Chapter - 50: – Origin of Strength
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In regards to everyday life, everything had already improved by a lot. In addition, under Eldest Sister’s management, things had been developing more and more in the right direction. At this point, Suo Jia no longer needed to think too much about these matters, since his living conditions were already protected. From now on, increasing his strength was his biggest priority.

Suo Jia’s life had improved a lot. Under Sister’s management, things have been developing more and more.

For now, Suo Jia’s only priority was enhancing his strength as quickly as possible, in order to be better prepared for the upcoming year-end Grand Competition. Although he had already grasped the Ice Sphere technique, and far surpassed any fellow student, that was in comparison with the rest of his class.

In reality, the fire arts’ Fireball Technique, earth arts’ Earthen Spike, and wind arts’ Wind Edge were similar to the Moisture Technique in regards to being rankless spells, but in terms of power, they were comparable to the Ice Sphere Technique. This was precisely one of the reasons why the water arts were considered inferior compared to the other arts.

However, despite things being this way, no water mage ever envied any of the other types of mages. On the contrary, it didn’t matter if it was fire arts, wind arts, or earth arts, they all envied the water arts’ Moisture Technique to death. Within these four elemental arts, water was the only one with the capability to provide treatments.

Of course, the other three elements all had their own perks as well. Earth mages had enhanced Earthen Armors for increased defense, fire mages had enhanced offensive capabilities from their scorching spells, and wind mages had enhanced movement capabilities from their swift winds. They all had special attributes of their own.

In terms of magic cultivation, Suo Jia was already at the forefront of his peers. In terms of magic offensive power however, how could Suo Jia, who only recently grasped the Ice Sphere Technique, defeat the other three elemental type mages? The others had played around from young to old, yet were far more proficient than Suo Jia, who only recently learned the Ice Sphere Technique. Their controls over the arts were far better as well.

Currently, for means of attacking Suo Jia already had the Ice Sphere Technique, for auxiliary uses he had the Swamp Technique, and for healing he had the Moisture Technique. As for defense, he did not have many methods.

Perhaps some people would mention the Aqua Aegis, but this was actually just a joke, and couldn’t even be counted as a magic. Barely mitigating even a little bit of an attack, the strength of the spell was extremely limited. Water arts’ primary defensive uses were from ice magic!

Although it was defined as a third ranked spell, the Ice Sphere Technique could only be considered to be an elementary third ranked spell. As far as he knew, other third ranked spells included the Glacial Armor, which was also an intermediate third ranked spell. In addition, there was also the advanced third ranked spell that had a similar effect compared to the Swamp Technique; the Revolving Frozen Gas!

Truthfully speaking, the water spell with the most potential was the attack spell, Ice Sphere. As for auxiliary type spells, there was the freezing effect of the Revolving Frozen Gas. Lastly, there was the defensive type Glacial Armor. Only by grasping these three basic spells, combined with the rank-less Moisture Technique, could one be considered an authentic Novice Mage Trainee.

As for the Swamp Technique, it has already been explained. Some people say that it is water magic, others say it is earth magic; that’s why it was deemed as a earth-water shared magic. This is also why it is not considered to be within these requirements.

First, Suo Jia casted ten consecutive Moisture Techniques on oneself, making a clear pure moisturizing rain. After raising his spirit this way, he casted a chain of ten Swamp Techniques, before finally, he faced the magic target near the opposite wall, and released three successful Ice Sphere Techniques that hit the targets with “Ping Pang”sounds. The cellar’s temperature immediately dropped by a significant amount.

Although Suo Jia’s magical power had already been raised significantly through the repeated uses of the Exhaustion Training Method. After using ten Moisture Techniques and ten Swamp Techniques, he could only cast about three Ice Sphere Techniques. After casting the third Ice Sphere Technique, Suo Jia’s spirit and magic powers were immediately depleted.

Not daring to idle around, Suo Jia hurriedly rushed back to his mat, crossed his legs and entered the meditative state. To a great extent, meditation was similar to sleep. The more fatigued and weak one was, the easier it was to enter that state, as well as increase the effectiveness of the meditation.

During the following week, Suo Jia attended school every day like usual, and cultivated afterwards. The white lobby was under Eldest Sister’s management, and gradually, all the service facilities were being completed, making the project more and more exuberant.

A week later, they were already capable of starting their business. However, for the sake of waiting for the girls’ parents’ replies, they had to delay the opening by another week. After two weeks, the express courier finally delivered the hundred letters to Suo Jia’s mansion.

Gasping in praise at the large pile of letters on the table, Suo Jia wondered how the letters arrived to the other party so fast, and then quickly mailed back. Only after asking, did Suo Jia know; Holy Light Empire had its own special courier service. By using a large bird type creature called the Lightning Bird to carry letters back and forth, as long as you were within the empire, no matter how far you were, two weeks was enough to make a round trip.

Wearing a disturbed yet excited expression, Suo Jia and Eldest Sister opened the letters one after another. Carefully examining them for a long time, the two had finally skimmed through all the letters. Although they originally knew that this was going to be the result, the two could not help but yell in celebration.

Every single one of the letters agreed to comply with the assignment. There were no other options; the letters were sent using the Fourth Prince’s name. Even if that meant enduring a living hell, unfortunately, they would still have to let their children jump in! Besides, when would they ever get an opportunity with such great benefits ever again?

The day that they received the letters, Suo Jia had requested for a leave from the teacher half an hour before the final class was over. Then he rushed ahead to the study area of the fire wind warriors. He wanted to inform those poor girls of this news.

Standing outside of a flaming red park with a face full of smiles, Suo Jia couldn’t help but start to think: how would those poor girls react after they heard this news? Sadly, their big red cloaks completely covered their faces. Otherwise, Suo Jia could enjoy watching their amazing expressions.

After waiting for a while, the time to dismiss the students finally arrived. What was strange was that during the times where people would normally flood out, it was instead abnormally quiet. Could it be…. that they didn’t go home and went out for emergency training again?

Suo Jia really wanted to rush into the park to see if they were still around. But there was a rule in Holy Light Academy that stated nobody could trespass other parks. Violators would not be tolerated, and eventually expelled.

Sitting on the chair outside of the park helplessly, Suo Jia was bored to death, and watched the stream of people walking away from the other parks, one by one. He waited for the fire wind warriors to make their appearances patiently.

Seeing the students walk by in front of him, one by one, Suo Jia could not help but let out a sigh of praise. This Holy Light Academy had all types of students, ranging from children not even 8 years old, up to twenty-something young adults. Ugly, pretty, tall, short, skinny, fat: numerous types of body shapes could be seen.

While watching carefully, a flash of radiance passed Suo Jia’s eyes. He saw an individual wearing a bright yellow mage robe swiftly and skillfully gliding. It seemed as if the girl could take flight at any time; she moved swiftly from afar, heading over.

This girl was really beautiful, and her figure was also very elegant. What should be large was large, and what should be small was small. With delicate small rosy lips, any male would want to kiss them deeply.

However, what caught Suo Jia’s attention was not her beauty. First of all, she wasn’t even of age, and second of all, no matter how pretty this girl was, could she be prettier than Wen Ya? Even in front of Wen Ya, Suo Jia could keep a cool and indifferent composure; how could any random girl steal his soul?

What made Suo Jia curious was that he couldn’t understand how the girl could be so agile. In addition, her foot movements were extremely bizarre. Although on the outside, it looked as if she was walking forwards, contrary to expectations, her steps gave off a swaying yet quick-witted feeling. This made it extremely hard to lock down her position, and if he had to face her in a battle, it would be hard to land any spells on her.

Seeing that the girl was walking closer and closer, Suo Jia’s face gradually changed. Before, he always thought that everything would be ‘OK’ as long as he kept practicing magic until he reached a high level and became more powerful. But now, after seeing that strange girl, Suo Jia suddenly realized that whether a magic was powerful or not was not the most important. What was most important was that it had to hit the target!

Watching the girl walk away slowly with her weird movements, Suo Jia subconsciously wracked his brain, his eyes carefully analyzing the girl’s figure. At that moment, Suo Jia suddenly realized that if his goal was the tournament half a year later, then there were many things that he had to reconsider.

“Bang!” While Suo Jia was still deep in thought, there was a crisp sound. Suo Jia could only feel a hum sound in his brain, before a sheet of black appeared in front of him. Numerous golden stars swirled in front of him.

While Suo Jia was experiencing this abnormal feeling, a disgusting voice rang out, “Shitty brat, what are you staring at? Is that someone whom you should be staring at? If it was not for you being so small, I would not have held back.”

Suo Jia gradually recovered the strength to speak, as the black cover in front of his eyes slowly disappeared. In the next moment, a shadowy figure appeared in front of Suo Jia.

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