Chapter - 62: – The Uses of Money
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Suo Jia had never imagined that he would struggle for so long over a difficult problem, only to have it completely analyzed by a few sentences from the lecturer. Although training with the Meditation Technique didn’t have any shortcuts, some things could boost the effects of the meditation, such as the helmet that the lecturer had mentioned.

This wasn’t all. A high-level mage robe could resist elemental attacks, and most importantly, the material that the mage robes were tailored from had the ability to attract the elements. This allowed the surrounding magical elements to be gathered faster than the person would be able to do so without aid, which could then be used to convert the gathered elements into the user’s magical power.

As for the magic necklace, since it was worn on the neck, it could bridge the mind and the body, and thus restored magic power by allowing it to flow freely throughout the body. It used a different method to increase the circulation of magic power, which meant that it could increase the rate at which it was replenished, and thus improved the growth rate of magic power as well.

There was also the magic ring; its biggest use was that it could assist the spells that one casted. Spells that were originally difficult to cast, or even uncontrollable magic might work once the ring was worn. Especially with Suo Jia’s control over magic, with the additional assistance of the magic ring, his magic will most likely double. It was extremely useful, and would allow Suo Jia’s water control abilities to easily be doubled!

Other than these, there were also magic bracelets, magic earrings, magic pendants, magic gauntlets, magic gloves, etc. There were numerous types of magical equipment, more than twenty types in total, and all of them had immeasurable magical effects.

In order to improve his training speed, Suo Jia needed a high-rank magical helmet to improve his meditation results, and a magical necklace to adjust the magical power within his body, as well as improve the growth and recovery rate of his magical power.

On top of all of this, Suo Jia also needed a magic ring to improve his water control, as well as a high-rank magical robe to increase the speed at which he could gather elemental essences around him.

While walking home, Suo Jia pushed lightly with his right finger, and decided in the end that he needed all of these things. Currently, Suo Jia could only pray that these things wouldn’t be too expensive.

On the second day, the anxious Suo Jia did not attend school, and once again asked for an excused absence. Now that he had learned about the importance of magical equipments, he no longer wanted to delay any longer. He was worried that he would have no place to spend his money, and this was a perfect solution for him.

Under the guidance of Sixth Sister, Suo Jia arrived at Holy Light Empire’s Magic Equipment Shop. Here, there were many different magical items on sale, including magic books, scrolls, staffs and many other magical items. These items had mainly been discovered by adventurers and treasure hunters from around the world, and were then sold to this place.

As soon as he entered the store, Suo Jia was immediately attracted to the various arranged magical equipment within. As his instructor explained, the magical items here were all crazy and bizarre. There was everything from rings, earrings, hats, robes… whatever you could think of, as well as what you couldn’t think of, it was all here.

Seeing Suo Jia enter, the storekeeper simply gave him a glance and did not pay attention to him any longer. From his perspective, it was simply a seven or eight year old child with a maid; they probably could not afford to buy much anyway.

While Suo Jia was looking around the store, within the Ellison mansion, an ordinarily dressed youth was standing respectfully in front of Emma. He whispered, “Mistress, Lord Suo Jia left early this morning for the Magical Equipment Shop, he is currently inside looking around. It seems like he has a great interest towards magical goods, if I am not mistaken, most likely he will end up buying quite a few items.”

“En?” Hearing the youth’s words, Emma frowned, she carefully recalled that although Suo Jia was a mage, he was not covered in magical equipment. She used to think that it was because he was special and did not require such items, but it seemed like that was not the case.

After thinking for a while, she realized that since ancient times, there weren’t any mages that felt completely indifferent towards magical items. To bribe a mage, there weren’t many things that were better than magical goods!

Smack! Fiercely slapping her fat thighs, Emma could not help but curse at her own stupidity. How could she forget such a simple thing? A magician, in any case, would most likely not refuse magical equipment, especially those that were fascinating and dream-like they would even more so crazily seek and snatch away.

Standing up in excitement, Emma shouted, “Immediately fetch my butler, I have something I need to tell him!”

Since it was a summon from Emma, the subject naturally appeared in front of Emma immediately. He looked to be senile, but he was actually an extremely lively and hearty old fellow. Emma urgently said, “Butler, in our household’s treasury, do we have any good magic items? Or perhaps magic equipment?”

“This….” Hesitantly looking at Emma, the butler thought back a bit, and then firmly replied, “You should know of Master’s mannerisms. He personally cannot use magic, so he doesn’t gather these types of magic items.”

Hearing the butler’s words, Emma sat back down in disappointment. At this moment, the butler continued, “However, despite this, Master did in fact collect a magic item.”

Doubtfully looking at the butler, Emma asked, “If Father doesn’t gather magic items, then why did he collect that one item? Can it be….”

With a smile, the butler nodded, and rubbed his white beard, “That’s right, Mistress. He doesn’t like magic items, and yet he still collected one. This is only because it is an epic-level magic equipment —- Atlantis’ Wisdom.”

“Atlantis!” Hearing this name, Emma involuntarily cried out in astonishment.

Quietly nodding, the old butler seriously replied, “That’s right, Mistress. This Atlantis’ Wisdom is exactly one of the equipments from the series of equipment that Atlantis had used!”

“Heavens….” Emma faintly sat back down. She knew of this Atlantis’ Wisdom; it was actually the Atlantis Emperor’s helmet. It wasn’t only an epic-level magic item, it also symbolized the limits of wisdom. Not mentioning other things, just its historical value alone couldn’t be described in words, and its price was already completely immeasurable!

Atlantis was an empire that existed only in epics. It was said that….Atlantis’ people all had boundless wisdom, and utilized powerful magic. They had even been able to build an underwater city. In regards to this piece of Atlantis equipment set, it was exactly the equipment used back then by the Atlantis Emperor. And among this set, the most important part was exactly the Atlantis’ Wisdom, since it was the Atlantis Emperor’s helmet!

In regards to this crown, Emma did not actually desire it. She wasn’t a mage, so obtaining it would be of no use to her. The reason she was wild with joy was because she knew that if she gifted Suo Jia with this crown, he would definitely not be able to reject her!

However, Wen Ya had already given away a house, nobility, and even saved his family’s lives to exchange for Suo Jia’s help. Although she had Atlantis’ Wisdom, which was equivalent to saving a life, she was still missing two other gifts, that couldn’t just be randomly chosen.

Emma didn’t have the power to help Suo Jia rise to the fourth rank. As for a large house, he already had one. In addition….since she now already knew Suo Jia’s preferences, things naturally wouldn’t go as he had planned.

While thinking this, Emma turned around to tell the butler, “How many days until the next auction? I remember….that it should be during the next few days right?”

Respectfully nodding his head, the butler replied, “That’s right, Mistress. Your memory is quite excellent. Actually, the auction event will be held tomorrow night.”

“Excellent!” Standing in excitement, Emma’s eyes shone as she said, “In that case, tomorrow evening, I will just gather two more treasures. Now it only depends on Lord Suo Jia’s luck; with Atlantis’ Wisdom, whether or not the other two items are compatible with it or not isn’t that important.”

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