Chapter - 63: The Dispute Over The Robe
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“Hey, Boss…how much does this magic robe cost?” Suo Jia yelled at the boss while stroking a sapphire blue robe.

Hearing Suo Jia’s voice, the boss indifferently turned his head. Just as he was about to reply, his expression suddenly changed, and he jumped up as if his butt had been lit on fire. In a loud voice, he shouted, “Stop, you brat, how can you be so ignorant? If you aren’t going to buy it, then don’t randomly touch it. If you got it dirty, would you be able to compensate for it?”

While speaking, the boss took large strides, and leapt up to Suo Jia, and slapped Suo Jia’s small hands. Tightly furrowing his brows, he closely inspected the light magic robe over and over for nonexistent dirt.

After a long time, the boss straightened his back, and impatiently glanced as Suo Jia, rudely saying, “Young boy, this isn’t somewhere you should be. If you want to play around, go play on the streets.”

Seeing the boss’s actions, Suo Jia almost erupted in anger. However, the robe belonged to the boss; if he didn’t want anyone to touch it, then Suo Jia had no choice.

Although Suo Jia didn’t say anything, the eccentric Sixth Sister couldn’t hold back. Knitting her brows, Sixth Sister angrily shouted, “How can you speak in such a tone? How can you possibly run a business like this? We’ve entered as customers; does anyone really treat their customers in this manner?”

As she continued to scold him, Sixth Sister pointed at the magic robe and said, “Isn’t it just some stupid piece of clothing? So what if it got ruined? Do you think we can’t afford it? I tell you, you shouldn’t act so snobbish!”

Since Sixth Sister was used to meeting nobles and other high class individuals, her temperament was usually good, however, she saw that the Suo Jia next to her was thoroughly enjoying his time here. It could be said that with Suo Jia’s current identity and status, he was absolutely fearless, and there weren’t many people who were willing to cause trouble for him. How could she allow Suo Jia to be looked down upon by a simple shop owner?

“Hmph!” Just as the Sixth Sister stopped speaking, the boss replied with a rigid face, “If you want to buy it, then buy it. If you don’t want to buy it, then don’t touch it so carelessly. I don’t know if you can actually afford this magic robe or not, but I will still stick to my words. If you don’t want to buy it, don’t touch it. If you touch it, then you’d better purchase it!”

Coldly looking at the store’s boss, Sixth Sister sharply replied, “You are really amusing. If we didn’t want to buy it, then why would we ask you about the price? You not only failed to answer our question, you even randomly started spouting nonsense. Even if you’re bored, don’t just fool around with us for your own amusement!”

“Fine fine fine…” Unable to nag any further with Sixth Sister, the store boss helplessly said, “Is it ok if I say I’m scared of you then? If you want to buy it, then I’ll just tell you. The price for this magic robe is 280,000 gold!”

“What!” Hearing the store boss’s words, Suo Jia cried out in shock. In disbelief, he said, “What kind of materials is this made of? How could it be so expensive? Even if it was made of pure gold, its value wouldn’t be so high!”

“Chi…” With a sneer, the store boss curled his lip and replied, “Just by hearing your words, I can tell that you are a village bumpkin. Did you think that mage robes were made of cloth? I’ll have you know that the materials for this mage robe, although they aren’t gold, have values that are many times higher than that of gold. Otherwise, how would it have magic effects?”

Hearing the boss’s words, Suo Jia could not help but break out into sweat. Originally, he had thought that he had quite a bit of money. However, he hadn’t imagined that casually entering a shop and asking about the price of a mage robe would end up being worth far more than all his assets.

Seeing Suo Jia blush with shame, the store boss smugly replied, “Now do you understand why I didn’t allow you to touch it? If you soiled such an expensive thing, then who would be willing to buy it? Let me tell you that the fact that I haven’t punished you for doing this is already quite merciful of me.”

As the store boss loudly replied, although Suo Jia felt extremely stuffy from his words, he still didn’t interrupt him. If he currently pulled out that much money for the sake of changing his tone, then he would definitely buy it. However, he currently was only carrying 200,000 gold; it was nowhere near enough!

Seeing Suo Jia’s miserable expression, Sixth Sister panicked. This was the first time she had gone out with the young master, and yet she had somehow managed to force him to endure this anger. She had been way too incompetent in her job. No matter what, she had to find face for him.

While thinking this, Sixth Sister indignantly replied, “This is definitely extortion. How could there possibly be something so expensive? In my opinion…this mage robe is very normal, and at most could only be worth 10,000 to 20,000 gold. There’s no way the price can be as shocking as you claim it to be.

Extortion? Hearing Sixth Sister’s words, the boss also became angry. Trembling, he pointed at that sapphire blue mage robe and said, “To think you would accuse me of extortion! Go out and inquire if this magic robe made from mermaids is really worth 280,0000. If anyone dares to say it isn’t, then I will give my whole store to you!”

“Inquire? Who would we go ask? It seems obvious to me that you know there is nobody knowledgeable around to ask, so you spout a random excuse. You must be purposely trying to anger us!” Sixth Sister smiled fakely at the boss. Seeing this scene, Suo Jia was almost laughing out loud from the atmosphere. He knew that Sixth Sister was purposely baiting the boss into giving him some face.

However, he hadn’t imagined that the boss would bring up the day he first opened the business, and what types of people he had never met. Soon, he had seen through Sixth Sister’s intentions, disdainfully curling his lips, the boss replied, “Stop saying such useless words. If you have the money to buy it, then I will naturally welcome you. But if you don’t have enough money, then don’t laze around here. I don’t have the time to pointlessly blather with you.”

Hearing the boss’ words, Sixth Sister grew angry beyond words. Having reached his limit, seeing that Sixth Sister was completely riled up and yet could not retort, the boss was prepared to strike a deadly blow, hoping for an ultimate victory. The boss shook his head, “However, I still look down on you guys. This was originally not someplace that poor people could just wantonly enter. Not mentioning 280,000, how about this….as long as you take out even 180,000, then I will sell this mage robe to you. If you can’t bring the money out, then I want you to immediately leave my store, and save me from wasting any more breath with you annoying guys.”

Hearing the boss’s words, Suo Jia slowly lifted his head, and with a sweet smile, he grabbed the sapphire blue mage robe, and opened his mouth to say indifferently, “You’ve been had.” After finishing his words, Suo Jia turned to leave.

“Hey!” Seeing Suo Jia actually leave while holding the robe, the boss began to worry, thinking that Suo Jia had stolen it. In a panicked tone, the boss shouted, “Don’t be reckless, theft in Holy Light is a crime that you can be hanged for!”

Seeing the young master’s actions, Sixth Sister immediately realized his intention. Stretching out her arm, Sixth Sister blocked the boss from advancing, “Boss, my young master has bought this robe. You were the one who said that you would sell it for 180,000, so we won’t bother thanking you.” While saying this, Sixth Sister pulled out two crystal cards that were each worth 100,000 gold, and handed them to the boss.

“What! This…” In confusion, the boss took the two crystal cards, and was at a loss on what he should do. He had purchased that mage robe for 250,000 gold. Based on the selling price of 180,000, he not only didn’t earn money, he even had incurred a loss of 70,000!

Outside the door, Suo Jia stopped walking, and smiled back, “Sixth Sister, don’t bother waiting for him to find change. Such a small amount can be given away as lunch money.” After saying these words that were enough to make the boss blow up from anger, Suo Jia skipped out of the store.

After looking back and forth between the two crystal cards in his hands, and the retreating figures of Suo Jia and Sixth Sister for a while, the boss suddenly tilted his head and angrily slapped his own mouth. “I let them trick me! I let them trick me…..”

Humanity is not actually a race that is agreeable with nature. Take fire for example, a person cannot resist fire as well as a lizard can. In terms of water, humans aren’t as compatible and intimate with water as fish are. As for earth, humans aren’t as comfortable with it as anteaters are…..

As for that mage robe, it was made from a material that accumulated various elements and condensed them together within a certain type of magical beast leather. This type of leather could attract elements far more powerfully than a human would be able to. The higher level the mage robe, the more elements it could draw in and gather them. This also made it more expensive.

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