Chapter - 106: A wretched man
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Ye Feng dodged and quickly left the villa without being discovered by anyone.

In such a villa, a sudden appearance of so rich divine spiritual influence was really very suspicious. There were two possibilities; first – Cai Shaohong was just an ordinary person, and he didn’t know a thing about it, and second, Cai Shaohong had deliberately hidden something therein.

If the first possibility was true, then, in that case, perhaps Cai Shaohong wasn’t Cai Shao of the mysterious organization, and the presence of that strong spiritual influence in the basement, must be the deed of some other person.

However, if the second possibility was true, then it could be said that this person turned out to be very suspicious. Almost 80 to 90 percent chance was there, that Cai Shaohong was the same Cai Shao of the mysterious organization. Under this circumstance, Ye Feng couldn’t dare to take a risk and intrude into the basement.

At present, Ye Feng had just five years of Cultivation, moreover, he simply didn’t have any clue what would be there in the basement. He just had a thought that like previously met “hidden pavilion master”, if there would be a huge number of the same kind, inside the basement, then for Cai Shaohong, wouldn’t it be like catching a turtle in a jar? Wouldn’t he want to trap Ye Feng inside?

“I must thoroughly investigate this place as soon as possible, as I can feel such a strong divine spiritual influence, I can’t give up at any cost.”

Ye Feng thought and immediately left the place.

He was all prepared to wait for tomorrow. He decided that during the absence of Cai Shaohong, he would scout out here again. As for tonight, there was a channel which might be able to find any clue related to mysterious organization’s Cai Shao. And to achieve that, they must be trying to find out the whereabouts of one of the top three big gangs of Yanjing, ‘Tian Gang’ which was considered as the most powerful gang among all!

Heavenly Serpent Gang’s Song Hu and Black Dragon Association’s Dubang Long, both had been already killed by Ye Feng. Nowadays, he was looking for the boss of Tian Gang, then perhaps, he could use his hypnosis on the opposite party, and would force him to make a phone call to Cai Shao.

Anyway, to go on a trip to Tian Gang was not a big deal for him, but at present, he also had some important preparations to do for tomorrow’s action.

As he was about to leave the Yanxi Villa District, exactly then while passing through there, suddenly his eyes fell on the nearby waterfront villa. Although, he hesitated a bit, but he stopped his footsteps and decided to have a look at the scene.

Because something from inside the villa had caught his eyes. A fat man was there in a room, and while staring at a photo frame he had in his hand, he was almost drooling over it.

This fat man was the same man who came with Hu Meimei a few minutes ago by Mercedes-Benz. But the thing which made Ye Feng entirely stop his footsteps was the picture in that photo frame.

Su Menghan!

Although that was an old photograph of Su Menghan in which she was looking very young, probably it was clicked during her junior middle school, but by then, she had already turned out to be very sweet, pretty, slim and quite graceful girl.

“How does this fat man has a photograph of Menghan?”

Somewhat baffled, Ye Feng scowled at him defiantly.

In any case, seeing the wretched fat man staring at Su Menghan’s photo and on top of that, also drooling all over, how could Ye Feng stand it? Although this trivial fat man had developed this kind of cheap thoughts for Su Menghan, but wouldn’t it be a big shock for her if she ever heard about it?

Just when he wanted to turn around and go inside the villa, exactly then he noticed that the fat sudden froze to the spot, with his eyes wide open, as if he was hit by the storm all of a sudden. He saw, the door of the room, where the fat man was, suddenly opened silently, and the scene which appeared before Ye Feng’s eyes, made him totally speechless.

Semi-naked Hu Meimei!

Perhaps she just took a bath, her pitch-black hair was not blow-dried, her snow white captivating skin was looking beautiful all exposed, and her soft buttocks appeared very tight and erect. Very coquettishly, she threw a seductive and flirtatious look towards that fat man, as she entered the room, and all the way arrived in front of him.

“Indeed as expected, this woman, Hu Meimei, is so flirtatious in nature. It seems that when she used to follow Su Xinchang, during that time, wouldn’t she ever try to seduce him……”

However, her semi-naked body couldn’t attract him, because whether compared with Long Wan’er, or Su Menghan, or the woman from this morning, that Lin Shiqing, obviously Hu Meimei’s figure was awfully inferior to them. He could ignore rest of her bodily features, but her obviously looking loose and saggy chest was looking very feeble, and very inharmonious.

Moreover, after taking off her make-up, Hu Meimei’s face wasn’t looking bright and clean, she had a slight freckle. If her facial appearance was compared with Ye Feng’s top beautiful ladies, then it could be said that there was a huge difference between them, like they were totally the polar opposite.

“Director Xie, don’t look at this picture ~”

While saying that, Hu Meimei arrived at the side of the dreadful fat person, and coyly, quite prettily said : “Come on, speak out quickly, this Su Clan’s villa, how much money you could get by selling this villa, you’ve said that you would give it to me as a present.”

The fat man was really the person of Xie Clan! Moreover, Su Xinchang wouldn’t have imagined that at present, his villa would have been occupied by these two fellows. Also, it looked like Su Menghan’s photo, Su Xinchang must have forgotten it here.

“Darling rest assured.”

At this moment, that wretched fat man was in the bosom of Hu Meimei. All excited, he put out a hand to make an effort to pinch her on her chest, and while doing so, he smiled and said: “Asset evaluation report hasn’t come yet, so don’t worry. Actually, this little girl, Su Menghan is so small, so attractive, tsk, tsk.”

Seeing him so indulge in the photo, Hu Meimei turned a bit jealous, and a feeling of hate took birth in her heart. However, she couldn’t do anything, only said: “Well, how did she become so interesting to Director Xie?”

“She has been very interesting to me, for a long time.”

The wretched man’s heart was all fiery just by thinking about her. He was simply unable to tolerate anymore, he had seen Su Menghan several times before, always wanted to get his hands on her, but never got the right opportunity. He was fond of this kind of fresh, pure and innocent young girl. In the past, he had played a lot with Su Menghan, however, never got the chance to have a taste of her.

Currently, he was busy imagining the fresh and charming face of Su Menghan, even more than that, he was visualizing a scene where to clean her body, Su Menghan smoothly slid down her cloth, which made his heart very fervent, and as an effect, suddenly he pushed Hu Meimei down on the sofa.

The beastly nature of that dreadful fat person overtook him, he quickly took off his clothes. His greasy big stomach exposed out, while he turned towards the sofa and threw his naked body onto her.


Right at this time, from the side of the bed, Ye Feng directly jumped in, and kicked hard in the big stomach of the wretched fat man, then after, he kept on kicking him one after another, several times until he was sent flying! His heavy body, like withstanding great pressure fell to the ground, and then he turned around and rolled to the wall, instantly he threw up foam from his mouth.

“Who are you!”

All of a sudden, panic-stricken, semi-naked Hu Meimei asked that, and immediately jumped up and opened her mouth to scream. However, Ye Feng had already done the preparation in advance. In a flash, he cast out Dragon Claw Hand Technique, immediately his zhenqi sprang out in the empty space, and rushed crazily towards Hu Meimei, and the next moment it pressed her mouth firmly between the fingers.

Then quickly he waved his hand, and cast out Moon style Dragon claw hand. Immediately, by using it, he threw her directly on the body of that wretched fat man. Their bodies bumped into each other terrifically. As a result, she got hurt severely and immediately spat out a mouthful of foam.

“Who I am is not at all important, the important point is ……”

At this point of time, Ye Feng displayed Camouflage technique and changed his appearance into a very ordinary person. While speaking that, he picked up the photo frame, which had just been cast aside by that fat man.

“Look into my eyes. Hereafter, whenever you see this girl, it’s like seeing the God, now you don’t have any evil thoughts of violating her!”

Ye Feng looked into their eyes, and by taking advantage of their unconsciousness, he smoothly pulled them under his hypnosis. Such hypnosis could greatly damage the brain of the person who was under hypnosis; at least this could reduce his IQ by twenty percent. However, this wretched fat man and Hu Meimei were already the worst type, hence Ye Feng didn’t have any scruple.

In the World of the Immortals, if someone would dare to visualise his woman like this fat man, then he would be absolutely beheaded by Ye Feng on the spot. At present, he just hypnotised them, that was quite an easy punishment for them.

Bang! Bang!

Immediately, he hit those two fellows and made them unconscious. Afterwards, by carrying Su Menghan’s photo, he jumped out of the villa and came out of that beautiful District.

The dim light of night had gradually engulfed the entire Yanjing city, the moon also became visible in the sky now, and finally the cool breeze had also started blowing gently!

The dark and stormy night looked like filled with murderous intent. Ye Feng had a premonition that perhaps in the evening he might kill people, moreover, he wouldn’t kill just one or two.

By using multiple masks, he covered his face again.

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