition our provided wages cannot be considered low; treatment is also excellent. No matter what they require, we can provide it to them. Finally, bestowing a noble title is something that only royalty can do, but you already have this authority. To ordinary people, you already represent the royal family. Would they dare defy you?”

Pausing for a second, the girl helplessly said, “The truth is, this type of great opportunity is not one that you could gain even through begging. Even without mentioning the Fourth Prince, or the ability to confer noble titles, I am confident that you will still be able to recruit them. Since there are so many additional benefits, nobody will refuse.”

Happily smiling, Suo Jia nodded his head and said, “Alright, let’s do it like this. However, within the letters, tell the parents not to mention my status to their children. I don’t want the other students to feel that I am some kind of special existence. I am very satisfied with my current position; I don’t want them to suddenly change their attitudes toward me.”

After thinking about it for a short period of time, the girl nodded her head and said, “This way is optimal too; only under these conditions could you build the best relationships. If fame and fortune are mixed together, no matter what feelings they have, it will all be fake to some degree.”

“En…” Joyously nodding his head, Suo Jia resolutely said, “Okay, as for the upcoming plans, I will leave it in your hands. Hurry and go complete these things; I need to go and study.” While speaking, Suo Jia stood up and walked towards the door.

While opening the door Suo Jia suddenly stopped, and turned his head. “Oh that’s right, if you want, I can grant you the village paladin title!”

“What!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the girl immediately shot up. Looking at Suo Jia in disbelief, she really could not believe what she had just heard.

Seeing Eldest Sister’s embarrassed expression, Suo Jia smiled and repeated, “I was saying, if you wish for it, I can bestow upon you the village paladin noble rank.”

Finally confirming the Young Master’s words, the girl’s two eyes were quickly covered with tears. This was something that she didn’t even dare dream about while living as a maid. With no identity, status, or freedom, how could she even begin to think about nobility! In reality, the maids were levels of existence even lower than those of ordinary civilians.

Seeing Suo Jia’s sincere gaze, the girl really wanted to nod her head and accept. However, the Young Master was already so good towards her, what did she need a noble title for? Although on the outside, the Young Master had the authority to bestow this on 100 people, every single one of those titles would be crucial for the Young Master.

After thinking about this tough decision for a long time, the girl finally said with some difficulty, “In the end, I think it’s best if I don’t receive it. Although this lowly maid really wants the title, these titles are simply too precious and too important to Young Master. As long as Young Master remembers the good things this lowly maid has done for him, and respects this maid a bit more, then this lowly maid will not ask for anything more.”

With her two misty eyes looking at Suo Jia, the girl openly said, “Young Master, you need to remember that these 100 official attendant titles and 100 nobility titles definitely should not be given out carelessly. These are your greatest assets; even if it was the Fourth Prince, he could not afford to give you such authority again.”

Looking at Suo Jia , the girl soon after said with respect, “Alright Young Master, you should hurry and cultivate. This lowly maid will also quickly complete these things; time is precious so this maid will not accompany you.”

Bidding Eldest Sister farewell, Suo Jia walked straight towards the underwater training ground. Although there were no classes today, Suo Jia still did not want to waste any precious time by idling. He had to work harder to succeed!

Arriving at the underground training area, Suo Jia did not immediately begin to cultivate. Instead, he carefully inspected the room. This past week, under the hard work of their hired employees, the area’s appearance had completely changed.

The scattered wooden shelves have already been removed. Within this vast space, in addition to several thick pillars and the empty area, the two relatively thicker pillars had also been painted with an eye-catching purple, making them look both gorgeous and elegant.

Within the large expanse of empty space, only on the wall opposite of the entrance were there magical targets. Magic lamps covered the top of the empty space and the multitudes of pillars, as well as the surrounding walls, covering the entire underground training area with a layer of radiance.

Looking at the newly renovated training area, Suo Jia could not hold in his excitement. Stretching out his arms and warming up his arms and legs, Suo Jia prepared to begin cultivating.

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