Chapter - 102: Cai Shaohong!
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Regarding Lamborghini, Ye Feng didn’t have much idea, however, he only knew one thing, that probably it cost several million. Anyway, if it was compared with Scar’s Hummer H2 and BMW, then undoubtedly it was much more expensive than both of them.

Sitting in a grand car, and on top of that, sitting beside a classy, heavenly looking lady, could make any person extremely comfortable without a doubt. It didn’t matter whether Ye Feng was or not, however, Lin Shiqing’s mood was finally pretty good.

“Little Ye, that girl from before, is she your girlfriend? You really have pretty good taste.”

They were in the car, and it seemed like she randomly asked that question from him with a smile. Her supple long hair was swaying by the wind, and gently provoking his heartstrings, her exquisite perfect oval-shaped face altogether had become an extremely pretty landscape.

“Hmmm, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Ye Feng chuckled softly and said : “I haven’t heard of you before, it’s only my grandfather …… you know.”

“Oh, is it?”

She smiled gently, the corners of her mouth slightly turned upwards, making a shape of an arc, as she showed her response towards Ye Feng’s performance, which was a bit unexpected and surprising.

In fact, when she was all prepared to meet Ye Feng, at that time she had thought that he was just an ordinary high-school student. And when any ordinary high-school student would hear about his engagement with a campus queen of Yanshan University, then definitely he couldn’t control his happiness and become wild with joy, wouldn’t he be delighted beyond measure?

She had already prepared a lengthy speech for this situation, as she wanted to take the time of a whole day, so as to establish an elder sister’s image in the mind of Ye Feng, making him dispel the thought of marrying her.

But now, it seemed that there was no need to carry out this act.

Ye Feng’s disposition was very matured, even at the time of seeing her for the first time, he took her very lightly, with complete indifference, as if he saw an old common friend. This kind of psychological quality of Ye Feng forced Lin Shiqing to secretly appreciate him in her heart.

Not to mention the high school student, she had seen several young people from the high society, really it was very difficult in front of her to maintain a calm and composed stature!

However, she didn’t have the least bit idea that currently Ye Feng’s mind was completely occupied by the thought that how to dig some news related to Cai Shao out from her mouth, without causing her suspicions ……

“Keke, I personally feel that now in this new era and the new atmosphere, we should worship free love. This sort of arranged marriages, we, as the youth of the new century, must resolutely resist this.”

Ye Feng said that shamelessly, as he thought that in order to extract something out of her mouth, he must establish a good relationship with her. And the method to be used to create a good relation was of course to 100 % agree with the meaning of the opposite party.

“Pretty good, you really have the rebellious spirit.”

Indeed as expected, Ye Feng had suddenly created a very favourable impression in her eyes by using this act, and as a result, her smiling face turned more delightful: “Little Ye, have you done your breakfast?”

“Not yet.”

Ye Feng replied truthfully, normally, he used to have his breakfast after going inside the school, since he used to buy something to eat from the school’s canteen. However today, he didn’t enter the school, naturally, he didn’t get the time to have his breakfast.

“Then eat something with your elder sister.”

She said that with a very clear and gentle voice : “Near Yanshan University, there is a café, which is quite good, and has been opened by my friend.”

“As you wish.”

Ye Feng nodded his head, simultaneously his heart felt very helpless. She kept on saying ‘elder sister’ over and over, might be because that was giving a little sense of security to her.

The distance between Yanshan Junior High School and Yanshan University was not far. Soon, the red Lamborghini stopped on the street near Yanshan University. The café she had mentioned earlier was not far away from there.

It was the time to get off, she stepped out of the car and then closed its door, simultaneously she lightly teased her hair with her fingers, very gracefully and naturally, which suddenly crazily jolted the heart of Ye Feng, making him couldn’t help but look at her several times, and then he quickly turned his head to another side.

Although this beautiful lady was stirring up his manly emotions, but now he couldn’t glance at her anymore, or else he would definitely be in trouble. Finally, he got success in creating such a pure juvenile like an image in her heart, which might be completely destroyed by him all of a sudden, if he kept on peeping at her like this.

“Let’s go.”

Suddenly a pure and sweet fragrance greeted his nostrils, immediately followed by a white hand latched on his shoulder. It was actually Lin Shiqing who circled her hand around his shoulder with a smile, since she wanted to lead him to the roadside café which was not far away.

Considering their height, she was only a little bit shorter than Ye Feng, that was why she rested her hand on his shoulder comfortably, without external help, which was actually appearing very harmonious. From their appearance, they exactly looked like a pair of sister and brother, they totally didn’t have the appearance of lovers.

On one side, a casually dressed Ye Feng, whose face was reeking of immaturity from head to toe, while on the other side, Lin shiqing, who had a matured temperament, and each and every action of her was matchless and highly attractive, even if she was being a little bit shy, still the gap between the two sides was enormously big!

From the roadside, many Yanshan University students and pedestrians were constantly throwing gazes at them, even more than that, few of them took out their cell phones and started taking their photographs from quite a distance.

As the number one beautiful and prettiest woman of Yanshan University, she was indeed fascinating, her popularity had even surpassed a lot of currently popular celebrities, to the extent that her gossiping post related to her current situation was sent to the campus forum, and instantly it spread everywhere like fire in the jungle.

Especially, because she had her hand rested on a shoulder of a guy, who looked like a high school student. Hence it had become a hot topic that was that the legendary fiancé of Miss Lin?

The news exploded out!

However, she wasn’t afraid of being misunderstood, because she had already completed the overall plan.

While from Ye Feng’s perspective, since he was extremely close to her, especially a pair of her full, sticking out chest suddenly came so close to him, and then like adding fuel to the fire, the faint smell of woman’s perfume floating around her body, made him unable to bear any more, and suddenly his heart started beating fast.

“Damn it, it seemed like I am getting worse more and more? I remember, back then when I used to face my master every day, it seems that this kind of feeling, did I use to have every day?”

Ye Feng criticised himself in his heart, as he tried to strongly self-stabilize himself.

“Come on.”

Lin Shiqing smiled sweetly as she led him to go forward, and soon they arrived at the entrance of a family’s managed “Qi Qi Tea restaurant”.

At this time, several young college students were coming out of the cafe, and suddenly they saw right against their eyes, Lin Shiqing wrapping her hand around Ye Feng’s shoulder.

“Is this a coincidence eh, has sister Lin along with her friend, come over here to eat breakfast?”

The youth leading the group, was a handsome young man. Seeing their intimate appearance, apparently, he was somewhat flabbergasted. By taking a close look of this handsome guy, it seemed like he looked almost like a celebrity, moreover, by listening to his voice which had a trace of femininity, it could be clearly said that he must be very popular in his school.

“Well, this is one of my relatives, Ye Feng. Soon, he is going to study in Yanshan University, therefore I’m leading him to make him familiar with the environment.”

Very politely, by putting a smile on her face, Lin Shiqing replied, her performance was really like a decent lady. Then she immediately asked: “Little Zhao, isn’t Shaohong with you?”

“No, brother Cai went to practice a ball game very early in the morning.”

That youth who was called “Little Zhao,” he glanced at Ye Feng somewhat puzzled, then with his friends, he left the entrance. It was clear that he obviously had respect for Lin Shiqing.

“Then we are going in, see you later.”

She waved his hand at those guys, and with a smile, she led Ye Feng into the cafe.

“Zhao brother, there is a problem, this Ye Feng, isn’t he Miss Lin’s fiance like we heard earlier?”

A young boy, while somewhat strangely looking at the back of those two people, said in a whispering tone.

“Sister Lin always has the discretion, then what should we worry about? I’ll report this to elder brother Cai, that’s the end, don’t care too much.”

The youth Zhao, who was the leader of the group, beckoned with his hand, then he pulled out his cell phone and sent a short note, after that he turned his head and with a smiling face, said to his friends : “This wimpy kid Ye Feng, how can he be a good match for Sister Lin? Sister Lin’s heart has already been taken away by elder brother Cai, so why are you guys flustered?”

As soon as they listened to him, they smiled and felt relieved. That was right, how could such a small wimpy kid compete with such a popular school idol?


Ye Feng followed her and entered the café, however, his complexion had already changed.

Elder brother Cai Shaohong, Cai Shaohong!

Cai Shao?

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