Chapter - 57: – Crafty Plots
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According to Suo Jia’s instruction, Emma strenuously lied down on the luxurious couch. While Suo Jia continuously casted a few Moisture Techniques, Emma moved her body cozily, allowing herself to lie down a little more comfortably.

In reality, the Moisture Technique was not some extraordinary event for Emma. She alone already had two personal moisturizing masters helping her moisturize her skin everyday. Since she was able to enjoy the fresh and cool feelings from the Moisture Technique daily, she had already gotten used to it.

Looking at the comfortable expression on the Shar Pei woman’s face. Suo Jia lowered his voice, “Alright, even though you will only get one chance, you still have a choice. Which part do you want me to perform the Weight Loss Technique on?”

Faced with Suo Jia’s problem, the Shar Pei woman became hesitant and pointed towards her own face. Seeing the Shar Pei woman’s actions, Suo Jia chuckled. Truthfully, in regards to an individual’s appearance, the face was the most important, since it was the part that people paid the most attention to.

As for live advertising, there was already Wen Ya, but Suo Jia wouldn’t mind having one too many live advertisements like these. If this Shar Pei woman could also become a live advertisement, then wouldn’t his persuasiveness become stronger?

Moreover, once the Shar Pei woman received his treatment, she would be able to see the face remodeled by Suo Jia’s miraculous skills every day. How would she not come to beg Suo Jia to help her? If this were to happen, then she would certainly have fallen into Eldest Sister’s plan completely.

In fact, each and every one of those golden cards were very valuable. It was impossible to present them to others as prizes for no reason. But in reality, Suo Jia wouldn’t just simply perform a Weight Loss Technique for her directly. That was too cheap!

Actually, the quarrel earlier had been inevitable. Even if the Shar Pei woman’s temper was better, Suo Jia would have still gotten into a quarrel with her, and seized the opportunity to let her feel his skill. After waiting for her to return and plead for him to continue, Suo Jia would reject her again and again. This would make her become the most suitable live advertisement.

Even though she had gotten the golden card, it was still too early for her to get help from Suo Jia. What defines the most precious thing? Is it the best thing? Or the rarest thing? No… That is definitely not the case. In reality, the most precious things are the things that everyone desires. For example, panda feces are few in numbers, but nobody treats it as a treasure.

If Suo Jia took the initiative to help others lose weight, the results would definitely not be good. Only when you refused to agree after someone comes pleading at your door with a smile and money in hand, would that be considered good results. In addition, for these types of people, the higher their social status and positions were, the better the results would be. Just like how Liu Bei from the three kingdoms ended up asking Zhuge Liang, only that could be considered status and identity.

While thinking, Suo Jia gently reached out with his two hands and quietly closed his eyes. Concentrating his attention entirely on the woman’s skin and flesh, he began to skillfully control the water within her fat cells.

Ever since he had successfully helped Wen Ya with her weight-loss, Suo Jia had never stopped his experimentation and practicing of the Weight Loss Technique. He still practiced a frightening amount, helping a Quack Chicken lose weight every day. This has already become a normal practice routine.

Following Suo Jia’s movements, the Shar Pei woman could only feel her face becoming numb and itchy. When she reached out her hands to scratch the itch, she would be stopped by Suo Jia. Helpless, she could only endure.

After about half an hour’s worth of non-stop modifying and perfecting, Suo Jia finally retracted his two hands in satisfaction. After looking through the details one last time, Suo Jia silently turned around and walked towards a different room. At the same time, Suo Jia said in a loud voice, “Alright, I’ve already finished. You can leave now!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the Shar Pei woman slowly opened both her eyes. When she brought her hands to her face, she could only feel a pile of grease. When she looked at her hands, she saw that they were covered in a yellow and muddy liquid. What in the world was this?

Right when the Shar Pei woman was having her doubts, the door opened and a maid walked in and led Emma to the washroom. After cleansing her face, the Shar Pei woman really wanted to see what her face looked like. However, the situation was prepared in such a way that no matter how hard she looked, she could not find a mirror!

After washing her face, the Shar Pei woman gloomily followed the maid and walked downstairs. Compared to before, she really did not feel that she had undergone any sort of change at all. Instead, she felt a belly full of dissatisfaction. At this moment, the Shar Pei woman secretly vowed to never return to this place. Other than being extremely unsatisfied, what else did she gain from this visit?

“Woo!” Quickly, under the guidance of the maid, the Shar Pei woman walked down the stairs. At once, all the guests all turned to glance in the Shar Pei woman’s direction. Everyone who saw this scene cried out in alarm.

Seeing the previously obese Shar Pei woman slowly walk down the stairs, Wen Ya hurriedly welcomed her and asked in a loud voice, “Wow, Sister Emma, Suo Jia does indeed have ability right?”

“Heng!” With a cold snort, the Shar Pei woman replied sullenly, “I can’t see any ability at all, he’s simply a seven or eight year old child. He doesn’t have any sort of ability, and his temper is short as well. I’ll never come back again.” After saying these words, the furious Shar Pei woman did not pay attention to anyone. She dodged the crowd and left the lobby.

Looking at the Shar Pei woman who walked past, if it were not for her figure and voice staying the same, everyone would highly doubt if this was the same Shar Pei woman as before.

Undergoing Suo Jia’s modifications, the Shar Pei woman’s eyes, that were originally only barely visible after being obscured by the layers of fatty skin, were now large and bright. This was especially evident in the currently enraged Shar Pei woman’s eyes that were now shooting out a starry bright coldness.

Her eyes weren’t the only things that had been altered by Suo Jia. The layers of skin on the Shar Pei woman’s face had already receded, and the currently ruffled Emma had a blushing face like that of an apple. There was absolutely not a hint of resemblance to a Shar Pei anymore.

Although because of her figure and her bone structure, Emma would never become a beauty like Wen Ya, after Suo Jia’s miraculous hands, her face alone was already that of a delicate and adorable girl. Her face was flush red, chubby, and round, with a small mouth and large eyes. Her whole face was rosy and glossy. Even though she could not be called a beauty, she was lovely enough to want people to kiss her.

Unfortunately, everything below the face remained unchanged. Starting from the neck down, her body was still layers of skin like that of a Shar Pei’s, and her swelling fats were like that of an old pig. Comparing these two extremes, everyone could only stare blankly. Deep inside, they all recognized exactly how far the extent of Lord Suo Jia’s abilities could reach!

However, what made everyone beyond confused was that despite achieving such a result, Miss Emma was still not satisfied. She had even said that Lord Suo Jia had no skill, and was only a 7-8 years old brat. Heavens! If this still counted as having no skill, then could there be anyone that dared to say a person with skill in this world existed?

Leaving aside everyone’s shock, on the other side, the Shar Pei woman had returned home, panting with rage. However, she had not imagined that as soon as she entered the grounds, she was met with interception from 4-5 robust guards. With serious faces, they blocked her path, and bellowed, “Stop! This is Ellison’s mansion, people who are not employed here cannot enter!”

Stunned, Emma stared at the few guards blocking her path. Originally, she had felt melancholy, but now that she couldn’t even return to her own home, she became angry. She yelled out indignantly at the top of her lungs, “Your useless eyes have all become blind, you can’t even recognize me anymore? Hurry up and get out of my way, otherwise, I’ll accidentally cut off your heads and use them for soccer!”

Even though her face had changed, her figure, voice, and temper, were originally Emma’s. After hearing the the young mistress’ voice, and giving another glance at her figure, the few guards immediately realized who she was, and they gave way one by one, each person scared witless. Despite her new face, this was still the young mistress.

Impatient throughout the whole trip, Emma quickly returned to her own room, and sat down on the chair. In a loud voice, she yelled, “Did everyone die off? Didn’t you see me return? Quickly fetch me a cup of tea, I’m dying of thirst” Because of Suo Jia, Emma was severely dehydrated, and was naturally thirsty. The worst part was that Suo Jia had not even been willing to let her drink water.

Sitting on the chair, Emma gasped for breath. Just now, she had been walking a bit too quickly. Looking towards the door, Emma could not help but secretly get angry; that brat maid, how long could it possibly take to bring over a cup of tea? If she didn’t punish her properly, the brat wouldn’t know what…

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