Chapter - 79: – The Mass Exchange
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While thinking, Suo Jia quietly closed the lid and quietly said, “This ring is truly not bad, however… right now, there are still too many of these rings in existence, and it is not yet worth trading the Vulcan’s Roar for.”

Speaking up to here, Suo Jia swept his gaze across several people before calmly saying, “Maybe you guys don’t know this, but you can ask around here. This Vulcan’s Roar has a value of 120,000,000 gold after being won at the auction. Your ring over here is not even worth 10,000,000 gold. If one took the risk of going to the trading union, you could find one for even a couple million.

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the color of the knight’s face changed, originally… he saw that Suo Jia was merely a small child and wanted to cheat him. He didn’t expect, however, that although the little brat wasn’t very old, he was extremely hard to fool.

While thinking, the knight smiled and replied, “Alright, then how about this, I’ll just say things as they are. While we were adventuring this time, we stumbled upon the ruins of the Atom Alchemic Laboratory and found this interspatial ring. Now offer a price, with this knife as well as several rings, would you agree to trade?”

Hearing the knight’s words, Suo Jia’s eyes suddenly lit up. However soon after, Suo Jia calmed himself down and smiled at the knight. Suo Jia said flatly, “If it’s like this, then I want to ask, how many of these rings do you have in total? If I am willing to offer a price for them, are you willing to sell them all to me?”

“En…” After contemplating for a bit, the silver knight resolutely said, “Either way, these are going to be sold, whether to you or someone else. How about this, we all need one to use ourselves. You have to understand that these things are simply too convenient for people who leave home year round.”

After saying these things, the silver knight paused before continuing. “As long as your price can move our hearts, then we will sell them to you.”

Hearing the knight’s words, Suo Jia had already thought of a number previously. Within their group, there was an earth elemental shield warrior and a light elemental knight. Although he could not see the other group members, there was no doubt that this fire elemental mage was their primary nuker. Just think about it, mage that exploded his own staff from using spells, what kind of powerful nuker was that?

In that case, the fire mage’s role became extremely important. The earth elemental shield warrior and the knight both had high defenses, and the knight was also skilled in healing. It was obvious that these were for the sake of putting up a resistance against magical beasts. Without the fire mage’s tyrannical attack power, they wouldn’t even be able to dream of killing powerful magical beasts within their lifetimes. They would naturally be unable to search for treasure as well.

It was precisely due to this reason that all the items gained had been given to the fire mage to exchange for a staff. The Vulcan’s Roar, to a fire mage, was even more powerful than Legendary-ranked equipment. It was extremely important for teamwork, and just with his attack alone, he could increase the group’s boldness by twofold; they would now be able to survey the places they had previously not dared to venture through.

Thinking up to here, Suo Jia calmly looked at the knight and said, “You should first say how many rings you have in total first. Also, how much are you willing to sell each ring for?”

“That…” After some hesitation, the knight furrowed his brows and said, “If we keep one each for ourselves, then there are 44 rings remaining. As for their selling prices, I hope that you can provide a starting value first.”

“Haha…” Hearing the knight’s words, Suo Jia could not help but laugh. He knew that the knight honestly didn’t know how much the rings were worth. The reason why he had asked Suo Jia to name an opening price was because the knight was afraid that he’d offer too low of a price.

After contemplating it for a while, Suo Jia smiled, “Currently, there are probably around 3000-4000 identical rings existing in the world. In that case, we should calculate the price with something similar.”

After this, Suo Jia thought for a bit before continuing, “Let’s use the wind elemental Gale Ring as an example. It was also created at Atom Alchemical Labs, and there are also only 3000-4000 of them in existence right now. We can make a deal using its price as a reference. What do you think?”

The silver armor knight pondered over Suo Jia’s words for a bit, before resolutely replying, “No problem, this price is very reasonable. We are willing to accept it. In other words, you will buy each ring for 5,000,000 gold, right?”

Hearing the silver armor knight’s words, Suo Jia’s heart raced in excitement, and he felt as if it would jump out of his throat. In reality, Suo Jia’s idea was really stealing from them. Although Gale Rings really were created by Atom Alchemic Lab, and it was true that only 3000-4000 of them existed, Gale Rings were Gale Rings, and interspatial rings were interspatial rings. They were not the same thing at all.

If only 3000 pieces of dog shit were left in the world, they would still be dog shit, and would not be worth any money at all. However, if only 3000 gold ingots were left in the world, it would be a completely different story.

Especially when looking at usefulness, the interspatial ring was used much more often than the Gale Ring. Only people with an affinity to wind elements could use Gale Rings, but anyone could use interspatial rings.

While thinking this, Suo Jia put all his energy into repressing his excitement, and calmly said, “There are a total of 44 interspatial rings. If each one is 5,000,000 gold, then it would come to a total of 220,000,000 gold. Is this value correct?”

After some calculations, the silver armor knight and his companions dropped their jaws in shock, and trembling, the knight said, “God! Is it actually worth so much money? I couldn’t have ever imagined this.”

Seeing the group’s astonished expressions, Suo Jia smiled, “In that case, then I don’t need your Inferno Blade. This Inferno Blade’s value, if placed in an auction, should sell for somewhere from 80,000,000-100,000,000 gold, right?

“Yes, yes, yes….” They nodded. This blade was definitely worth this much. In reality, if it was 80,000,000 gold, than it would’ve been sold at the bazaar earlier.

While thinking, Suo Jia gently lifted a finger to gesture at the maid to carry Vulcan’s Roar over, and she placed it on the table in front of them. Seeing Vulcan’s Roar, the red clad mage suddenly became so excited that he was gasping for breath. This was a high grade staff that every single fire mage desperately yearned for! God, it was something that one wouldn’t even exchange for a Legendary-ranked staff.

Seeing the fire mage’s excited expression, Suo Jia smiled, and pulled out four crystal cards that each represented 10,000,000 gold. He tossed them onto the table and said, “This is 40,000,000 gold. In addition to this, I will also give you Vulcan’s Roar. In return, you will give me 44 interspatial rings. Does that sound fair?”

“What!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the fellows cried out in shock. The silver armor knight angrily said, “What do you mean by this? Isn’t this staff only worth 120,000,000 gold? Even with the addition of 40,000,000 gold, you’re still missing 60,000,000 from the owed amount. This is too big of a difference!”

Hearing the opposite party’s words, Suo Jia remained calm and said, “This interspatial ring is not something only you guys own. If you refuse to accept the deal, then I can find someone else to exchange with. However, you guys should know that only one of this Vulcan’s Roar exists in the entire world. If you turn down this chance, you will not get another opportunity. I think….that you don’t need me to continue discussing this Vulcan’s Roar’s importance to a fire mage!”

“You….you….this is extortion!” The green armor warrior angrily replied to Suo Jia’s response.

“What? Extortion!” Hearing the green armor warrior’s accusation, Suo Jia stood up indignantly and shouted in anger, “You dare to say I’m guilty of extortion? If you put it that way, then I won’t give the 40,000,000 gold any more either; I’ll just exchange that staff for your interspatial rings. You can go to the Commerce Union and tell them I’m extorting you. Just go ahead, I won’t stop you….”

Seeing Suo Jia’s furious expression, the silver armor also grew angry, and he waved his hand, “Ok, ok, ok, you think that we’d just do anything for that staff, right? Well, I will straight out refuse the exchange right this moment. Let’s go!” Saying this, the silver armor knight turned around to leave.

Faced with the silver armor knight’s actions, Suo Jia sneered, “Then I won’t be seeing you off. I was trying to let you guys off lightly, but you dared to accuse me of extortion. Even if you beg me to exchange, I will no longer accept this deal. Please leave!” Saying this, Suo Jia huffed in anger as he sat back down, refusing to even glance at the three people.

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