Chapter - 103: Lin Shiqing’s beloved
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The decoration of the cafe was very elegant, the environment was peaceful and beautiful, and its white background was making the whole café look very fresh and delightful.

On a seat close to the window, Ye Feng and Lin Shiqing sat down facing each other, incautiously Ye Feng’s eyes got attracted towards her V-neck shirt, leading to her snow white attractive ravine, but quickly somewhat awkwardly, he turned away his face.

Lin Shiqing didn’t care about it, instead with a faint smile, while sitting gracefully on the chair, she picked up the menu card from the table, and with a clear voice, asked: “What would you like to eat?”

“As per you wish.”

Ye Feng wasn’t familiar with this sort of café thing, moreover, he was also not picky about the food. Presently, his full concentration was just revolving around Cai Shaohong. This guy, did he actually have any kind of relationship with Cai Shao, of the mysterious organisation?

“What are you thinking?”

She saw him a bit lost and turned a bit curious, therefore she asked that, her rosy lips slightly turned upwards, forming a beautiful moving radian.

“I’m thinking about Cai Shaohong, who is this guy?”

He smiled and bluntly asked that.

When Lin Shiqing heard that, she showed a somewhat unexpected smile, but suddenly from behind, a voice like a skylark, very melodious, brisk, and pleasant to hear type, arrived : “Oh, so you don’t even know Cai Shaohong, how can you become eligible as Lin Shiqing’s fiancé?”

Ye Feng immediately turned back and saw a cute schoolgirl coming out from inside the restaurant. With a big stride, she quickly arrived at their table, and by putting on a sweet smile full of curiosity, she came closer to him and looked at him somewhat weirdly.

“Well, Xiao Qi, don’t scare him.”

Upon seeing this, Lin Shiqing smiled and said : “Well, Little Ye, she is the owner of this cafe, Xiao Qi, and Xiao Qi, he is Ye Feng, he is about to appear in the college entrance examination, therefore, I brought him here to Yanshan University, to roam around and familiarize him with the environment.”

The way she said ‘Little Ye’, it didn’t take long for this girl named Xiao Qi to see through the thoughts of Lin Shiqing. Obviously, Lin Shiqing didn’t want to talk about any stuff related to her engagement with Ye Feng, or else she wouldn’t have said “Little Ye”.

Xiao Qi was a member of a small clan of Yanjing, naturally her clan couldn’t be compared with Lin Clan, the number one Clan of Yanjing. However, it didn’t prevent Lin Shiqing and Xiao Qi from becoming best friends and sharing everything to each other. Therefore, they used to understand each other’s thoughts right away.

For this Qi Qi Cafe, in order to pass her leisure time, Xiao Qi asked her Clan to invest money while opening it. Although, Xiao Clan was a small clan just like Xie Clan, but for them, money didn’t matter at all, they really didn’t pay too much attention towards it.

“Ah regarding this.”

Clad in a white lace short-sleeved shirt, and a pair of slim jeans, Xiao Qi generously sat down beside Ye Feng, her sweet ponytail was dangling around her neck. Then smilingly, she said: “Little Ye, Cai Shaohong is our Shiqing’s beloved. ”

“Do you want to die?”

Lin Shiqing ridiculously said that: “it’s too early yet.”

“How is that? Still not allowing us to speak about it?”

Xiao Qi said that while sticking out her small breasts, but how unfortunate it was, her size if compared with Lin Shiqing’s, was not at all worth mentioning ……

“Hello sister Xiao Qi, you continue, I’m very much interested in hearing it.”

Ye Feng smiled.

Xiao Qi looked towards him and thought that he indeed was a child, so wasn’t he jealous?

As it was already known that Ye Feng never got jealous of anything, he was just feeling a little funny.

If Cai Shaohong was really the same Cai Shao of the mysterious organisation, then right under the eyelids of Lin Clan, he had made one year of his petty action, moreover, Lin Clan couldn’t even discover that actually Miss Lin was interested in this guy. It could be said that either Lin Clan was very stupid, or Cai Shaohong was very smart, since very intelligently he maintained utmost secrecy to operate his dirty job.

As for the partnership between the mysterious organisation and Lin Clan was concerned, it couldn’t have any possibility, because, the opposite party didn’t need to draw support from the crime world of Yanjing.

Also, he didn’t even know that if Cai Shaohong was really a great guy, then up to what extent, since he made Lin Shiqing, who was considered as a heavenly beauty and the most prettiest woman of Yanjing, crazy for him.

When Xiao Qi noticed that Lin Shiqing didn’t show any objection, she quickly understood that probably she had kept this point to hit Ye Feng. Therefore, she smiled and said: “Cai Shao is our Yanshan university’s best basketball player and is an extremely handsome guy, although his father is Chinese, but he has the nationality of the USA, and currently he is the chairman of the board of directors of Pei Keang Group. Cai Shao also has the nationality of the USA, he is now studying abroad at Yanshan University. And just like Shiqing, he is also a second-year university student, but has already become our school idol. ~ ”

Ye Feng was listening to her, and was very much enjoying it. So, originally this guy had a foreign nationality.

As for Pei Keang Group, he had also heard about it, it was a very famous high-tech corporation in the USA. At present, the mainstream of the world’s military electronics and communication products, were developed by this group only, of course, the most sophisticated product’s circulation was firmly grasped in the hands of the mighty USA……

“It’s just his nationality.”

While looking at Ye Feng’s face, Xiao Qi winked and said : “Actually, his parents are Chinese.”

“This problem is not a small thing.”

Lin Shiqing lightly said: “If he doesn’t change his nationality, then it will be impossible for me to accept him.”

Her bright eyes revealed a hint of regret, as if they were expressing that each and every aspect of Cai Shaohong had made her already very satisfied, except this remaining nationality issue.

It could be said that Lin Shiqing represented the China’s uppermost layer of the political image, and if she fell in love with a guy of the U.S. nationality, it would certainly cause a very bad effect. Hence, she definitely had to consider this point.

Soon, Lin Shiqing’s ordered stuff, like two sandwiches, tarts and milk, were delivered to their table.

While having his breakfast, Ye Feng constantly made a veiled attack to draw out something more about that Cai Shaohong’s usual habits, hobbies and so on. However, unfortunately, in the end, he didn’t get success in arriving at a conclusion that whether this Cai Shaohong and Cai Shao of the mysterious organisation had any connection with each other or not.

Since he knew almost nothing about Cai Shao of the mysterious organisation, hence it had become very difficult for him to come to a valid conclusion. But whatever might be the outcome, he decided to start his research right from this guy, Cai Shaohong.

Seeing Ye Feng unceasingly inquiring about Cai Shaohong and the stuff related to him, both of these women looked at each other helplessly, with a bit puzzled expression. Obviously, they thought that in this game of drawing maximum information out to understand the opposite party a bit more clearly, Ye Feng was seriously trying hard, so as to defeat his opponent, Cai Shaohong.

What a pity, in the eyes of Xiao Qi, Ye Feng’s present condition simply couldn’t be compared with Cai Shaohong. And on the other hand, Lin Shiqing thought that she badly failed to profoundly engrave her image as an elder sister in Ye Feng’s mind, hence she must continue to try hard, and soon she would make him understand that love relationship was impossible between them.

Ye Feng probably knew that these two women were thinking something, however, they weren’t explaining it. However, he was 100 % sure that these women could never suspect that he was inquiring about Cai Shaohong because of some other purpose!

It could be concluded on the basis of discussion that Cai Shaohong was Yanshan University’s basketball prodigy, a music genius, a great business-minded person, the vice president of the student council, had a cafe, and always used to do charity ……

One after another, things related to Cai Shaohong were clearly indicating that he was indeed an extraordinary person.

“How about take me along with you to see him?”

After finished eating his stuff, and by keeping his composure calm, Ye feng asked.

As the word went out, it made Lin Shiqing and Xiao Qi a bit startled all of a sudden, why did Ye Feng want to meet Cai Shaohong?

Could it be that he wanted to initiate the challenge directly?

It wasn’t something Lin Shiqing had thought. After all, she didn’t want to see Ye Clan, Lin Clan and Cai Shaohong got into any kind of confrontation, she just wanted to solve this problem peacefully.

Ye Feng saw her pondering something, smiled and added: “To see the future brother-in-law, should not have any problem, right?”

He said this in such a way, so that it became impossible and totally inappropriate for Lin Shiqing to refuse him again, hence elegantly, with a smile, she said : “Of course, it doesn’t have any problem, however, this term has been used too early, at present there is a very little relationship between me and him. ”

Noticing the calm and collected temperament of Ye Feng, Lin Shiqing still appreciated him a bit in her heart, but this didn’t mean she would accept the engagement arrangement. If she would lead Ye Feng to see Cai Shaohong, simultaneously she would let him know the disparity between them, making him quit in advance before difficulties.

However, Ye Feng stood up, a vague smile gradually appeared on his face.

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