Chapter - 52: – Storm in Holy Light
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In order to avoid making his mother worried, Suo Jia did not go home directly. He hid in a corner and cast dozens of Moisture Technique on himself until his appearance returned to normal. Then he finally came out from behind the corner, and went to the market to buy new clothes, and walked home.

After he returned home, Suo Jia tried to maintain a calm appearance, and acted as if nothing unusual had happened. Not only did he not want his family to worry about him, he wanted to save face, as that was the most important thing to a man. It was not a glorious thing to be beaten by someone else out in the open.

Suo Jia had firmly engraved the image of the red clad warriors’ hideous face in his heart. Suo Jia knew that currently, he was not capable of defeating him. But one day, he would eventually catch up. All the pain and humiliation he received today, would one day be repaid several times over!

After eating his meal, Suo Jia ignored everyone and immediately secluded himself in the underground training room. Suo Jia vented all his pent up anger on the magic target he was facing. That was the only thing he could do at this moment.

Of course, Suo Jia had thought of seeking help. If he could receive support from other people, then Suo Jia could easily get revenge. But if others helped him get his revenge, Suo Jia wouldn’t be able to truly vent his anger. Only by using his own hand to completely destroy and humiliate his opponent would the anger in his heart be completely dissolved!

The next morning, Suo Jia picked up the magic book as he normally did, and headed towards the direction of Holy Light Academy. Just when he had arrived at the front gate of the academy, Suo Jia noticed that there was a lot of people at the front gate. He doubtfully glanced at the time, it was nearly time for classes to begin, but why were they still there? Were they not afraid of being late?

Harboring some doubts, Suo Jia approached the crowds and struggled to make his way through. Suo Jia finally got through the crowds and observed his surroundings. The spacious Holy Light Academy’s big gate was being blocked by a group of people wearing red robes, and they were exerting killing intent. They left a gap only big enough for a single person to pass through at a time.

Towards the side of the gate entrance, there were several dozens of red clad warriors that were groaning in pain from serious injuries to their faces. Several gruesome red robed individuals were responsible for keeping watch over them. Whoever dared to move around randomly would definitely receive more painful blows.

Suo Jia was slightly surprised, but he soon began to realize that these red robed individuals were naturally the group of poor fire wind warriors. The reason they blocked the path there was definitely because they wanted to find the person who had hit Suo Jia yesterday, and vent their resentments on him. At the same time, they hoped that getting revenge for Suo Jia would cause him to change his mind.

Looking at the dozens of red clad warriors with swollen black eyes, Suo Jia smiled wryly. Getting beaten until they became like this, even Suo Jia would not be able to tell who was right or wrong anymore. These ladies were so fierce when they decided to take action. Compared to them, that guy from yesterday seemed as docile as a kitten.

Suo Jia shook his head. Although he felt very moved by the girls’ actions, he also understood that these actions were too brazen. Even though they were clever enough not to cause trouble within Holy Light Academy and only blocked the path leading to the entrance, it was still difficult to guess the attitudes of the higher ups at the Holy Light Academy.

There were a few reasons why Suo Jia had treated those fire wind warriors like that yesterday. Firstly, it was because he didn’t want these girls to get hit. Secondly, it was because he had been hit for no reason, so he was very angry. Since he was completely helpless against the guy who had hit him, he vented his anger on those fire wind warriors instead.

In fact, Suo Jia never believed in God’s will since the beginning. As it stood, even if he really believed in God’s will, he had no say in the matter. Especially after listening to Eldest Sister’s explanation, Suo Jia began to understand the importance of having the support of these fire wind warriors. It was absolutely impossible to let them go!

Since they were very important to him, then Suo Jia naturally couldn’t allow them to get into trouble. In addition… Suo Jia had been persevering all along. Since this was his own business, he needed to resolve it by himself. If he had relied on these fire wind warriors, then the fire warrior yesterday would definitely have received a beating.

While thinking, Suo Jia managed to squeeze through the crowd, and began to walk towards the fire wind warriors. Seeing that Suo Jia had appeared, all the girls’ bodies suddenly trembled. After the feeling had subsided, they easily pushed away the few students who tried to sneak through the gap, and finally met Suo Jia face to face.

Helplessly sighing, Suo Jia whispered in a low voice, “Ok, that’s enough; there’s no need to continue any further. Immediately return to your classes. Also….this Sunday at 9am, bring all of your sisters to the White Villa.” While he said this, Suo Jia’s footsteps had not stopped once, and just like that, he had passed through the group of red cloaked sisters, and headed straight for his own classroom.

During the next few days, Suo Jia had attended school as if everything was normal. Everything seemed ordinary. However….when nobody was around, Suo Jia would gnash his teeth in anger and train diligently in the White Villa’s underwater training area.

Suo Jia hadn’t really sustained much harm from the beating this time. After a few Moisture Techniques, the injuries had completely healed on the spot. In reality, it was only a slap; it wasn’t a big deal.

However, to Suo Jia, this was an extraordinary shame and humiliation. People were just like that; no matter what it was, the first time something happened was always unforgettable. This applied to joyous events, sorrowful events, but especially to humiliating events. Even though he had only suffered a slap in the face, this type of vexed and powerless feeling had etched the experience deeply into Suo Jia’s memory.

Suo Jia had witnessed others fighting before. However, it lacked that realistic feeling. This time, when he was the one that had been hit, Suo Jia was finally able to comprehend that such disgrace could be so unbearable. He could not help but recall what his teacher had said before: if you don’t want to be bullied, then you must have the power to fight back.

The purpose of learning magic was not to start fires, murder people, and commit crimes. The purpose was actually to allow you to grasp a certain ability that could be used, whether it was when you wanted to protect something, or when you wanted to oppress your bullies. Either way, having magic granted the ability to resist.

This whole time, for the sake of going on the greater trade routes and to search for his father, Suo Jia had always paid attention to cultivating his powers. However, after this incident Suo Jia had realized the importance of power even more. Without power, he couldn’t even maintain his pride.

Although Suo Jia had trained so diligently, magic training was never something easy to do. At the very least, it was impossible to break through the Ice Sphere Technique, and reach the level of Ice Armor in so few days.

While Suo Jia trained, time had unknowingly flown past. In the blink of an eye, Sunday had already arrived. All the water mage girls had also received the reply letters back from their homes. Inside the letters, as per Suo Jia’s orders, none of the parents had received any kind of instructions. All the letters said was that from now on, everything their children did would follow Suo Jia’s plans.

Eight year old children did not need to understand much; they simply held the same opinions and decisions as their parents. Although they didn’t know anything, if their parents had told them to do something, then the children did not have any thoughts besides doing as they were told.

To all the water mage girls, Suo Jia was a special existence. He excelled in his studies, had strength that was above average, and he also treated people very warmly. The most important thing was that every Sunday, Suo Jia would bring the girls out to play. In their hearts, Suo Jia was already both their classmate and their playmate.

At daybreak, Suo Jia had ordered the kitchen staff to prepare breakfast, and then rushed to school. Once he had picked up all the girls in his class, they all ate breakfast together.

Once all of the girls had been satisfied with their meal, Suo Jia went to the villa’s entrance and escorted the 36 fire wind warriors inside. He directly brought them to the underwater training area. Before they began receiving treatments, there were many things that Suo Jia needed to discuss with them in detail.

Within the enormous underground training area, under Suo Jia’s gesture, the 36 fire wind warriors sat cross-legged in front of Suo Jia in a neat 6×6 formation.

Seeing the girls shrouded in red capes, Suo Jia slightly muttered to himself for a bit, before he said with a heavy tone, “Everyone, even though these past few days, some extremely unpleasant things have occurred……after thinking it over for a long time, I still can’t bear to watch you girls be destroyed like this. Therefore, I ultimately decided that I would still help you girls.”

Even though they had long since guessed that Suo Jia had called them to the villa for this reason, once everyone heard the words leave Suo Jia’s lips they could not help but tremble with excitement. If Suo Jia was not present, all of them might have even shouted out loud in excitement.

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