Chapter - 90: Replicated Equipment Pt. 2
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The store boss could not help but start at Suo Jia’s words. Generally speaking, store treasures weren’t sold. He hadn’t imagined that Suo Jia would actually want to purchase it. What was he to do now?

Although such treasures were normally not sold, now that the store owner had displayed it, it was merchandise. If a customer wanted to purchase it, then the store owner had to sell it. That’s why store treasures typically gave out outrageously high prices in order to dispel the opposite party’s attempts in purchase. If there was really a person that disregarded this price and still wanted to purchase it, then the store owner really had no other choice aside from selling it to the customer.

While the store owner was in a daze, Emma’s sharp eyes discovered the tag hanging on the box. She gently reached out and flipped over the tag to inspect it. The long chain of zeros practically blinded Emma.

“My God! You dare to sell this measly ring for 400 million? How is this not stealing! Even if you brought this to an auction, it would only sell for around 200 million.” Emma cried out incredulously.

“Hehe….” Hearing Emma’s sharp cry, the store boss inwardly sighed in relief, “I’m deeply sorry. This price was set by the family leader. Although I also feel that this is too expensive, since it’s 2x greater than auction price, I cannot alter the price without approval. I hope that the two of you understand.” The store boss closed the box, prepared to stow it away. It seemed to him that these two fellows would no longer be willing to buy it.

“Slow down!” Seeing that the store owner was about to place the ring away, Suo Jia panicked on the spot. Not only did it strengthen ice magics’ formidability, it could also boost the effects of the Ice and Snow Pact by 100%, and even lower the magic power consumption by 50%. These effects made it impossible to Suo Jia to give up on this ring. Even if he had to pay a great price, Suo Jia still wanted it.

Gasping for breath in panic, Suo Jia begged the store owner, “Boss, you really cannot make it any cheaper?”

Firmly shaking his head, the store owner said resolutely, “I apologize, but I cannot decrease the cost by a single cent. You should also understand that the store’s treasures aren’t really meant for selling at all. If you really do want to pay 400 million, then I have no choice but to sell it to you. But other than that, I cannot make it any cheaper.

“Fine…” Gritting his teeth, Suo Jia turned to face Emma and reached his hand out, “Emma, let me borrow 100 million; I want to buy this ring!”

“Are you crazy!” Seeing Suo Jia’s determined expression, Emma shouted in disbelief, “This ring is definitely not worth that much money. At the most, its value is only 200 million, yet you want to buy it for 400 million. That’s too excessive; even if you have money, you shouldn’t spend it like this!”

The current Suo Jia couldn’t be swayed at all by Emma’s persuasion. He fiercely shook his head and said in a low voice, “I don’t care. No matter what, I want that ring. You just say whether or not you’re willing to lend me money! Hurry up, if you won’t lend it to me, I’ll go find Wen Ya to lend me some. If I’m too late, this ring might be gone!”

“You!” Helplessly looking at Suo Jia, Emma shook her head, “You’ve really lost your mind; this is all your own responsibility. I can even give the money to you rather than lend it, but are you absolutely sure you won’t regret this? You’re wasting 200 million.”

Suo Jia smiled at Emma’s words and said, “You don’t need to worry about that. In my opinion, there are only two types of things in this world; the things I need, and the things I don’t need. As long as I need it, I think spending any amount of money is worth it. To me, this ring is priceless. Forget 400 million, even if they were selling it for 1 billion, I’d still buy it!”

After hearing Suo Jia’s response, Emma didn’t bother speaking any further. She directly took out an amethyst card and handed it over to Suo Jia. As Suo Jia accepted this 100 million, he also pulled out 3 of his own amethyst cards from his interspatial ring without hesitation. He tossed the total of four cards onto the counter, and directly placed the box into his interspatial ring.

“You! That! I…..” The store owner could not help but stutter at the sight of Suo Jia actually willing to buy it for 400 million. What was this, did he think money didn’t have value? This ring was only a water elemental ring, incomparable to a fire elemental ring. Even if it was brought to an auction, the highest price it could possibly sell for was just 200 million. Typically speaking, selling it for 130-140 million was already above average. However this small child had actually bought it for 400 million!

As the store owner exclaimed in shock, Suo Jia pulled out a letter and handed it to the store owner, “Help me deliver this letter to your family leader. Nobody else is to look at it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, I’m an aristocrat that has a noble title!” Suo Jia then pulled Emma to leave, afraid that the store owner would take back his words and demand for the ring back.

Afterwards, Suo Jia continued to visit multiple commerce unions. Unfortunately, although their treasures were all quite good, Suo Jia firstly didn’t have any more money, and secondly, none of these items were anything that Suo Jia urgently needed. Therefore, he only looked around, and didn’t buy anything else.

After strolling around for the entire morning, although Suo Jia had managed to buy himself a satisfactory treasure, that hadn’t been his purpose for going out. The reason he had come out here was to help the fire wind warriors get some equipment and weapons. The things they’d face in the future were ice elemental magical beasts that were far more powerful than them. If they didn’t have sufficient weapons and equipment, it would be extremely dangerous.

Seeing Suo Jia frown in worry, Emma curiously asked, “You…you wanted to buy such an expensive item, just to regret it afterwards. If you knew this earlier, wouldn’t it have been better if you hadn’t bought it?”

Suo Jia bitterly smiled and shook his head, “I’m not worrying about that. Actually, I had come here today to purchase some battle armor and weapons. However, after walking around for an entire morning, I haven’t made any progress at all.”

“Wow….” Emma cutely patted her head and groaned, “Please, can you not be so condescending? Emma is standing right in front of you. Whatever you want to choose, just tell me; there are very few things I don’t know about.”

Suo Jia looked at Emma in surprise, and said expectantly, “Then does that mean if I want to get a batch of Holy Cross Blades, as well as some Marshal’s Armors, you can help me procure them?”

Wiping away the sweat that had quickly formed on her forehead, Emma said with difficulty, “You really need the craziest things; could it be that you don’t know? Holy Cross Blades are specifically used by the Church’s Holy Knights, and even they don’t use it that often. As for the Marshal’s Armors, those are peak level armors that only marshals or soldiers wear. The weapons and armors you want are all so difficult to obtain.”

Emma really wanted to tell Suo Jia that she had no way of procuring the things he wanted. However, she had already announced otherwise, and there was no way she could take back her words so soon. Plus, if she conceded defeat so easily, where would Emma have face?

Since she had already said all this, then she definitely needed to find a way to do it. Since she was young, Emma had always been taught by her father that as a businessman, integrity was as important as life. Anything stated must be carried out. No matter how difficult it was, she could only go home and secretly cry to herself.

The reason that Emma’s family was as successful as they were now was because of Emma’s father. He had constantly told Emma that he could only be at this point today as a result of one belief — in this world, all troubles have solutions. One simply needs to think hard about it, and then a solution will definitely appear.

After contemplating for a long time, Emma finally clapped her hands together and said happily, “I don’t know why you want Holy Cross Blades and Marshal’s Armors, but I can tell you that those things cannot be used by ordinary people. Otherwise, the country and the Church would both cause trouble for them. How could just anyone use a marshal’s clothing and a Holy Knight’s weapon?”

“This….” Suo Jia suddenly began to sweat at Emma’s words. It was true…this whole time, he and the fire wind warriors had completely neglected a problem: the fire wind warriors were no longer the country’s citizens.

If they were the country’s elite forces, then they would without question be able to wear the Marshal’s Armors and the Holy Knights’ Holy Cross Blades. However, if they dared to use them now, they’d pretty much be looking for death.

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