Chapter - 104: The tracking plan
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Since currently in the café, there were several important things to be taken care of, therefore, Xiao Qi didn’t go along with those two people.

“He should still be playing ball right now, come along with your elder sister to the field.”

Lin Shiqing along with Ye Feng came out of the café and said that smilingly. Since, it was her vivid plan all along, to establish a gentle and caring big sister’s image in the mind of Ye Feng, therefore, she must carry out this act all the way to the end.

Ye Feng walked along with her, meanwhile, he also felt that Miss Lin’s popularity was indeed extremely high.

All the way, several people frequently greeted her, they were both men as well as women. As the Chairman of the Students Council of Yanshan University, her interpersonal skill was naturally worth mentioning, it was like wherever she went, there always was someone who was familiar with her, and also greeted her.

The faint aroma lingering around her body greeted his nostrils, simultaneously, when their arms rubbed against each other from time to time, it seemed like all these things together were making him feel so mesmerising. To be together with such a heavenly beauty, even if she wasn’t his woman, was still pretty enough to make the mood of any guy, ecstatic.

It must be said that the charm of Lin Shiqing was astonishing. Even for such a strong-willed guy like Ye Feng, merely walking together with her was enough for him to lose the control of his emotions. Suddenly he felt that his blood rushed to his head and made his heart beat a bit faster, and then it became all fiery.

If he were converted into one of the ordinary guys of Yanshan University, then it could be said that he was really pretty good, but perhaps, still to speak anything in front of Lin Shiqing, would be something very difficult for him.

Shortly, they arrived at the side of a broad basketball court of Yanshan University. Early in the morning, a lot of boys had already arrived there for practice, they were pouring with sweat on the ground, the entire court was overflowing with youth and vitality.

From a distance, Ye Feng saw that the place was already overflowing with lots of boys, however, still in that crowded court, he saw an extremely dashing guy who was in a short-sleeved sweatshirt. Right at this moment, that guy broke through several guys, and quite smoothly, scored on an easy slam dunk.

“Cai elder brother, good job!”

A group of people shouted up to cheer him up.

“Is that Cai Shaohong?”

Ye Feng thought to himself, as he together with Lin Shiqing gradually approached towards him. Seeing him smiling cheerfully, while the remaining guys were cheering for him, it appeared like he finally had won the game, and was ready to take rest.

Very ordinary clothes, ordinary sports shoes, and in the name of adornment, there was nothing on his body, still, he was looking very fresh, totally cool, charming, and dynamic. He was nearly 6.2 feet tall, his stature was almost perfect, had a stunning jumping ability, coupled with ultra-high skills in ball games as well as interpersonal skill. Hence, for him, it could be firmly said that being adored and admired by Lin Shiqing was by no means could be considered as a coincidence.

Suddenly, in the middle of the crowd, a familiar figure popped up and caught the eyes of Ye Feng, he was Lin Xiuwen, the Sanshao of the great Lin Clan.

{Lastvoice : Sanshao – third son.}

“Why is your younger brother also there?”

Totally baffled, Ye Feng directly asked from the great heavenly beauty, Lin Shiqing.

“Are you speaking about Xiuwen?”

She said with a smile : “He has a pretty good relation with Shaohong, furthermore, he also adores him a little.”

Ye Feng listened, and thought that was this little boy really serious? Was Cai Shaohong really so strong and influential, that even Lin Xiuwen, who was such an egotistical and arrogant son of a great Clan, could worship him?

After the end of the match, Cai Shaohong came to the side of the court to take rest, simultaneously he started chatting with Lin Xiuwen.

“Cai elder brother, Xiao Qi is still not willing to accept, what to do?”

While holding the appearance of modesty, in order to take advice from Cai Shaohong, Lin Xiuwen said : “This is m first time bumping into this kind of a girl, which in return she didn’t give me any value, and on top of that, my elder sister is also not willing to speak nice words for me ……”

“Man should be always strong, so, what are you afraid of?”

Cai Shaohong smiled with ease, then he patted Lin Xiuwen’s shoulder, and while passing a business card to him, he said : “By seeing your present situation, I can advise that you can consult this personage. Well, your sister has come, I should go now.”

His voice was full of magnetism, which really had the powerful attraction to any age of women, especially here in the university where there were several flirtatious girls. Last year, when he had just arrived, during that time, in the top-notch singers championship of Yanshan University, his voice had directly conquered the presence of almost all the girls, and had made the entire scene appear almost crazy.

Henceforth, it seemed like suddenly he jumped up so high as if with the help of a spring! The name ‘Cai Shaohong’, started showing up frequently in the campus forum of Yanshan University, as well as in Yanshan university’s girls gossiping topic. It was rightly said that ‘the more one talks about something, the more popular it becomes over the time’, just in less than a half year, these things made him become Yanshan University’s popular idol, not only among the female students, but also among male students.

No matter from which perspective one would see, but one would notice that Cai Shaohong’s everything was close to perfection.

At this point of time, he looked up, a very gentle smile was shining on his face then, as he saw Lin Shiqing walking along with Ye Feng towards him.

Merely the presence of Lin Shiqing was more than enough to gradually stop the movement of almost all the boys of the ground, especially seeing her bringing a guy along with.

Who was he?

Many people began to speculate Ye Feng’s identity, simultaneously looked towards Cai Shaohong, since they had already become very curious to see what kind of gossip would take place among those three.

“Elder sister, you’re here.”

Lin Xiuwen was extremely happy, since he received a visiting card from Cai Shaohong. By putting it aside and while waving his hand at his sister, he ran up to her. On his hand, the Patek Philippe platinum wristwatch was shining brightly in the light of the morning sun.

That watch was representing the enormous money involved in it, which an average person could never earn throughout his lifetime.

Seeing Lin Shiqing together with Ye Feng, Lin Xiuwen’s face turned dark all of a sudden : “Elder sister, how can you be together with this guy?”

“Xiuwen, zip it, don’t make a scene.”

Lin Shiqing smiled as she raised her white hand, gently ran her fingers through her beautiful long hair, then she kept her slender fingers on the shoulders of Ye Feng: “Little Ye is a very nice guy, later if you try bullying him, then your elder sister will not talk to you.”

Lin Xiuwen listened and immediately looked at Ye Feng with a look which was even more hostile than before. Then he glared at him, as if the unsaid words his eyes were trying to convey was : Fuck, how could you dare snatch away my sister from me?

Ye Feng also looked back at him, and while wrinkling his eyebrows he thought, what was this guy trying to show by his expression? Was he in such an awful mood because he didn’t like him as his brother-in-law, or because Ye Feng snatched away his sister? the playboy young master’s disposition was really hard to figure out.

“Shiqing, won’t you introduce us?”

Cai Shaohong smiled brightly, as he said that while taking a look at Ye Feng, as if he was very much interested in him.

“Little Ye, he is Shaohong.”

She said that smilingly, then to introduce Ye Feng to him, she continued : “This is Ye Feng, a grandson of my grandfather’s good friend. He has been treating me as an elder sister.”

Ye Feng’s facial expression instantly turned gloomy as he thought – fuck, when did he treat her or saw her as an elder sister?

Certainly, still he was unlikely to jump out to refute, anyway, he also hadn’t planned to keep following her from now onwards. Hence, by totally ignoring this matter, he just carefully looked at Cai Shaohong, surprisingly the opposite party also looked him back. While the both parties were directly looking at each other, Ye Feng tried to figure out something but he didn’t see any positive result.

“Hello, I’m Cai Shaohong.”

By maintaining utmost politeness, the handsome youth said that with a smile, his smiling face was looking very bright then. Truly, he was worthy of being the popular campus idol, even in the face of the legendary love rival, he still had the higher side on almost everything, since he was very calm, mild-mannered, graceful and gentle.

“Ye Feng.”

Ye Feng smiled back, but didn’t say anything further.

He had a prime goal, he just wanted to confirm whether this Cai Shaohong was the same Cai Shao of the mysterious organisation. And for achieving his goal, of course, he couldn’t blindly rely just on the exchanging words between them. Secretly, he decided to execute a tracking plan! By frequently changing his Camouflage technique to change his appearance, and by completely relying on his five years of Cultivation, tracking a person wouldn’t be a difficult job for him anymore.

He had finally seen Cai Shaohong, now he knew what he looked like. Therefore, for him, it was not necessary to stay there any longer.

“Alright, now we have become acquainted with each other. You guys carry on, I have to go back to school to attend my classes, so, I’m leaving first.”

Ye Feng smiled and waved his hand, then immediately he turned around and departed.

Lin Shiqing was too late to stop him from leaving, by then Ye Feng had already left the basketball court. She felt a bit strange in her heart, why did she always feel that this boy was somewhat strange?

“Little Ye, I’ll send you.”

Lin Shiqing said and tried to catch up with him.

“There is no need to, distance is not too far.”

Without looking back, Ye Feng continued walking, and right after taking two curved turnings, he disappeared without leaving any trace.

Helplessly, she just shook her head, but suddenly she thought of something, and turned her head towards Cai Shaohong, and asked: “Oh, that’s right, a couple of days back, those nationality students who sprang up in a throng to fight, was it handled well?”


The handsome Cai Shaohong smiled : “I personally funded to help those two people to pay their school fees. The genuine difficulty-stricken students don’t get the opportunity to attain Scholarship benefits, which explains everything that the school’s scholarship application management isn’t operating perfectly, we can talk to the school leader to mention his opinion……”


Nobody knew that at present Ye Feng was looking for an aloof place, where he could use his Camouflage Technique. Soon, by using this technique, he turned into an ordinary short and stout male student, and once again returned to the side of the field.

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