Chapter - 72: – Wild Rose Merchant Group
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Although Holy Light City was a commercial metropolis as well as a financial district, Glory City was an entire zone in its own right within the Holy Light Empire, while Holy Light City was only one corner of the Empire. In terms of commercial locations, Holy Light City could not compare to Glory City.

Around a hundred thousand people entered and exited Glory City on a daily basis, which was much higher than the barely ten thousand people travelling in and out of Holy Light City. This was the largest difference between the two metropolises.

Although Glory City was not as luxurious or magnificent as Holy Light City, because of its unique location, all of the Empire’s merchants had to cross through Glory City unless they were only doing business near Holy Light City. Thus, the merchants gradually made Glory City the hub of all trading.

Regardless of whether the southern merchants were heading north, or the northern merchants were heading south, or if they were going west to east, or east to west, they all needed to cross through Glory City, the de facto center of the Holy Light Empire. This unique location was exactly why Glory City had become Holy Light Empire’s busiest and liveliest merchandise distribution center.

The reason why the fire wind warriors had arrived here was mainly because there were a lot of people.The number of people that went in and out the city reached a few million. The fire wind warriors would attain the best cover in this ever changing, large city. As long as they didn’t do anything too shocking, no one would be able to recognize them.

The second reason why they chose this place as their destination was because this was the largest business city in the whole country. With the fire wind warriors’ arrival, they could build a trading company. This would firstly give the fire wind warriors something to do, then secondly, this would allow them to nurture their abilities to be able to survive on their own. Thirdly, it allowed them to successfully carry out tasks, and lastly, they could also earn some money. Money was something that one could never have too much of.

As soon as they arrived at Glory City, the fire wind warriors immediately sent a message detailing their situation to Suo Jia. A few days later, they received a letter in response. Within this letter, Suo Jia had ordered all the fire wind warriors to join the Wild Rose Merchant Group.

The Wild Rose Merchant Group was a newly formed fifth rank merchant group, with the leader being Suo Jia. However, this fact was only known by the fire wind warriors. To everyone else trying to peer in from the outside, the merchant group’s leader was a mysterious figure whose name could not be found anywhere.

The reason why he had formed this merchant group was because Suo Jia had his own personal plans. There would eventually come a day where he would travel on the Greater Trade Routes. If that was so, then he needed to be more familiar with anything related to escape routes, risk taking, and bandits. Otherwise, how could he alone search for his father in the Greater Trade Routes that stretched continuously for thousands of miles?

Although fame and reputation seemed shallow, these things were actually quite useful. Suo Jia knew that if he wanted to find his father, he would have to build a reputation for himself on the Greater Trade Routes first. However, building a name for himself alone would be too difficult. Among the Greater Trade Routes, only groups were able to leave behind their names!

The Wild Rose Merchant Group’s flag was a blazing red, and drawn on it was a sparkling, gold wild rose. It was both exquisite and elegant. The symbol was something that Suo Jia had personally drawn to secretly represent the fire wind warriors. If any observant people examined the golden wild rose closely, they would discover that it was actually formed from the shapes of golden flames!

The Wild Rose Merchant Group’s task was to deliver a set of goods from Glory City back to Holy Light City every week. The merchandise being delivered were all excellent and exotic fine wines from various places within the Holy Light Empire. If these goods were not delivered every Sunday, then the girls would not be able to receive their moisturizing that week. After all…the water mage students only had time to come out on Sundays.

The distance between Glory City and Holy Light City was a distance of over 2000 kilometers. Unless they managed to advance at least 300 kilometers per day, the fire wind warriors would not be able to reach their time limit. Thus, if they wanted to punctually arrive at their destination, then they needed to carry the goods personally, and run at high speeds. There was no means of transportation that could advance them 300 kilometers every day.

Faced with Suo Jia’s request, all the fire wind warriors understood that from the letter, Suo Jia’s objective was not to earn money, but to foster their powers. While they delivered the goods, their strength would be quickly improved.

Just thinking about it; carrying heavy goods, and painstakingly travelling for more than 300 kilometers every day was a great trial. This was true no matter what was being considered, whether it was to the body, wind fire qi, endurance, or mental determination. If they could withstand it, there was no way their strength wouldn’t improve!

Three weeks had passed without receiving a moisturizing treatment. All the girls’ skins had formed red patches again. Because they did not dare to wait any longer, all of the fire wind warriors quickly changed into the heavy leather armors that Suo Jia had provided for them. Afterwards, they quickly purchased the set of goods, and hurried to Holy Light City at full speed.

A week later, 36 sorry figures that swayed about while they lugged the heavy bags of goods on their backs appeared in front of the White Villa. Each one of them was completely worn out, with their bodies covered in filth and grime. But when they gazed upon the familiar, graceful White Villa, their eyes lit up in anticipation. Since they had managed to arrive at the White Villa before dawn on Sunday, they would finally be able to enjoy the moisturizing treatment.

On the surface, this group of people seemed like a group of old geezers, They wore square hats on their heads, and curtains made of silk hung down from the square hats to block off the dust. Along with the thick leather armors covering their bodies, they couldn’t look any more like old geezers. No one would have imagined that they were the extremely well-known fire wind warriors!

With a ring of the doorbell, the White Villa’s grand doors slowly opened. The group of people quickly rushed inside, each of them carrying a bag of heavy goods. Following the maids, the group of people quickly entered the underwater training ground.

Hearing the jumbled sounds of footsteps inside the training area, Suo Jia stopped his actions. Across from him was the small Frost Wyrm, which had finally gotten the chance to catch its breath. It hid behind the nearby stone pillar out of fear, with only its head peeking out as it cautiously watched Suo Jia, afraid that he would once again shoot out an Ice Sphere to crush it.

After a short wait, the large doors opened, and the group of fire wind warriors entered in an impressive line. Seeing the girls completely covered in filth, Suo Jia felt slightly guilt-ridden. Was treating them this way a bit too merciless?  However, if he wasn’t strict with them now, then in the future, the fire wind warriors would be fated to tragically die on the Greater Trade Routes. This was not the time to be spoiling them.

While thinking this, Suo Jia gestured at all of the girls to drop their goods. He then sat down on a stool and began to organize his thoughts, before saying in a low voice, “Firstly, I must congratulate everyone for successfully gaining your freedom.”

All the girls’ eyes lit up in joy at Suo Jia’s words. They often felt that their freedom was only a figment of their imagination. Since they had faked their deaths to escape, all the girls could clearly feel that the great hand that was previously holding their fates had already disappeared. The joy of freedom was something that people who had never lost their freedom before could not imagine.

Seeing the girls’ smiles brimming with happiness, Suo Jia continued, “I know that everyone definitely has their opinions about my arrangements. Perhaps you think that my plans are too tormenting. However, I hope that everyone understands that my actions are only like this because I want you girls to quickly improve. They aren’t because I want to morbidly torment you.”

Right after Suo Jia’s words, a fire wind warrior smiled, “Rest assured, we aren’t that naive. We are all adults around the age of 20; we understand Lord Suo Jia’s painstaking efforts.”

“Hehe……” Laughing with gratitude, Suo Jia continued, “It’s great that you understand. Also… I need to clarify a point; I did not think of you girls as slave labor. Your work is all for your own sakes. The money that you obtain from each delivery will be for your own personal use. Every time you arrive, I will pay you according to the goods you deliver.”

“Pa! Pa!…..” As they spoke, Suo Jia heavily clapped. With the clear sound of claps, Eldest Sister walked in with a smiling face. Behind her were two maids, each holding a tray with both hands.

Smiling at all of the fire wind girls, Suo Jia calmly said, “This time, you guys delivered 36 bags of special products. According to the Commerce Union’s conventions, I should pay each of you 10 gold coins, for each bag of goods. However…. I’m going to pay you ten times more.”

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