Chapter - 6: – Laws of Water: Moisture
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After shutting her eyes tightly in anticipation of the impending pain, the blue-haired girl noticed that she actually didn’t feel any. She secretly spread out the fingers covering her eyes and stole a peek across from her through the cracks.

Based on the blue-haired girl’s inspection, that clear flowing stream of water had at some point already returned to the boy’s side. The stream of water was coiled around the boy, circling around him as if it had a spirit of its own. It was truly mystical!

Seeing her opponent’s display, the blue-haired girl knew that her opponent had only been playing with her. At this point, the blue-haired girl could not help but scrunch her mouth, and feel like weeping passionately. At home, she was the family’s little princess. When had she ever felt such a frightening and embarrassing event like this? In the end…the girl opened her mouth, and began to cry loudly.

Suo Jia, seeing the girl opposite of him suddenly cry heavily, was left flabbergasted. What was happening? Even though her performance may have been inferior to his, that was not enough of a reason to cry, right? Could this possibly mean that during their performance, he had frightened her somehow?

Considering such thoughts, Suo Jia could not help but feel guilty. He quietly walked up to the blue-haired girl, and said to her sincerely: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have scared you earlier. Please don’t cry, I won’t frighten you anymore.”

Hearing the sound of Suo Jia’s sincere apology, the blue-haired girl choked and stopped crying. Wiping her tears, she pouted: “I could forgive you, but you first need to tell me: how did you enter our class? Your talent is…”


Not waiting for the girl to finish her words, the female instructor sighed loudly. Splitting the crowd, the female lecturer walked in front of the two. She first concentrated her gaze at Suo Jia, then sincerely said to the blue-haired girl: “Do you understand now? The reason he could enter this class was not because his natural talent was high. Truth be told, within the class, his natural talent was actually the lowest.”

After saying these words, the female lecturer clapped her hands, and with a serious face, said: “Everyone is to return to their own seats right now. I have something to say!” Hearing her words, all the girls quickly returned to their seats.

Returning to the podium, the female lecturer said in a serious voice: “Currently everyone must be wondering: if Student Suo Jia’s natural affinity with water was not that high, then how was he able to enroll in our school? Allow me to explain.”

Speaking these words, the female lecturer looked at Suo Jia with admiration, then continued: “Student Suo Jia could enter this school not because of his innate talent, but because of his ability to control water. His control of water can be considered to have entered the realm of perfection! In reality, he entered this academy based off of his ability to control water!”

Coldly sweeping her eyes around the room, the female lecturer continued: “Don’t think that you can be arrogant just because your natural talent is 1 in 10,000. In actuality, effort and hard work are more important than innate talent. As all of you have seen, Suo Jia’s ability in controlling water has reached unimaginable heights. Under his will, water seems almost alive. Even for your teacher, such absolute dominion over water is unheard of.”

Hearing the words of praise from his teacher, Suo Jia couldn’t help smiling from ear to ear. The truth was… water was his best friend and consequently he had become rather proficient at manipulating water. The act didn’t require much conscious thought either; just by thinking for the briefest of moments, he could maneuver water however he pleased!

Seeing Suo Jia’s expression of being unable to contain his joy, the female lecturer could not help but furrow her brow. As a teacher, she knew very clearly that a student’s worst enemy was arrogance and self-satisfaction. Once you became arrogant and self-satisfied, then your life was over. Countless children with the strongest abilities had been sent to their death because of arrogance and self-satisfaction!

The female teacher opened her mouth and said coldly, “However, even though Student Suo Jia’s control is as exceptional as it is… compared to the number of skills a water mage must possess, he is still lacking.”

Coming to this point in her lecture, the female teacher said authoritatively, “Now, the usage of the water arts  is mostly limited to support, in truth… it is near impossible to injure or kill one’s enemies with water. Am I correct, Student Suo Jia?”

Hearing his teacher’s words, Suo Jia suddenly calmed down. In the past, he had never considered this problem, but hearing his teacher saying it in such a manner, his face immediately went pale. Could Water Elemental Arts kill?

Without a doubt, water was powerful, but to use it to injure or kill an enemy is a joke. If you use water to attack an enemy, turning them into a “chicken dropped in soup”, would probably be the highest level you can reach. The truth is, even this goal is hard to achieve unless your opponent is too much of “a vegetable”. (TL: this is probably an expression but I still found it funny^^)

Seeing Suo Jia’s small downcast face, the female teacher let out a deep breath. She knew that she had achieved her goal of waking up this child. The truth was, although what she said was correct, it was not the entire truth. Water was indeed unable to kill or injure enemies, but once water turned into ice, it was a different story. Regardless, right now she first had to get rid of Suo Jia’s complacent and arrogant attitude before discussing other matters.

While looking at the blue-haired girl the female instructor said, “Student Xue Er, just now you attacked Suo Jia with a water sphere; that was a mistake. An introductory level spell like that is only useful for giving you a feel for water control; it is not for provoking others.”

In the middle of her lecture, the female teacher stuck out her right hand. Her index finger stuck out like an orchid, with a water sphere the size a pingpong ball spinning on top. “Students, no matter how powerful your water sphere may be, it will still be unable to pierce through even ordinary leather, needless to say a steel shield! The truth is, within water arts, the best spells are for support!

“Moisture Technique!” Right after her words finished, little drops of water faintly formed on her fingers, and flew over to Xue Er’s forehead, turning into a mass of moisture. The watery mass scattered over Xue Er’s body in fine water droplets, reflecting sunlight coming in from the window, and revealing a colorful array of light.

Witnessing this beautiful scene, all the girls cried out happily. Girls are like this, enjoying beautiful sceneries. The most amazing part was that the reflected rays became a stunning rainbow that fell on Xue er. How could this not cause people to gasp in admiration?

Looking at the students below while smiling, the teacher said, “Actually, in regards to water spells, moisture spells are among the mightiest. Among the uses of the Moisture Technique, it can stop bleeding, speed up the healing of wounds, relieve fatigue….”

After lecturing in great detail for half a day, the female teacher finally stopped and smiled. “…therefore, us water mages have always been the most appreciated, as well as the most protected. As long as you learn your water magic well, everyone will be fawning over you!”

As soon as the female teacher’s voice stopped, a silver-haired girl raised her hand and asked: “Teacher, I heard from my parents that those with light affinity can also use the healing arts. If you were to compare the water arts’ Moisture Technique to the light art’s healing techniques, exactly which one would you say is better?”

After listening to the girl’s words, the female lecturer nodded. “That is a very good question. Everyone knows that the light element has healing magic, and the water element has moisture magic. However, exactly which one is better?”

Hearing the teacher’s words, everyone’s curiosity was piqued when the teacher repeated the question. After leaving the students wondering in suspense, the female lecturer opened her mouth and said, “In the field of healing arts, the light element’s healing is better than the water element’s moisture due to its instantaneous effect. However, the light element’s healing arts are not omnipotent. Comparing this, the water element’s Moisture Technique holds a better advantage!”

While talking, the enchanting female lecturer lightly snapped her fingers, and a stream of water mist immediately appeared and surrounded her face. At the same time, the female lecturer said in a narcissistic tone: “At any point in time, you can use it to nourish your tender and delicate skin! The water magic will make sure your skin will always be glossy and soft; doesn’t everyone wish to have skin like that?”

“Ack!” Hearing the female lecturer’s words, Suo Jia’s mouth immediately dropped open with a flabbergasted expression. What kind of benefit was this? Could beautification ever be considered an advantage water magic held over light magic in terms of healing?


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