Chapter - 54: – Opening For Business
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Under Suo Jia’s command, the hundred girls simultaneously waved the blue staffs in their hands. Immediately, blue lights glowed and rippled through the large cloth, continuously casting a moisturizing rain. Gradually, the rain moved towards the fire wind warriors within the fabric and fell onto their heads.

Suo Jia leisurely laughed as he waited in excited anticipation. During every afternoon for the past six months, everyone would gather and go to the training area to practice the Moisture Technique with the little pet as their target. Currently, although it was unaware of what was going on, the little pet quickly matured much faster than what was written in records. Although its general size hadn’t changed, its body’s color began to gradually darken. According to the records in the book, once the little pet turned deep blue, it would reach the end of its newborn body. What followed next was its adolescent stage.

However, the little guy’s growth was actually not the largest benefit it had gained. During the past year, after nearly 200 days of working together, the girls were all shocked to discover that when everyone simultaneously activated the Moisture Technique at the same frequency and speed, the Moisture Techniques would all combine into one, forming a large moisturizing mist.

This enormous discovery made everyone feel wild with joy. Some girls who enjoyed bragging showed the teacher and were anticipating some compliments from the teacher. However, they had never imagined that this was not some new discovery.

In reality, the mist that the hundred girls had activated together was actually a high ranked water elemental healing magic — Hydration Technique. This group magic was originally a high ranked large-scale magic, and required the combined efforts of 100 mages to activate.

The Hydration Technique was really just a bigger version of the Moisture Technique, and it had the special characteristics that water elements had. Since it was an automatically combined magic with a hundred water mages, based on the Moisture Technique’s normal activation process, this technique could be used. This magic, if activated by a group of high leveled water mages, the range that the Hydration Technique enshrouded was really too frightening. It could even heal over 10,000 warriors at the same time.

Based on the girls’ current abilities, simultaneously healing over 10,000 people was still too early of a task for them. However, simultaneously healing 100 people was already no longer a difficult task. It was precisely because of this that Suo Jia had accepted the fire wind warriors’ invitation. After all… this was not that time-consuming, and the rewards that Suo Jia would gain remained to be unseen.

A dense fog enshrouded the insides of the white fabric. All the fire wind warriors only felt their bodies feel cool and refreshed. The cracks all over their bodies were throbbing from the spell, and they could clearly feel those cracks getting healed.

They lowered their heads and looked at all the cuts on their bodies gradually becoming smaller within the white mist, until they completely disappeared. All the girls did not want to cry, but the tears just wouldn’t listen to them, and flowed down their cheeks…

Finally, after the hundred plus girls casted 20 Moisture Techniques continuously, their magic powers ran out at the same time. Fortunately, this place was originally a training ground so the floor was covered with soft animal skin. All the girls could sit down without any regards and slowly recover their magic and spirit powers.

The girls spent their entire day like this. Other than stopping to eat, they continuously cast the Hydration Technique for the fire wind warriors 8 times. After the eighth Hydration Technique, all the girls were already beyond exhausted. In their whole lives, they had never been this tired before!

Fortunately, after a day of hard work, the luxurious dinner made all the girls forget their exhaustions. Everyone ate until they were full. Then, they were escorted back to the academy by specifically assigned bodyguards.

Within the underwater training ground, Suo Jia was looking at the fire wind warriors in front of him with admiration. The effect of the Hydration Technique was obviously a lot better than that of the Moisture Technique. Even the eight year old Suo Jia felt envious looking at the fire wind warriors’ rosy, sparkly, and tender skin. Their skins were really too tender and glossy.

After the whole day, the fire wind warriors had finally recovered their former beauty. They were even more beautiful than they had been previously. Their tender and moist skins especially, really made one drool with desire. As for the fire wind warriors themselves, there’s no need to say more, since their skins had never been this amazing before.

That night, none of the fire wind warriors went back to the dorms. Everyone stayed behind and discussed the plan with Suo Jia carefully. Everyone was well aware that the plan this time only allowed success. Failure was not an option. Otherwise, the consequences would be severe beyond imagination!

At dawn the next morning, Suo Jia sent the fire wind warriors back from the White Villa. After finishing a simple meal, Suo Jia went to class as he normally did. Everything was the same as usual.

One week’s time quickly passed, and Sunday arrived again. For Suo Jia, this was a very important day. This was because today was Sunday, and also the day that Suo Jia’s beautician center opened for business.

After repeatedly discussing with everyone, everyone had finally agreed in the end that this place was not suited to be known as a beautician center. The name, White Villa, was already good enough. When the White Villa was mentioned, everyone in Holy Light City knew where it was. Now, the only thing everyone had to do was bestow a function to the White Villa, leave a mark, and turn it into a resort!

In regards to the publicity of the White Villa, not much was done, but that wouldn’t affect the White Villa’s reputation or its function. After all… Wen Ya was a living proof of its success, and the best advertisement.

Everyone knew how fat Wen Ya used to be, and that the owner of this White Villa had transformed her into the most beautiful woman in Holy Light City within a single day! With just this, it was already plenty enough to attract people.

The opening time was set at night fall. The reason that they chose this time was because this was the period where people felt most relaxed. This allowed more high ranking aristocrats to spare the time to come here.

In order to avoid an awkwardly silent situation, and for the sake of a good start, neither Wen Ya or the Fourth Prince held back, especially Wen Ya. She brought the White Villa’s invitations to a few aristocrats’ homes to invite them personally. With Wen Ya’s reputation, even if they didn’t have the time, they had to squeeze out some time to go. After all, even without her relationship with the Fourth Prince, her father, Duke Wen Sha, had the status of the Duke of Holy Light City. Nobody would dare to refuse her.

Wen Ya was very confident; once they went to the White Villa, experienced the reception there and personally perceived Suo Jia’s miracle, people would definitely strive to get there first, even without her invitations. Women have always been like this; who wouldn’t care about her appearance? This was especially true for those women from rich households; their greatest fear was losing their beauty. Once they lost their beauty, what else would they be able to rely on to capture their husband’s heart?

As night fell, dazzling carriages appeared in front of the White Villa’s front gate, one after another. The maids verified their invitation letters, and allowed the carriages to enter the White Villa. The people only got out of the carriage after they had arrived in front of the White Villa. Then the entourages would pull the carts to the parking area.

Everything in the White Villa was designed by Duke Wen Sha for his one and only darling daughter. It could even be said the White Villa was invested by Duke Wen Sha. Although the level of luxury was not very outstanding there, it possessed the refreshing air of the nature. After getting used to living in the big city, everyone who saw the scenery of the utopia here would be absolutely mindblown. It was simply incomparable.

This was only the first of the surprises. Once those aristocrats who had arrived unwillingly after they had received Wen Ya’s invitation heard that they could drink good wine, which was delivered from across the Greater Trade Routes, they were dumbstruck. Just who was it that backed up this White Villa! Could it be… Duke Wen Sha? Or could it possibly be Wen Ya herself?

Just when everyone was secretly guessing, Wen Ya, who was in charge of organizing this evening party, revealed one more surprise to the 100 guests who had shown up today. They were very fortunate to be able to receive the baptism of Hydration Technique!

Following Wen Ya’s hand gesture, one after another, cute girls wearing light blue gowns emerged from the corridor of the 2nd floor. A hundred plus girls joined together and launched Moisture Techniques. The Moisture Techniques slowly combined into one above everyone’s head. Soon after, the mist came down and shrouded everyone. At the same time, the Hydration Technique’s unique, cool, and refreshing aura, distinctly fell on the bodies of all the guests who were present.

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