Chapter - 100: Commotion at the school entrance
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When Long Zi’s ankle was caught by Ye Feng in the air, his heart skipped a beat. Earlier, he had heard that Mo Jiuge looked like a young guy, so was it really possible for him to actually assign away his inner qi from his body? Moreover, wasn’t the move, just displayed by him, Ye Clan’s Dragon Claw Hand Technique?

His qi immediately returned and restored in his Dantian, and by stabilising his balance, he stopped his stature stiffly, then smoothly he fell from the air and stood firmly to the ground! Otherwise, he must have been thrown down to the ground directly by Ye Feng, like a dog eating the food.

“Well, boy, assigning away inner qi from the body, is not a simple thing.”

From the bottom of his heart, Long Zi appreciated him : “What is your relationship with Ye Clan?”

Earlier, Long Wan’er had said that Ye Feng was totally an ordinary human, therefore whether it was Long Mo’ran, or any other person of Long Clan, nobody had suspected him.

If he hadn’t used on time the Covert Kill Technique, then regardless of who it was, everybody would have doubted him.

“My relationship with Ye Clan, just gratitude towards them, that’s all.”

Ye Feng replied in a low voice.

“It seems that the relationship is not shallow, unfortunately.”

Long Zi shook his head: “By seeing your talent, I must say, if you will be properly trained, then you must become the younger generation eminent in the martial arts world.”

“And how is that possible?”

When Ye Feng saw he stopped his stature, he asked that vigilantly.

“You are really courageous to ask that.”

By holding a gentle expression, Long Zi said : ” I don’t know how Wan’er have got attached to Your excellency, but if I allow Your excellency to join my Long Clan, then we will be considered as the relatives by marriage.”

Ye Feng listened to that, and almost laughed, he thought that actually, this guy had developed a liking for him only because he was at such a young age, still had the talent to release inner qi from his body. Therefore, he wanted now to draw him towards his clan.

“Are you representing Long Mo’ran?”

By putting on a very calm and composed appearance, Ye Feng lightly said: “I don’t think, Long Mo’ran will ever allow me for that.”

“Ha Ha.”

Long Zi laughed: “If the Head of our Clan knows their son-in-law’s incredible talent, inevitably he will be overjoyed since it’s a golden opportunity to enhance the strength of our clan. Moreover, Ye Clan has already quitted the Martial arts world entirely, and also, it no longer has any connection with Long Clan, therefore, joining our Long Clan, doesn’t mean being hostile towards Ye Clan. ”

“Thank you senior for this invitation, this matter is truly very important for me, so allow me some time to think about it.”

Ye Feng’s heart totally disagreed with him, but on the surface, he didn’t let him know about it, instead he asked for some time to think about it. Currently for him, the most important thing was to deceive this guy, and then go back to take a good rest and conserve his strength, as so to deal with possible threats from Cai Shao.

“Alright, I believe that this young hero is a smart guy.”

Long Zi smiled : “Oh by the way, if Your excellency makes a decision, then you may come to the East China Sea, recently including the Head of our clan, most of the young guys of Long Clan have left for the East China Sea. I will wait respectfully for you there.”

Ye Feng noticed that although he was very much satisfied and pleased with Ye Feng’s appearance, but there was a hidden trace of concern lurking around his forehead. In fact, Long Zi also knew that to convince Long Mo’ran to accept Mo Jiuge as his son-in-law, was really like biting iron balls.

However, the talent demonstrated by Ye Feng, really made him jealous, if he hadn’t tried to draw him towards his Clan, then that would be more regrettable for him. He thought he would invite Mo Jiuge to the East China Sea, where he would take the opportunity to highlight his talent before Long Mo’ran, then it might change the perception of Long Mo’ran………..

Entire Long Clan was really not monolithic.

“Got it.”

In a sinking voice, Ye Feng said that, however, he was in the state of astonishment, and was also a bit perplexed hearing that Long Clan went to the East China Sea, what did they want to do there? Was it because they were looking for the fairy of the East China Sea?

After several random nonsense talks, finally, Long Zi turned around and departed completely satisfied. Unfortunately, in fact, Ye Feng had no intention to be a part of Long Clan. As far as the temperament of Long Mo’ran was concerned, Ye Feng didn’t know after seeing his talent, Long Mo’ran would really appreciate him or feel jealous of him, it was really hard to predict yet.

Seeing that purple-dressed person finally left, Ye Feng felt relieved. Quietly, he returned to his villa, and without turning on the lights, he directly went to take rest.

He didn’t even know that his meeting with Long Zi, had been thoroughly observed by someone.

“This kid, although he got an invitation from Long Clan, still, he is entirely unconcerned about it. His temperament is commendable!”

Huang Peirong, stood by the roadside, under the shadow of the trees, excessively appreciated Mo Jiuge. He was the one who brought the news of Ye Feng’s return to Yanjing, moreover, he also hurried to catch up with him, since he wanted to investigate about him. However, before he could stop Mo Jiuge, unfortunately, he had already been forestalled by Long Clan ahead.

Seeing Long Zi departed after admitting defeat, he also repressed his thought of jumping out in front of Ye Feng. The attraction of the influence of his Mt. Tianzhu paradise, as compared to the incoming messenger of Long Clan, didn’t stand any chance, not even a least bit.

“This matter can take it’s time, on the contrary, the East China Sea is actually being very lively recently, surprisingly Long Mo’ran’s desire to marry, has mobilised the entire Long Clan ……”

Huang Peirong was thinking this, while hiding his stature.

Finally around the villa, tranquilly thoroughly restored now, the ground was appearing like silver frost had spread out, the cool breeze was blowing, shadows of the trees were swaying, under the moonlight the cold weather was showing its colour.


The next morning, Ye Feng along with Su Menghan, walked to the school together.

Half a month left for the college entrance examination, this was the last week for the students to go to the school for attending review classes. After a week, they wouldn’t need to go to the school, since the school would provide them leave, so that they could prepare for the exams.

Actually, in the last exam, Ye Feng had scored the lowest marks in his class. His rank was first from the bottom, which had made Su Menghan very anxious for him. And the main reason was, Ye Feng’s heart was completely distracted and he seemed to be completely not in the study.

“Ye Feng, starting from today, I’ll try my best to tutor you and help you with your study, you hear me?”

On the road, very earnestly Su Menghan said that.

“Ah …… How is the matter between Xie Clan and your Dad going on?

Ye Feng nodded, and then shifted the topic by asking that.

“Certainly, will sue them.”

Su Menghan said that bitterly, and then immediately turned a little embarrassed: “But I don’t know how to do.”

“I’ll ask Scar to help you with this.”

Ye Feng casually spoke that. Scar, as the boss of a reactionary gang, had enough social experience, hence helping Su Menghan to handle this kind of matter was extremely easy for him. Moreover, regarding prosecution, the court would make Su Xinchang appear in the court to testify, in that case, neither Xie Min nor Xie Chengye could run away from this trial.

Even though, if any problem would arise , that wouldn’t be a big deal for Ye Feng, he could directly resolve it with his sword. However, that was not the case with Su Menghan, she would definitely not accept Ye Feng’s way of solving things by killing people.

After saying that, Ye Feng gave a call to Scar, making him help to manage this matter, while being in touch with Su Menghan.

“Ye elder brother, don’t worry about this matter. The chief justice of Yanjing court is the person of Lin Clan, in addition, we have Su Xinchang’s oral confession, so consider it as all settled!”

Scar made a solemn vow to comply.

From his voice, Ye Feng could easily feel his sadness still mingled with his voice. In such a short time, such a strong man like Scar, became unable to recover from the shock of the bereaved.

“In the World of the Immortals, physical death does not mean an absolute death …… Unfortunately, in this world, because of my current Cultivation level, I am still unable to do anything.”

Deep inside his heart, Ye Feng felt somewhat pity and guilt.

But the prime culprit of all these matters was that Cai Shao of the mysterious organization!

When Ye Feng came around the school’s gate along with Su Menghan, suddenly he found that there was a huge commotion going on at school’s entrance. There were lots of cars and people, moreover, in addition to the students, there were also many parents surrounded the school gate.

Was it because the college entrance exam at hand, so parents had come to send their children to the school?

However, soon those two understood that this was not the case, an old age youth pursued them from behind, and heavily patted on Ye Feng’s shoulder. It was Ou B: “Small Bee, take a quick look, I have heard that Ms Lin has come over here looking for you, and everyone is just an onlooker! ”


Did that Lin Shiqing come to the school just to look for him?

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