Chapter - 105: Yanxi Villa District
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Ye Feng suspected that Cai Shaohong was the same Cai Shao of the mysterious organisation, and to prove this point, he had the valid reason.

It wasn’t like just their names were similar, but the more important thing which exactly matched was ‘time’. On one hand, Cai Shaohong came to this country and started studying in Yanshan University one year ago. While on the other hand, at the same time, the mysterious organisation showed up and exterminated Southern Heavenly Gates, which was one of the four big gangs of Yanjing, and this incident also took place exactly one year back.

Moreover, Cai Shaohong had the US nationality, his father, as the chairman of the board of Pei Keang Group, used to carry out experiments on a new type of drugs, and was also involved in several other activities like researching gene science, and so on. Hence, there was enough reasonable motivation for Ye Feng, which gave birth to a doubt in his mind.

As the law of the jungle of the World of the Immortals, if someone had rolled about many years of Cultivation, then he could become proficient in several Immortal Techniques. On that basis, Ye Feng’s tracking and counter-tracking skills had already reached the proficient level. In addition, in a modern metropolis, no one could see through his Camouflage Technique, letting Ye Feng carry out his tracking plan very smoothly and quite successfully.

In the morning, Cai Shaohong played basketball, at the same time, he also answered a few phone calls. Thereafter, he opened a coffee shop ‘Red Cross’, and then along with a subordinate of Student Council, he sorted out an important matter. After finishing these things up, he still appeared quite busy.

During noon time, he went to the cafeteria to have a meal together with a bunch of boys. By looking at him, he didn’t appear even a bit arrogant, instead was very amiable, like a modest gentleman. After finished eating his lunch, he attended an afternoon class along with several other boys.

In this process, Ye Feng noticed something, there was a guy who was very close to him, as if they were best friends. It seemed like he was the same youth from the morning, who looked like a celebrity, whom Ye Feng had seen outside Qi Qi Café, and to whom Lin Shiqing called “Little Zhao”. After tracking them for one whole day, Ye Feng naturally came to know that this person was called Zhao Mingze. Although his disposition was a little girly type, but was very tall and handsome, his voice was like a very pleasant to hear type.

It appeared like Cai Shaohong had no connection with the mysterious organisation’s Cai Shao, however, Ye Feng still recorded everything related to him in his mind.

In the evening, when they had their dinner, Ye Feng changed his appearance into an old man with the help of Camouflage, meanwhile, he also seized the chance to make two phone calls. However, while doing so, he was still close to his target, watching him attentively.

The first phone call he made was to Scar. However, after this phone call, Ye Feng had totally lost his mood and had turned a little anxious.

Regarding the prosecution of Xie Min and Xie Chengye, this matter was being handled by Scar perfectly without a hitch. Moreover, Scar had gathered his all remaining trusted men and started leading them, he also had rented a storied building for his office in the vicinity of Qingfeng Park, to ensure the better protection of Su Menghan. In addition, the incident which had taken place the day before yesterday, in Tianhua Casino, where several people were killed, that had been completely pressed down by Liu Lihui.

However, there was one more message which had totally disturbed him, actually the corpse of Zhao Yibei had disappeared suddenly, right before his cremation! Besides this, Scar had also consulted with the relevant sources, and collected the information that recently nearby Yanjing, the occurrence of the disappearance of a lot of bodies had been happening frequently, but until now no one was found out. There were already numerous families of the deceased, who had become restless and started banging up.

Ye Feng thought that this affair needed to be clarified on the priority basis, because, after all, while protecting him, Zhao Yibei got shot and died. But the point was, who could dare steal the dead body of Zhao Yibei, and that also almost before his cremation?

However, he had no clue about this thing right now, hence he decided to postpone considering this matter for the time being.

Afterwards, he made a second call to Su Menghan, and asked the school beauty that if she wanted then she could ask her all three Uncles to come and participate in the trial of Xie Min and Xie Chengye. After all, wasn’t Su Menghan’s Grandmother their biological mother?

However, regarding this matter, Ye Feng let her think and take a suitable decision on her own.

They talked for a while, meanwhile, Ye Feng also informed her that he wouldn’t return home tonight, which made Su Menghan very jealous. In the morning, he immediately vanished together with that beautiful woman, Lin Shiqing. Thenafter, the entire day, Su menghan didn’t even see his shadow, and now was he just informing that he wouldn’t return home tonight?

Ye Feng was helpless, he had already planned to track Cai Shaohong in the evening, therefore, he really couldn’t return home at any cost. However, it was not necessary to give an explanation to Su Menghan, he just kept on saying sweet words in a coaxing manner for a while, in order to console her, and soon he took hold of her finally and settled this matter smoothly.

When he finally hung up the phone, he noticed that Cai Shaohong, who had been in his field of vision since morning, had finally started his movement. He drove an Audi to come out of the parking lot, it seemed like he might be returning home!

Ye Feng’s heart quickly changed its gear and shifted to the action mode. From quite a distance, he was watching attentively at the shadow of Audi, as soon as it left, he quickly cast out Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, and firmly followed him.

In Yanjing, there were many luxurious Villa Districts, such as Xishan Villa District, Aobei Villa District and so on. But the Yanxi Villa District was newly developed. In this Villa District, medical system and educational system were quite perfect, furthermore, hotel, golf, hot spring and other facilities were beyond imagination. Altogether, they had contributed towards making a superb surrounding and elegant living conditions.

Before, Su Xinchang and Xie Min used to live here in Yanxi Villa District ……

Cai Shaohong’s car Audi, running all the way, finally pulled into the Yanxi Villa District.

Following him all along, Ye Feng also finally arrived there and looked at the entrance of that District. There was a formal security and gate guard, hence, now the point was, how should he go inside?

To still continue tracking Cai Shaohong efficiently, he immediately took a decision and quickly cast out Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace. And the next moment, he went close the edge of the wall and jumped up suddenly very high!

Considering his five years of Cultivation, to jump directly 4 or 5 meters high, was like a child play for him, he surmounted the infrared instrumentation easily, and then softly landed on a small cluster of trees in the Villa District, next to a small artificial lake. In the middle of that lake, there was a rockery, from where the gurgling water was appearing very soothing and elegant.

Without wasting any time in random observation, he quickly focused his vision on his target. He noticed that he wasn’t very far from his car. Hence, after ensuring that he hadn’t been found by the opposite party, he swiftly entered the Villa District. He couldn’t just change into someone by using Camouflage, or else, on the basis of Cai Shaohong’s IQ, he could certainly, quite easily see through his Camouflage.

Therefore, to keep on following him, Ye Feng could only hide in the side of the artificial woods. Soon Audi stopped in front of a luxurious villa which was surrounded by water from all sides. As soon as Cai Shaohong got out of the car, Ye Feng noticed that he had already changed into a western-styled clothing, into a suit and a tie. Anyway, without even realising that he was being followed since morning, Cai Shahong directly went into the house.

Ye Feng still wanted to keep up with him, therefore, he glanced around quickly. He saw a car, Mercedes-Benz galloped in from outside, immediately after them, however, it went ahead and stopped in front of another villa. The person on the driver’s seat, wasn’t that originally the assistant as well as the driver of Su Xinchang, Hu Meimei? In the passenger seat, there was a fat person who seemed to have a very high and respected position. However, Ye Feng didn’t know his identity, could it be that this person, who had taken charge of Hu Meimei now, was Xie Min’s Uncle?

However, Ye Feng wasn’t the least bit interested in paying attention towards them, instead, he thought that whatever they were doing here, that had nothing to do with him. Hence, for him, ignoring them was the right decision.

He swiftly moved to one side, and without making any sound, he quickly came to the edge of the villa Cai Shaohong had entered. This was the time when the Sun was taking its leave from the sky, Ye Feng, while leaning against the window, could hear the gurgling sound of water coming out from the bathroom, as if right after getting back home, Cai Shaohong wanted to take a bath first.

“A good opportunity!”

Without giving a second thought, Ye Feng jumped in, and decided to search this villa thoroughly, without leaving anything unturned! Taking advantage of the time while the opposite party was taking a bath, to thoroughly search the villa, and see if there was anything suspicious, was his prime objective for now.

The entire villa altogether has three floors, the outside wall had somewhat classical style tiles, there were all kinds of precious vegetation planted in the garden. At first glance, Ye Feng didn’t notice anything suspicious.

He displayed Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, and ran through the villa, thoroughly.

“If I have reached a decade of Cultivation, then by using Soul Search technique, searching this villa would not have become too much troublesome. I could have swept away the entire villa, and would have gotten a panoramic view ……”

Ye Feng regretted in his heart, but soon when he came to the underground floor, in front of the entrance of the basement, and suddenly felt something spiritual, which jolted him crazily.

Actually, a strong aura of divine spiritual influence was spreading out from inside the basement!

“What is there inside? If there would be divine treasure, which has such rich divine and spiritual energy, then that means, it would be more than sufficient to enhance one’s Cultivation up to 3 to 4 years, or even more!”

This feeling really startled him!

But right at this time, from the lobby, a strange sound passed on, it seemed like Cai Shaohong might have come out of the bath.

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