Chapter - 70: – Perpetual State
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Gently lifting up the Atlantis’ Wisdom, Suo Jia felt a surge of excitement from within his heart. Traditionally, magical helms were known to improve the effects of meditation. In addition… when a mage casted a spell, it could help him/her concentrate and reduce the chances of failure.

Taking a deep breath, Suo Jia carefully lifted up the Atlantis’ Wisdom and placed it upon his head. Immediately… a feeling that was as refreshing as a clear stream flowed from the crown into Suo Jia’s head.

For a brief period of time, Suo Jia felt a flash before his eyes, and he felt that not only did his brain contain an astonishing amount of clarity, his spirit was also unprecedentedly concentrated. Looking around at his surroundings, the plants and trees around him all seemed to come to life. What surprised Suo Jia the most was that although he was delightfully admiring this treasure, his mind had already entered a meditative state.

Curiously observing it for an entire night, Suo Jia finally understood a bit about the frightening mysteries of this Atlantis’ Wisdom. Simply by wearing this Atlantis’ Wisdom, one would immediately enter the meditative state! This effect was simply too extraordinary!

As everyone knew, in order to enter the state of meditation, one had to enter a state of nothingness. However, even if one entered the state where one had forgotten one’s self, it’s not like one’s self would just magically disappear. It was merely forgotten by the person for the time being.

The miraculous aspect of the Atlantis’ Wisdom was its ability to drag that self out. At the same time that “self” was thinking and moving, the body, the spirit and the magic power were able to maintain the state of meditation!

In the world of magic, there’s one particular magic revered as the perpetual type magic. The so-called perpetual does not mean that one could go on forever without exhausting one’s magic power, it just means that one would be able to go on for a really long time. But once Suo Jia wore the Atlantis’ Wisdom, he would truly enter the state of perpetual meditation. This meditative state would go on for eternity, unless Suo Jia took off the crown.

Suo Jia was dumbfoundedly standing at the same spot. He really couldn’t understand how this Atlantis’ Wisdom could separate his conscious mind and subconscious mind. Even though his subconscious mind had already entered the state of meditation, Suo Jia was still able to keep his consciousness. It didn’t affect his speech or movements at all, that was simply too amazing!

It really was worthy to be deemed the crown of Atlantis. Suo Jia was stroking the crown above his head in admiration and unable to stop sighing in praise. This crown meant that Suo Jia would be able to maintain the state of meditation for 24 hours a day for eternity. Suo Jia’s spiritual and magical powers would continue to increase in accordance with the rate of the meditation.

The effects of meditation depended on the state of meditation. With Suo Jia’s current condition, his spiritual and magic powers increased twice as fast in the meditative state compared to his non-meditative state. In other words, Suo Jia’s current growth rate after he wore the Atlantis’ Wisdom was doubled!

In reality, if he took this to the auction, the distinguished feature of the Atlantis’ Wisdom would be perpetual-type state magic – meditation, perpetual-type spiritual magic – concentration. At the same time, as the symbol of wisdom, the Atlantis’ Wisdom could stimulate the spiritual power and caused the growth rate of the spiritual power to increase by 100%.

One Legendary-ranked necklace plus one Epic-ranked crown increased Suo Jia’s growth by 4 times compared to before. Even though he had worn these two pieces of magical equipment, Suo Jia’s strength at the moment didn’t show too much of a change. But from the perspective of the future growth and development, these two equipment were simply priceless.

Suo Jia inspected the Vulcan’s Roar in front of him. Even though this staff could increase his magic power by 100%,that was all it could do. It was worthless when compared to Faerie’s Soul and Atlantis’ Wisdom.

Of course, this only applied to Suo Jia. For those older people who were already very powerful, the Faerie’s Soul and Atlantis’ Wisdom were not as important. On the contrary, for those older and stronger people, the Vulcan’s Roar was more important since it could increase their magic power by 100%. Only this would be deemed as priceless!

Actually, this wasn’t true only for older people, it was true for more powerful people as well. In reality, to the majority of the people, this Vulcan’s Roar was more attractive than Faerie’s Soul and even the Atlantis’ Wisdom. It was because of this that the staff had been sold at a price of 120 million, even higher than the starting price of the high grade Legendary-ranked magical item Faerie’s Soul. It could be said that if the number of wealthy people had not been so few that day, then it wouldn’t have been strange if the Vulcan’s Roar could have been sold for the exact same value of 200 million that the Faerie’s Soul had been sold for.

Although Suo Jia couldn’t use it, and at the moment he didn’t desire to use it either, this Vulcan’s Roar’s value was precious to the extent that it was barely second to the high grade Legendary ranked magical equipment. It far outclassed most of the middle and lower grade Legendary-ranked magical items in terms of value.

Maybe some people do not understand this reasoning. Actually, the reason was very simple; the rarer it is, the greater its value was as well. Amongst the four elements, the number of fire mages was the highest, and their powers were also the most formidable. For these reasons, the prices of fire type magical items were particularly high. Even if the performances couldn’t be compared to the Faerie’s Soul, the objects could still fetch high prices.

In reality, to Suo Jia, both the Faerie’s Soul and the Atlantis’ Wisdom could be comparable to complete Divine artifacts. Although they didn’t provide Suo Jia with an explosive boost in strength, with time, it could potentially be equivalent to fusing multiple Vulcan’s Roars with his body. Raising his base strength was the most important. This was also the reason why the lecturer had warned Suo Jia that magical equipment could not be depended on.

After all, magical equipment were all inanimate objects. Their original powers did not really represent themselves. Although it was impossible to see their true strengths, as soon as Suo Jia grew older and trained for a bit longer, these two magical equipment would show the enormous impacts their benefits would make, as it would not simply stop raising his magic strength by 100%. Their effects would be beyond anyone’s calculations.

After his happiness passed, Suo Jia was at a loss. With the characteristics of the Atlantis’ Wisdom, Suo Jia already no longer needed to meditate. Not wasting a single minute, he stayed in his meditation status. Since this was so, what was he supposed to do during his spare time?

After pondering this for a long time, finally….Suo Jia’s eyes lit up. He pulled out the little pet deeply sleeping in his pocket. First, Suo Jia used a Moisture Technique to wake it up. Then, after giving a command, the little fellow helplessly flew up into the air.

Faced with the bat-sized pet flying in the air, Suo Jia broke out in laughter. He lifted his hand and activated an Ice Sphere. Before it could protect itself, the little pet that had just woken up was suddenly hit by the Ice Sphere, and was directly thrown backwards dozens of meters away, before it collided into a pillar.

This collision wasn’t very strong, but the little pet’s body was still tender, and after piteously crying for a long time, it still couldn’t crawl back up. It looked pitifully at Suo Jia, hoping for its owner to feel sorry for it.

Of course Suo Jia could not refuse its requests for help. After casting a few Moisture Techniques in succession, the little pet was healed in an instant. The next moment….just as the little pet was prepared to lazily lie on the floor, Suo Jia activated the Swamp Technique. Suddenly….the little pet’s small body was stuck fast in the swampy mud, and despite its struggles, it couldn’t get back into the air.

Despite seeing the little guy’s panicked actions, Suo Jia still refused to let him go. One bullet of ice that was emitting cold air, gradually formed on top of Suo Jia’s right hand. Seeing this scene, the little pet sharply cried out in fear. While looking at the Ice Sphere forming on Suo Jia’s palm, it flapped its wings with all its might, attempting to break away from the bindings of the swamp, and fly away.

Unfortunately, with Suo Jia’s new magic activation sequence, the Ice Sphere Technique did not take any time at all to activate. The little pet had barely enough time to cry out before it was once again sent flying backwards by the Ice Sphere. Although it had successfully dodged the swampy mud, the little pet suffered from serious injuries once again.

As if purposely meant to abuse the little pet, the little Frost Wyrm was once again hit by an Ice Sphere and sent flying into the pillar. Suo Jia activated the Moisture Technique again to heal its body in an instant. This time, the little Frost Wyrm had learned its lesson, and as soon as it was healed, it tried to fly up into the air. However, despite this, his movements were still a bit too slow, and his chubby legs were caught by the swampy mud, and he did not successfully reach the air.

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