Chapter - 64: – The Auction
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Under the help of the magic robe, Suo Jia discovered that although not much had changed in terms of his spirit power, he discovered that he could clearly feel that his magic power had increased by 10% even though in reality it wasn’t that big of a difference.

The problem now is that although the elemental density around Suo Jia was definitely no longer a problem, his power to absorb these elements was too lacking. If he had a magical necklace to help adjust his magical power as well as a magical helmet to improve the effects of meditation, then his improvement would be even clearer.

Currently, Suo Jia did not need magical items like rings or bracelets. Within this short period of time, he did not need to fight. What he needed most were the items that could improve his training speed, since this was the foundation to everything.

The night passed without any incidents, and Suo Jia left the next morning to attend school. Due to having excellent results while cultivating, Suo Jia left a bit late. Only when class was about to start did he leave the White Villa.

While walking towards school, Suo Jia could not help but jump with joy. With the help of the robe, his training speed could finally be considered to have made a breakthrough. Only… he didn’t know how long it would take before he could collect the other pieces.

While contemplating, a group of youths wearing embroidered garments passed by. At the same time, what they said next stood out to Suo Jia, “Hey! I heard that the Holy Light Auction House will auction off a few legendary-class magical items. Is that true or false?”

“Xi!” Hearing this, Suo Jia could not help but stop walking. Legendary-ranked items! This was way too extraordinary; it should be pointed out that the robe that Suo Jia currently could afford was only a High-ranked robe. Compared to Legendary-ranked items, there were still four or five grades in between.

Magical items were split into grades too. From low to high, the ranks were Low-ranked magical items, Middle-ranked magical items, High-ranked magical items, Practical-ranked magical items, Power-ranked magical items, Precious-ranked magical items, Excellent-ranked magical items, Ideal-ranked magical items, Legendary-ranked magical items, and Epic-ranked magical items; a total of ten grades.

The only rank surpassing the Legendary-ranked magical items were Epic-ranked magical items. Anything above these were divine artifacts titled the Laws of God. These things only existed in legends, as they did not actually exist. In other words, a complete Epic-ranked magical equipment set was precisely a divine artifact. Although this knowledge existed, there weren’t many supporters of this.

While pondering this, Suo Jia blended in with the group of youths. Last night, Suo Jia had already reaped the benefits of the High-ranked magical equipment’s effects. As for legendary-ranked magical items, between that and High-ranked magical items, there were still the Practical-rank, Power-rank, Precious-rank, Excellent-rank, and Ideal-rank. He could only begin to imagine this five rank difference; how much better would the effects be if he wore one of those?

Nodding his head in praise, Suo Jia knew that the Legendary-ranked mage robe increased his limits by a certain amount. These effects far surpassed his previous robe, which had increased his limits by 10%. Unfortunately, the Legendary-ranked magical items had values that were beyond imaginable!

Suo Jia helplessly shook his head. Although he knew that he couldn’t afford them, he still wanted to glance through them. Even if he couldn’t actually use them, being able to personally witness a Legendary magical item was still good.

While thinking this, Suo Jia’s movements stopped. After some hesitation, he turned around to walk back home. He first asked Eldest Sister to help excuse him from a day of school, and then he sat on a carriage to rush towards Duke Wen Sha’s mansion. Currently…the only person who could help him enter the auction venue was Wen Ya.

An hour later, as Suo Jia’s carriage entered Duke Wen Sha’s mansion, the youth in magnificent clothes that Suo Jia had met this morning coincidentally just entered Emma’s room. Having closely inspected all of Suo Jia’s actions, he reported them back to Emma. It was obvious that this fellow had been dispatched by Emma.

“Hehe….” Laughing in glee, Emma knew that Suo Jia had already taken the bait. After so many years, Emma had learned quite a few skills from her father. If one wants to gift someone with something, then the receiver must know the gift’s high value. Otherwise, how would the receiver be touched?

Hearing of Suo Jia’s intentions, Wen Ya happily agreed. Such a minor thing was actually something that Suo Jia himself could do; his eighth ranked lord status was enough to carry out many tasks. However, Suo Jia attached too much importance to depending on his own heart.

Skipping over the minor details, that evening at 8pm, Suo Jia held the entry notice and directly entered the auction VIP room. The so-called VIP room was really just a box that anyone with distinguished enough status could enter. As for other people, no matter how much money they had, they had to stand in the large hall underneath.

Suo Jia’s box was Box #1 together with Wen Ya. Aside from Wen Ya and Duke Wen Sha, the average person had no rights to enter Box #1. Even Emma and her father couldn’t do so.

Although Emma’s father held a position of great power and wealth, in reality, his power within Holy Light City’s hierarchy was not high at all. Emma’s box number wasn’t even within the first 10 boxes: Box #18.

Sitting within her box, Emma was stuffing herself with large, red grapes. While she was enjoying her food, a low sound came from outside her door, “Miss Emma, Lord Suo Jia has already arrived. He’s currently in Box #1 with Miss Wen Ya.”

“Oh!” Hearing the news, Emma’s eyes lit up, and she began to shovel down the grapes at a faster speed.

In terms of power, titles, and status, perhaps Emma’s family was not within the top 10. However in terms of money, if her family said they were second; even Duke Wen Sha could not dare be called first!

Although the amount of money Duke Wen Sha had could not be considered little, it really couldn’t be compared to Emma’s household. 80% of Duke Wen Sha’s property belonged to the Holy Light City, so the amount of money actually in Duke Wen Sha’s hands was not much. While Emma’s household did not own as much property as the Duke, she had mountains of gold within her warehouse!

Strictly speaking in terms of money, Emma’s household has never lost in any comparison. Even though they were extremely rich, it’s not a good idea to play tricks on them, as they generally only bought items at good prices. If someone randomly raised the price beyond the normal price of that item, then Emma’s household would not pay attention to that idiot.

After some time flowed, the auction finally began to start. Initially the auction revealed some other treasures, such as real estate and other goods, and there was not much that aroused Suo Jia’s interest. However, although those items did not arouse Suo Jia’s interest, he was still greatly shocked at the prices of those items!

Generally speaking, for a piece of Holy Light real estate, as long as the location was good, a single ping of land could sell for 10,000 gold! Suo Jia was convinced that the amount of gold the land was worth could completely cover the surface area of the land.

In a daze, Suo Jia watched as each of the auction goods were sold one by one. With difficulty, he turned around and looked at Wen Ya. Before, he knew that the White Villa was worth a high value, however, only now could he clearly determine its exact price.

The White Villa’s location was Holy Light’s most flourishing area. Compared to the properties sold today, its location was far better. Not mentioning the real estate and the gardens included with the White Villa, simply selling the White Villa alone would already be worth an astronomical price.

The White Villa’s area of land was ten thousand pings. If one ping was worth 10,000 gold, then according to the most basic calculations, 10,000 ping was worth a hundred million gold. All of Holy Light City counted as Duke Wen Sha’s property, and thus represented Wen Ya, so she hadn’t spent any money on this property. However, despite this, this area of land’s value was only so high; its value would never change for any reason.

Suo Jia knew that if he demolished the White Villa and re-constructed a supermarket there, the profits he’d gain would be immeasurable. Having such a good location and such a large area of land, was something most people couldn’t gain even if they begged their families. However, Suo Jia could use it as his residence; it was really too extravagant. Aside from Suo Jia, the only person who could afford to be as luxurious would only be Holy Light City’s Lord, Duke Wen Sha.

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