Chapter - 56: – Provoking Emma
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There were many ladies that needed Suo Jia’s help within Holy Light City. However, because this Shar Pei woman needed help urgently and had enough expenses to pay for his services as well, this put her at the top of the priority list.

Looking at the sparkling golden card in her hand, the Shar Pei woman’s entire body began to tremble. While her body was still shaking, the inside of the her throat began to emit a gurgling sound, as if a mother hen was being choked at the neck.

Seeing the Shar Pei woman’s excited expression, Wen Ya felt reassured, and said with a smile to her, “Miss Emma, congratulations for pulling the respectable golden card. May I ask whether you wish to keep this card or convert it into gold?”

“Sou!” Hearing Wen Ya’s words, the Shar Pei woman let out a cry, and suddenly retracted her hands. She tightly buried the card in her bosom, and urgently said, “Yes! Of course I wish to keep it. This is Heaven’s decree, you guys cannot renege!”

“Eh!” Hearing the Shar Pei woman’s words, everyone could not help but stare at her blankly, thinking: this woman had actually thought that they would back out? Did she not think about it for a bit? If they backed out, then what was the point of holding this campaign?

Smiling at the Shar Pei woman, Wen Ya warmly replied, “How could we back out? This card has to be given away eventually, I just want to confirm it for a second.”

Eagerly looking at Wen Ya, the Shar Pei woman trembled as she said, “Quickly tell me, where is Lord Suo Jia? I want to meet him right now; I can’t wait a second longer.”

Just as the Shar Pei woman’s words fell, Wen Ya laughed, “Since you have chosen to be Lord Suo Jia’s customer, then you will naturally be able to meet him whenever you want. Someone come, bring Miss Emma to Lord Suo Jia’s workplace!” Following Wen Ya’s voice, a maid quickly walked next to the Shar Pei woman, and made an inviting gesture.

Under everyone’s gazes, the Shar Pei woman shifted her fat body, and walked up the staircase. At the same time, Wen Ya knit her brows and smiled at the other guests, “Ok, everyone please enjoy yourselves with the music and good wine as much as you’d like. Except for today, everything here requires fees. Moreover, I will secretly tell everyone that the prices of everything are scarily expensive. Everyone should seize the opportunity and properly enjoy it now.”

Hearing Wen Ya’s words, all the guests’ mouths twitched. There were so many priceless things that they had never seen or enjoyed. The more Wen Ya talked about it, the more they wanted to come back a few times. Otherwise, wouldn’t they be looked down on by their peers?

Seeing the guests’ expressions, Wen Ya warmly smiled. She knew that her objective had already been achieved. While increasing the White Villa’s quality, she was also attracting more customers to the White Villa. If none of the high ranking nobles came to the White Villa to spend their money, then how could they not resign themselves to wretched frustration? Even if they just wanted to show off their ostentatiousness, they needed to come at least once. In addition, they had to spend their wealth in a presentable manner.

Leaving aside Wen Ya going all out dealing with the others downstairs, the maids on the other hand led the excited Emma to the third floor. Due to having fat all over her body and her excited mood, Emma’s body and face were covered by a layer of sticky sweat. It couldn’t be helped… all fat people perspired more easily just by moving a little.

In front of a pair of doors embedded with gold and gems, the maid respectfully bowed at the Shar Pei woman, “Lady Emma, this is Lord Suo Jia’s office. Please enter on your own. During the working hours, the servants do not have the rights to enter.” During the speech, the maid turned around and gently pulled the door. Immediately… everything in the room was presented in front of the Shar Pei woman.

Even though she had seen enough of the luxurious and extravagant decorations, she had to admit that even if this place couldn’t compare to her home, all the decorations here were top-notch. Although it couldn’t be said that everything was priceless, they were still luxurious.

Luxurious and cozy sofa, a bed with unusual shape, European style window, gorgeous fireplace, huge and luxurious office desk, and soft bright-colored carpet. Everything in this room made one feel an alluring noble air attracting them.

The door gently closed behind Emma. Standing within a huge space which was around a hundred square meters, Emma looked around suspiciously. Soon… Emma saw a cute boy who was about of age, smiling and looking at her.

“Hey!” Looking at Suo Jia without restraint, Emma shook the fat on her face as she said, “Are you Lord Suo Jia’s apprentice? I ask you, where did Lord Suo Jia go? Quickly bring him to me.”

“Eh!” Hearing Emma’s words, Suo Jia could not help but stare blankly. This woman had actually mistaken him as an apprentice. However, now that he thought about it, that was not strange. How could an 8 year-old child earn a person’s trust?

While thinking, Suo Jia quietly turned around, and walked to the large chair behind the desk. Leisurely sitting down, he calmly looked at Emma, who was wearing an impatient expression, and said in a low voice, “I am Lord Suo Jia, and am also the person you are looking for. If I haven’t guessed wrong, then you are my first assigned customer, right?”

“What!” A shrill sound resembling that of a dying chicken came out of Emma’s mouth. “What did you say! You are Lord Suo Jia? What joke are you trying to pull, you’re just a little brat. What could you possibly do?”

Suo Jia was depressed and knitted his brows, he said in a displeased tone, “There’s no need for you to verify my ability. If you do not need my help, you can leave now. I won’t bother to see you out!” While speaking, Suo Jia exerted strength into both feet and stomped on the ground. The swivel chair rapidly started to turn around, and the Shar Pei woman’s line of sight was blocked by the huge chair.

Even though Suo Jia acted this way, he actually felt quite nervous. However, Wen Ya had told him if someone was very capable, he must learn how to be callous. If he was too amiable, it would give people the feeling that he didn’t have any skill. Actually, when a specialized field is involved, one absolutely must not yield even if the the emperor himself arrived. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to earn people’s trust.

Right now, the Shar Pei woman questioned his ability simply because of his age. This was absolutely not tolerated. Although he could explain politely and confirm the truth with his own actions, if he did this, Suo Jia’s image in front of the Shar Pei woman’s eyes would not be very good. Regardless of his ability, he was still merely a wimpy brat who would think everything is okay if she simply bought a jelly bean for him. He had fundamentally no value to her.

Facing Suo Jia’s indifferent and arrogant attitude, the Shar Pei woman could not hold in her anger anymore. Even though her sorry appearance was a disgrace to her country and people, her status and position were still clearly evident. She was being flattered everyday by the people around her. When would she ever experience this disrespectful feeling?

Looking at the back of the big chair which blocked her sight of Suo Jia, Emma stomped the ground fiercely and turned around. One of the reasons she acted in such a way was because she couldn’t take this anymore. Most importantly, she didn’t think that an 8 year-old child had the ability to help her.

Behind the chair, Suo Jia smiled gloomily. He hadn’t expected that everything the Eldest Sister had ordered him to do would be accomplished by him so easily. Thinking back to the weird tactics employed by Eldest Sister, Suo Jia sighed and shook his head. He was still too young and could not have possibly thought of such a sinister scheme.

“Wait a moment!” Seeing that the Shar Pei woman was about to leave, Suo Jia finally said in a deep tone.

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the Shar Pei woman stopped in doubt. Impatiently looking back and facing Suo Jia, she said, “It was you who asked me to leave. Now you ask me to wait. What do you want now?”

Slowly turning the chair, Suo Jia’s body slowly faced the Shar Pei woman, “Since you do not need me, please return the golden card. I cannot tolerate allowing the golden card to wander around everywhere as one wishes. For the people who need it, this golden card is more valuable than life!”

Her mouth twitched. Since the Shar Pei woman had no plans to exchange the card for a hundred million gold, she directly took the golden card from her pocket and threw it on top of the table before saying, “Fine, fine! You can have the golden card back! I can leave now right?!”

Casually receiving the golden card, Suo Jia calmly said, “Originally, you wouldn’t be able to receive my service since you are not my customer. But… today is a special day. Today is the day the White Villa open for business. Since you drew the golden card, I must serve you at least one time.”

Speaking until here, Suo Jia came to a stop and his complexion turned ashen, “Furthermore, I cannot allow you to go out and tell everyone that I do not have the capability. That’s why… before you leave, I will perform the Weight Loss Technique for you once. I will show you whether I have the capability or not.”

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