Chapter - 10: – High ranked officer pressured
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Ye Feng felt a little strange. He knew that the adorable oval-faced girl was obviously fierce so why would she just let go of the golden leaf grasses?

Now, it appeared that the other party made the move fearing that he might escape with the grasses. That pretty girl had quite a large influence in the city, at least enough to command the chief of the Public Security Bureau.

Ye Feng could not just sit still and do nothing while the other party was so close to take away the golden leaf grasses from him.

In his heart, he somewhat regretted his actions. If only he knew that it was better for him to immediately leave rather than to write a note for the unconscious girl. Maybe then he would not have fallen into such a trouble. However, that was not necessarily the case, because even if had escaped at that time, the opposite party could still find him from the hotel registration card, so the final result would still be same……

“I advise you to coordinate with us, so as to avoid any hardships.”

The aquiline-nosed man said in an overbearing tone while he was coming towards Ye Feng along with the middle-aged policeman. In the eyes of these two, Ye Feng was just a high school student, and handcuffed at the time, so he wasn’t a threat at all.

Standing nearby, Chief Liu was waiting and also looking forward to the time when the two would seize the three golden leaf grasses from Ye Feng, and after turning them over to his boss, he would be awarded handsomely for his meritorious service. Although he did not know why his superior was attaching great importance to the three grasses, but he just needed to do his job as told, and sometimes, knowing too much was not a good thing.

But just when the middle-aged policeman and aquiline-nosed man were getting closer and about to reach Ye Feng, he suddenly jumped up, withdrew several steps and stood against the wall, and using both of his handcuffed hands, he took out a golden leaf grass from his inner pocket.

He had placed the two golden leaf grasses and the 200,000 check in his inner pocket, so these items had not been confiscated by the police like his mobile phone.

At this moment, he wanted to eat a golden leaf grass then quickly absorb the Lingqi contained in it. If he could achieve the five-month cultivation then he could easily destroy the handcuffs.

Although, in the current situation, the process of absorption of Lingqi from the golden leaf grass would be quite dangerous, because if not done in a proper manner, then it could cause severe damage to the meridians inside his body and he might die a violent death as a result, but he had no other choice. If he didn’t resist at this time, then not only the golden leaf grasses would be taken away, he would not have a good end, because he might really be falsely charged in a forged rape case.

How many years of sentence he might have to face for a serious crime like rape?

Ye Feng was certainly not willing to face such a situation.

Without wasting any time, he quickly put the golden leaf grass in his mouth and just when he was about to swallow it, suddenly, Chief Liu cried out: “Stop!”

Right now, Chief Liu was sweating profusely!

In the dim light, he could see the grass in the handcuffed hands of Ye Feng, and just as his boss had described on the phone, it had golden rhizome.

So this was the grass his superior was talking about!

In his superior’s tone, these three grasses were priceless, he didn’t care whether Ye Feng lived or died but the three grasses must be obtained from him at any cost. However, at present, Ye Feng was about to eat that grass, so how could this situation be good?

Chief Liu could foresee that if he couldn’t obtain those three grasses then he would most likely lose his head before his job.

“You are called Ye Feng isn’t it?”

Chief Liu realized that he must stand firm now in front of Ye Feng, so he quickly calmed down and spoke: “I urge you to not take any rash steps young man. If you really ate that grass then your crime will not be as simple as the crime of rape.”

When Ye Feng heard his words, some thoughts passed rapidly in his mind and he stopped.

He was obviously not afraid of the opposite party, but realized that he could use golden leaf grass as a bargain chip to threaten the other party.

“Do you really want this grass? Then first let me go otherwise I will definitely swallow it down.”

Ye Feng and the other side were maintaining a distance, and the golden leaf grass was still in his mouth.

This action of Ye Feng caused a dark feeling to arise in Chief Liu’s heart along with anger. This rascal actually put the priceless grass in his mouth, so even if he managed to obtain the grass, won’t it still be filthy? His superior would surely blame him……

“I cannot do that, this is police station, and everything happens according to law.”

Chief Liu had been at the position of Chief for several years so he was certainly very experienced at dealing with tough situations: “But, if you hand over all the three grasses, then no matter what charges put on you, I will make sure that you receive lighter punishment.”

In his opinion, Ye Feng was just a high school student, once scared a bit, he would eventually breakdown and listen to him.

Unfortunately, Ye Feng was not an ordinary high school student, so how could he possibly be intimidated?

“Really? Then I’m sorry but I’m going to swallow it.”

Ye Feng moved his mouth, like chewing, in fact, of course, it was only an act.

He thought: That oval-faced girl did not seem to know that one of the three golden leaf grasses had already been used to treat her injuries, and she actually wanted all the three golden leaf grass back.

In retrospect, Ye Feng thought that using one of the golden leaf grasses to rescue her was really a big loss, but even if it was, Ye Feng would still make that choice.

After all, these golden leaf grasses belong to her and Ye Feng couldn’t go against his conscience to leave her dying and steal all the three grasses.

“Stop! Do not be too impulsive young man.”

When Chief Liu saw Ye Feng to make chewing movements, he suddenly panicked, but he was still calm on the surface: “Do you know the consequences of doing this?”

“Let me go otherwise whatever you say will just be a waste of time.”

Ye Feng seemed disinclined to talk nonsense with the opposite party and firmly said.

The two sides were deadlocked, the aquiline-nosed man and middle-aged policeman just stood there, not knowing what to do, and right at this moment, Chief Liu’s mobile phone rang. He lowered his head and looked at the number displayed on the phone and his complexion suddenly changed and he hastily picked up the call.

After looking at the number displayed, he couldn’t maintain his calm anymore.

He hurriedly ran out of the interrogation room and picked up the phone. Ye Feng and the other two policemen clearly heard his timid and submissive voice but no one knew who actually called.

Aquiline-nose man had a somewhat surprised expression on his face because he had not seen Chief Liu being so submissive and respectful even when he received calls from his superiors, so who was the one who called this time?

Ye Feng did not act rashly and tried to think, maybe, this was the call from the people who wanted to make his situation even more miserable. If he had the cultivation of ten years and practiced the Yin God technique, then his sense of hearing and vision would increase several times, then he would be able to listen what they were talking on the phone and would also know about this situation. Of course, if he had ten years cultivation then he would not have been caught by the police in the first place.

Sometime later, when the potbellied Chief Liu returned back to the interrogation room, he was already sweating profusely, and it was obvious that he was facing tremendous pressure.

He was separated by a few meters from Ye Feng, but this time, his manners were extremely respectful, and he politely said to Ye Feng: “Ye Shao, we are really very sorry, we unknowingly offended you…… You can leave now, this matter is merely a misunderstanding.”(NT: Shao means ‘young’)

When Ye Feng heard these words, he gawked for a moment, and thought, what actually happened just now?


That aquiline-nosed heard the words of Chief Liu and immediately shouted with a surprised expression on his face: “Chief Liu Ju, he……”

“Are you the Chief or me?”

Chief Liu Ju stared at the aquiline-nosed man and strictly said.

Aquiline-nosed man wanted to say something, but he was not a fool, seeing the respectful attitude of Liu Ju towards Ye Feng, he was a bit frightened deep in his heart. Just what was the extraordinary background of this Ye Feng to be able to put so much pressure on the Chief of Public Security Bureau?

There was blank look on Ye Feng’ face. Just what kind of extraordinary background did this world’s Ye Feng actually have that even he himself wasn’t aware of?

Ye Shao?

“Why haven’t you still removed Ye Shao’s handcuffs?”

Chief Liu snapped and shouted.

Aquiline-nose heard and reluctantly walked towards Ye Feng.

When Ye Feng saw this, he was somewhat vigilant, but the aquiline-nosed man did not play any tricks, and with a dark expression on his face, he removed the handcuffs from the hands of Ye Feng.

Aquiline-nosed man was somewhat scared and speechless. Chief Liu answered a phone call and his attitude quickly transformed to such an extent.

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