Chapter - 60: – Learning From Wen Ya
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Despite her exceptional longing for Suo Jia’s help, Emma was too ashamed to return to the White Villa during the following three days. After what had happened that day, she finally realized her appearance and position in everyone else’s eyes, and felt that her previous actions had been foolish.

On the fourth day, Emma was finally unable to endure any longer. Even though she felt that her deeds had been foolish and idiotic, she couldn’t keep hiding and refusing to meet others just because of this. No matter how embarrassed she was, she still had to leave her house at some point.

With a profound expression on her face, Emma once again returned to the White Villa and requested to meet with Lord Suo Jia. Faced with Emma’s request, Eldest Sister helplessly told her that Lord Suo Jia had already said he couldn’t possibly help her anymore. Since the heavens had given her an opportunity, and she had still let the heavens down, Suo Jia could not do something that opposed the heavens so much.

Faced with Suo Jia’s rejection, Emma did not shrink back. The next few days, she had exhausted various methods to try to receive help, however in the end, no changes in the result had occurred. Helplessly, Emma could only plead to meet Wen Ya. Perhaps, if Wen Ya was willing to help Emma ask Suo Jia, he would agree.

What Emma didn’t know was that in reality, the three vulgar men that day had been planned by Eldest Sister. They had been specifically acting like that in front of Emma. At the same time, they had drawn support from this joke to help the White Villa’s name increase by another level.

Without a doubt, Eldest Sister’s plans had succeeded. People were just like that, they would never see the bad things about themselves. However, once Emma was able to witness how ugly her own ideologies and ways appeared to others, the amount of emotions that stirred from within her was immeasurable. The next few days, although Emma wasn’t conscious of it, she had already changed a lot.

The reason Suo Jia had done it this way was because he also did not want any regrets. Suo Jia knew that, ultimately, he would end up helping Emma. Just as Emma had thought, as someone running a business, he could not squabble with money. The only thing was, while earning money, Suo Jia still acted based on his own goals and ideals.

Simply changing appearances was easy to do, however Suo Jia was not satisfied with just doing this. He did not want to personally alter beauty if the owner was destroying it with vulgar actions and mannerisms. At the same time Emma was getting her appearance altered, Suo Jia wished for Emma’s personality to also become more beautiful.

Although this was difficult to achieve, this was still Suo Jia’s hope. Moreover, it now seemed like he had already succeeded in doing so. Emma had already changed a lot. Even though she was still very far from Suo Jia’s objective, there was still a lot of time, and it could be reached gradually.

The other reason behind this arrangement was to use the very amusing joke to make everyone advertise the White Villa without spending any money. By now, everyone in Holy Light City, regardless of age or gender, knew of the joke. It had already become a symbol of wealth and privilege; average people could only buy a single dish in the White Villa after earning more than a year’s worth of wages.

Wen Ya felt that something was amiss when she received Emma’s request to meet. However, she soon realized that Emma had definitely done so to ask for Wen Ya to help speak for her. However the current problem was that Suo Jia had already told her everything ages ago. Under the current situation, was she supposed to actually help speak up for Emma? After all… this was a good thing to both Suo Jia and Emma.

Regardless of whether or not Wen Ya would help Emma, the two of them still had to meet. The relations between their families were extremely good. Even if Wen Ya did not actually help, she still had to find an appropriate excuse. Otherwise, it would ruin their relationship.

Soon, Emma’s ballooning face appeared in Wen Ya’s room. Seeing Wen Ya’s face that could rival a goddess’, and her figure that was as delicate as a willow’s, Emma was envious to death. Emma clearly knew Wen Ya’s original appearance had definitely been uglier and fatter than hers, but her current appearance couldn’t even be described with the word ‘beautiful’ alone!

“Sister Wen Ya, you have to help me; help me ask Lord Suo Jia for a favor to help me. That day was my fault for not holding onto the opportunity. I will never do such a thing again!” Emma sincerely pleaded.

“Ay…” Sighing, Wen Ya shook her head and said, “Foolish sister, I had already been so thorough about it that day. How were you still unable to understand that opportunity’s value? Now that you plead me to help you, how could I possible do so? Did you think that me pleading to Suo Jia would be of any use?”

Hearing Wen Ya’s words, Emma doubtfully replied, “You two share such a close relationship. Otherwise, why would he be willing to help you lose weight? I feel like as long as you speak for me, he will definitely agree.”

Hearing Emma’s words, Wen Ya finally realized what the problem was. Sternly looking at Emma, Wen Ya said seriously, “Emma, you shouldn’t think that I was able to gain his help so easily. Do you know what I had to pay as a price?””

Speaking up to this point, Wen Ya slowly said, “I gave him the White Villa, and even allowed him to borrow the Fourth Prince’s power, directly raising him to an eighth-ranked lord. I also gave up to him my favorite and most appreciated six maids. Are you able to see exactly how much value this alone has?”

“This…” Emma hesitated for a long time. The White Villa’s value was really difficult to measure. Not including its size, the construction and its decorations, and even its location, were priceless. There was no way it could be measured in gold.

Especially that eighth-ranked lord status; to have been raised by four ranks in an instant was something that only royalty had the power to do. Strictly speaking, one aristocratic status was priceless, let alone rising up four levels. If this kind of opportunity was offered to Emma’s father, he would most likely be willing to spend more than 100 million gold for it.

Seeing Emma’s shocked expression, Wen Ya continued, “Emma, you definitely cannot assume that just this alone was enough to get Suo Jia to help me. If it was so simple, then why wouldn’t I just help you plead with him?”

“Ah!” Hearing Wen Ya’s words, Emma asked in disbelief, “If even this wasn’t enough, then exactly what did you do to get him to agree to help you?”

With a serious expression, Wen Ya said heavily, “In reality, the reason he was willing to help me was because I coincidentally helped save his whole family. Otherwise, even if I had offered tons of money, he still might not have been willing to help me.”

Hearing Wen Ya’s words, Emma was completely dazed. The grace from saving lives, added on to all the wealth and privileges that had been exchanged for a single opportunity… it seemed that what everyone had said about the card was right. Simply wanting to purchase the golden card with money alone was a complete joke. Emma was currenting painfully hating herself to death for being so ignorant and naive. She hadn’t cherished such a rare opportunity, and had casually thrown it away. Heavens…

It was obvious that Wen Ya was lying. However, seeing the extremely disappointed Emma, Wen Ya still did not feel ashamed, because she knew that a white lie like this was necessary for Emma and Suo Jia to form a better relationship. There was no other meaning behind it. Moreover… not everything she had said was a lie; although Suo Jia’s power was miraculous, Suo Jia was not someone who would be willing to help others so easily. Wanting to gain help from others was fine, but to do so, it’s necessary to pay the appropriate price for it.

Perhaps Suo Jia was being too forceful, however he was also very straightforward. If you had done a favor for him, then he would definitely use any means to return the favor. Similarly, if you owed him something, then he would find a way to recollect it. Even then, he wouldn’t really ever give the opportunity for you to owe him anything.

However, Wen Ya was still unable to resist giving Emma some suggestions. If she wanted to ask another person for a favor, then she must be on the person’s good side. She had to be more observant of, more aware of, and more familiar with what the person enjoyed. If she was able to get the other person to like her, appreciate her, then there was no need for her to beg for the other person to be willing to help her.

Although Wen Ya had said it was a suggestion, she was actually using this to teach Emma and let her understand exactly how to interact with others. It was necessary for her to learn how to accommodate for others, and how to be considerate, as well as how to show tolerance. With her previous personality, no matter how beautiful her appearance was, it would be difficult for her to make genuine friends. The only people that would be willing to stay by her side were those that were seeking to gain benefits from her.

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