Chapter - 74: – The Ice and Snow Pact
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With the appearance of this new specialty, the prestige and status of the White Villa once again rose to a higher degree. Although the White Villa’s prices were exorbitantly expensive, to be able to eat such specialties in Holy Light was worth it, regardless of how high the prices went. These delicacies in particular were not available in any of the other shops in the city. No matter how they were compared, no one would dare utter the word expensive.

On the evening of that same day, Suo Jia hurried to the Emma’s household and successfully helped her with the Weight Loss Technique. As the night passed, the Shar Pei lady ceased to exist. Instead, a cute, blushing pink Emma was brought into this world.

She didn’t possess Wen Ya’s heart-stopping beauty, however Emma’s current cuteness made all those around her feel the urge to embrace and cuddle her. Even her previously overbearing temper now simply appeared to be a cute tantrum, as no one would blame such a cute girl.

Looking at her completely new appearance, Emma’s reaction was even worse than Wen Ya’s had been, and she cried until her whole face was wet with tears. “This is too perfect, even when I cry I am so beautiful; so cute, this is simply too amazing!”

Slowly turning around, Emma spoke to Suo Jia with tears still in her eyes, “Thank you, thank you so much. Being able to receive so much, no matter how much I pay it’s still not enough. No matter what, Emma still wants to thank you one more time. From now on, you are Emma’s closest friend, and Emma will forever treat you well.”

“This…” Suo Jia suddenly began to burst with sweat and started scratching his head. If this was the Emma from before who had spoken these words, he would have immediately felt nauseated and started vomiting. Looking at the extremely cute Emma now, however, he could not muster up a single ounce of disgust.

Emma’s stature was not tall, similar to her father. They both had small skeletal frames, and once she slimmed down, she immediately transformed from a Shar Pei lady into a loli. Although in reality, Emma already neared twenty years of age, from a height perspective, no matter how one looked, she appeared to be an innocent and cute thirteen year-old girl.

She had rosy and delicate cheeks, as well as a slim figure. She appeared so innocent that others could not help but want to embrace and take care of her, especially when she laughed. Even when she was angry, her faintly pouting rosy lips would cause people to hold their breaths and secretly be delighted.

If they weren’t in the same room the whole time, Emma’s father and mother would have found it impossible to believe that the cute and lovely girl in front of them was their daughter Emma. Seeing the intensely sobbing Emma in front of them, the two adults felt something stirring inside of them. They held Emma within their arms, and gently patted her while softly comforting her.

Feeling the love from her mother and father, Emma could not help but feel shocked. Why… She was already almost twenty; there was no need to be treated this way. Then again, this type of feeling was really comfortable! Seeing the kind expressions on her parent’s faces, Emma’s eyes became even more moist. She couldn’t even remember how many years had passed since she had last received this type of kindness from them.

Seeing the family of three joyous and harmonious, Suo Jia did not disturb them and quietly left the room. At this moment, Suo Jia finally felt relieved. Although it might be impossible to completely fix Emma’s temper, as the saying goes, it is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one’s character. However, from the start, Emma was not a bad person; she was simply a bit too headstrong. Combined with her current looks, others would only think that she was cute and innocent, not hating her in the slightest.

Gently nodding his head, Suo Jia smiled and hurried back towards his home. By helping others, he received things that he needed as well; there really weren’t many things better than this.

When he arrived home, Suo Jia once again entered the underground training area. Upon entering, he was greeted by Eldest Sister’s smile. “I have already completed the tasks you requested of me. Would you like to take a look?”

Hearing Eldest Sister’s words, Suo Jia’s eyes lit up. He quickly took the objects from Eldest Sister’s hands and closely examined them.

In his hands was a three finger thick sapphire flannel headband. On the outside, it simply appeared to be an ordinary blue flannel headband. In reality, however, within the blue flannel was the Atlantis’ Wisdom.

Suo Jia clearly understood that if he simply walked out with such a precious crown outside, he would lose possession of it in just a few days. This piece of magical equipment was simply too eye-catching. Anyone with some insight could tell that this was no ordinary item, and once someone recognized it, there would definitely be desperate individuals who would kill him for the treasure.

But Suo Jia was not willing to own such a precious item and not use it all the time. This object could actually allow Suo Jia to constantly preserve a state of meditation, and quickly help him improve. Naturally, it was better to wear it on his head all the time, and after thinking about this for a long time, Suo Jia finally came up with this solution.

This Atlantis’ Wisdom was only roughly three fingers thick, and with the blue flannel wrapped around, it now became a blue headband. Lifting up his hair, it fit just right on his forehead. For camouflaging purposes, Suo Jia had added some water element gems into the headband. On the surface, this headband only seemed to be something used by beginner mages. Even if it was robbed, it would not be a big deal. They would simply think that the Atlantis’ Wisdom inside was some steel plate or something, and definitely would not think that an Epic-ranked magical item was hidden within.

As for the Faerie’s Soul, Suo Jia was not too concerned. That item was something that he carried around with him personally. Unless Suo Jia revealed it openly, it was not possible for it to be seen, and so it was not necessary for Suo Jia to act any further.

Wearing the Atlantis’ Wisdom, Suo Jia once again entered that mystical state. On the surface, he could continue his normal thinking and activities, but within a hidden layer of his consciousness he already entered the meditative realm. As long as he wore this crown, then no matter what Suo Jia was doing, he was still rapidly improving. As for how frightening he would be in the future, it would become increasingly apparent.

However, ever since Suo Jia wore this Atlantis’ Wisdom, he suddenly realized that he didn’t know what to do with all the time on his hands. Every day, he only repetitively used the Ice Sphere, Swamp, and Moisture Techniques to harass the little pet, without knowing what else to do.

After several weeks, Suo Jia had already reached an extremely high realm regarding the Ice Sphere, Swamp, and Moisture Techniques’ uses for fighting. However, Suo Jia understood that simply relying on this training was not enough.

After contemplating this for a long time, Suo Jia finally decided that he would still continue going to his classes, however… what he needed to learn was not merely how to use the Swamp and Ice Sphere Techniques. Even though he didn’t have the ability to use these techniques yet, he wanted to begin studying the ice magic system.

Early the next day, Suo Jia hurried to his school. Once the bell rang, Suo Jia immediately opened his magic manual and began to study with unwavering focus. The reason he had come to school rather than staying at home was only because the school had a good studying environment, allowing him to study at ease. If he was at home, this atmosphere would be non-existent, as there were always things that needed his attention.

In terms of first-ranked ice magic, Suo Jia had already grasped the Ice Sphere Technique. He was on the verge of understanding the Glacial Armor. This same Glacial Armor used ice to make a set of sturdy armor. Encompassing the surface of the body, the armor’s strength and sturdiness increased as the temperature of the armor decreased.

After only looking at it for a little bit, Suo Jia immediately noticed one line of description in particular. “Ice magic is simply using water in its solid form. When facing an enemy, in order to harm or even to impact them in some way, the ultimate obscure truth is that it reflects the ice’s temperature.”

Water is a really strange substance. Other substances all increase in power as heat increases, and decrease as temperature lowers. However, water is exactly the opposite, with heat reducing its formidability and coldness improving it. In addition… as temperature decreases, the ice’s strength and sturdiness all gradually inversely increase. Other substances, upon entering a cooler state, will immediately become weak and brittle. For example, metal; once it enters an ultra-low temperature, it will become fragile and can easily fragment.

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