Chapter - 107: Luring the snake out of its hole
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Tian Gang, although if compared with Heavenly Serpent Gang, had a few letters less in its name, however, in terms of strength, it was a superbeing powerful gang. It was said that in addition to its own strength, it also had a strong support of the military, from behind the scene, therefore, it was considered as the most powerful gang among all the three gangs of Yanjing.

Although Ye Feng knew the location of several underground casinos operated by Tian Gang, but didn’t know where the boss of this gang was hidden.

Therefore, he had no other option left but to go to an entertainment clubhouse, which was located in the eastern part of Yanjing. The underground second floor of this clubhouse was the largest underground casino of Tian Gang. Most of the powerful and influential officials of Yanjing from all walks of life, had formed the circle of high-end gamblers of this casino. That was the reason why it had become unusually famous.

“I have to go and take a look, then only, I can inquire about the whereabouts of the boss of Tian Gang.”

Wearing a mask, Ye Feng moved towards this entertainment clubhouse. Soon, he reached there and directly found a young fellow standing at the entrance of this club. There was a secret password a newspaper reporter had secretly passed it to Scar. As soon as Ye Feng said that secret password to that clubhouse guy, immediately he was brought to a noisy and crowded place. He noticed that the underground second floor was brightly lit, and was echoing with a babel of voices. Obviously, the popularity of this underground casino was not hidden.

How many people would be there, who had lost almost everything in this casino and had gone bankrupt to the extent where their undergarments were also taken away?

There were a lot of people who were capable of winning in this game of gambling, but in real, there were very few of them who could always win continuously. According to the theory of probability, if someone has been gambling continuously, the final result will be definitely losing everything, at most, it is just a matter of time.

As far as gambling was concerned, Ye Feng didn’t know a thing about it, but if by any chance he had to gamble, then, he couldn’t afford to lose a single penny. Although, he didn’t have learnt Soul Search Technique yet, but merely relying on Camouflage was sufficient to beat several people, and turn this casino upside down.

While cutting his way through the crowd, Ye Feng arrived close to a gaming table surrounded by numerous people. The atmosphere around it was quite hot and was continuously surging upwards. The people were over excited and had their eyes fixated on that gambling table.

“So, Eldest Master Lin, have you lost everything? If you have really lost everything, you must leave quickly, don’t affect the cheerful mood of other people.”

At this time, from one side, a gloomy sound with a touch of relish, passed to Ye Feng’s ears.

Eldest Master Lin?

Ye Feng turned his head at once, and as expected he really saw a slightly fat guy, pouring with sweat, was sitting in front of a gambling table. From the side, he could see that he was a 27-28 years old a bit healthy youth, and his facial features were really a bit resembling Lin Xiuwen.

While sitting opposite to him was a young dealer of the casino, with green and yellow dyed dual coloured hair. He was appearing quite calm and careless even under the huge pressure, and was looking at Eldest Master Lin, with his corners of the mouth turned upwards, forming an arc.

There were many people around that gambling table, however, not a single one was putting up any stake. Obviously, they were letting Eldest Master Lin play.

“Well, isn’t it two hundred million? Two hundred million chips again!”

Eldest Master Lin seemed like he couldn’t swallow even one breath, by waving his hand, he commanded a nearby standing servant.

Ye Feng thought that wasn’t it a huge amount of money involved in it? It seemed like the status of the youth, who was playing against Eldest Master Lin, was not low in this underground casino. If Ye Feng had to ask him, then he could draw a lot, about the whereabouts of the boss of Tian Gang, out of his mouth!

He went towards that gambling table, and heard some people standing around were talking very slowly, as if they were whispering while pointing their fingers towards the back of Eldest Master Lin.

“Its true that Eldest Master Lin still has an enormous amount of money, he just waved his hand for two hundred million, indeed, he deserved to be called as the person of Lin Clan.”

“Rubbish! Even if he is the member of Lin Clan, still it may be possible, that the other people of his Clan won’t give him so much money probably.”

“Right, this Lin Zhiqing, is the Deputy Director of Yanjing’s Finance Bureau, and is in the charge of tax administration, politics, customs duty and budget editing centre. As I can see, most probably he has diverted the public funds!”

The status of all the gamblers present on the scene was definitely not low, even though it wasn’t as huge as Eldest Master Lin, still, who didn’t know the truth and inside situation of Eldest Master Lin?

Ye Feng had also gotten a general understanding of the situation. Lin Zhiqing, who was known by this name ‘Eldest Master Lin’, was a 27-28-year-old man, had already acquired the position of Deputy Director of Yanjing’s Finance Bureau, and in this generation of Lin Clan, he was the oldest one on the basis of age, and had advanced into the political circle, as fostered by his Clan.

If compared with Lin Zhiqing, whether the person was Lin Shiqing or Lin Xiuwen, both were still young, hence, their future path was still uncertain.

Also, Ye Feng didn’t have any idea that how did Lin Zhiqing get infected with the disease of gambling and embezzling public fund to gamble in this sort of a noisy place? As everybody knew, this kind of news used to spread with a lightning fast speed. Soon, it would reach the ears of his political opponents.

He was one of the members of Lin Clan, so, who could dare mess up with him? It wasn’t so simple! Once he fell into the clench of his political opponents, then they would definitely find out some other way to topple him. Even if there was the shelter of Lin Clan, but still they couldn’t guarantee to protect him at all times.

Moreover, he also didn’t know that how Lin Zhiqing could be so blockhead, wasn’t it like compelling himself towards the blind alley on his own?

Of course, Ye Feng wasn’t even the slightest bit inclined to know the ins and outs of this guy, since anything related to this guy was totally uninteresting and irrelevant to Ye Feng in this given situation.

Ye Feng, wearing his mask, looked at the casino’s young dealer sitting opposite to Lin Zhiqing, and thought that how should he trap him so that he could hypnotise him? But soon, Ye Feng shook his head, as he noticed that using hypnosis in this crowded place would be very suspicious. Because before using hypnosis, he must figure out that among all these people who were constantly looking at the gambling table, who was not a slick and smart customer?

What if he got exposed while doing so, hence it wasn’t a nice idea at all. Moreover, he couldn’t guarantee that among all these people, there wouldn’t be certainly a single person who would be a Martial artist.

Therefore, Ye Feng finally decided to give up his idea and play some tricks on this table, and then lure the boss of Tian Gang out of his den! Casinos were the largest source of income for Tian Gang, so, he would make the casino lose hundreds of millions on this table, then only the opposite party would hurriedly make his appearance. Soon, a new round began.

Lin Zhiqing together with the young dealer started playing, the game was all about throwing three dice, and then guessing whether the total points were big or small. In addition, there were specific points of betting. If the guessed number came below that specific number of points, then the financial loss would be very high.

Shua! Shua!

The young dealer threw the dice first, simultaneously his corners of the mouth turned upwards, revealing his iniquitous smile as he looked at the anxious face of Lin Zhiqing. Very quickly, he threw his dice on the table and said: “Place your bet!”


Without any hesitation, Lin Zhiqing promptly pushed out a ten millions chips, directly pressing them towards the “Small” side.

By putting on a very treacherous smile, the young dealer said : “Isn’t it true that Eldest Master Lin has become very cautious now, as he didn’t dare to bet on any specific point?”

Immediately he flipped over his hand and uncovered the lid of the small box in which those three dice were. At the same time, without wasting any moment in useless thought, Ye Feng’s Zhenqi quickly sprang out beside him, immediately after, by using Camouflage, he suddenly changed those three dice into 1, 2, 3.


Seeing that, Lin Zhiqing’s happiness suddenly burst out. While on the other hand, the young dealer tightly wrinkled his brow, because he was damn sure that he had thrown out 4, 4 and 6, how could they turn into 1,2 and 3?

He glanced around and suddenly his sight paused on the masked face of Ye Feng. For a while, he stared at him, but then he didn’t care and turned away. Actually, there were a lot of people, who used to come to the Casino wearing masks, therefore, it wasn’t strange for him seeing masked people. Ye Feng wasn’t the odd one out there and really didn’t deserve his special attention.

“Once again.”

The young dealer shouted out : “Everybody can place bets. Eldest Master Lin, what do you think about this?”

He thought that he should wait to see who would win the maximum time, then he could be able to know who was involved in the dirty tricks. This guy was either a very prudent sinister, or he was very confident in his own skill, since he didn’t believe that he would make any mistake. Therefore, while he shouted out to encourage people to bet, at the same time he also sent an SMS secretly.

Although, Ye Feng was indirectly helping Eldest Master Lin in this gambling game, but only because it was supporting his plan.

His prime goal, wasn’t it to draw the boss of Tian Gang out of his hiding?

“Of course, no problem.”

Lin Zhiqing nodded, his slightly fleshy face was sweating all over.

As soon as Lin Zhiqing’s words fell, the bet on the table began to liven up. During the next round, Lin Zhiqing placed his bet on “big”, however, several other people together with him also placed their bets, and detained the points.

When the lid was removed, again without thinking anything, Ye Feng hastily cast out Camouflage and turned those three dice into 4,5 and 6.

Indeed it was big!

All of a sudden, the complexion of that young dealer darkened, while Lin Zhiqing overwhelmed with happiness, back to back he hit two consecutive victories, so was this the time to break the rhythm?

In the next round, when the young dealer rolled the dice, Lin Zhiqing directly placed his bet on “18” point, by pushing out 200 million chips!

Upon seeing this, the group of people standing around, thought that Eldest Master Lin had really lost his mind. Though the chances of the loss would be ten times higher on point ‘18’, but at the same time, it could be so easy as well, he just had to throw out three ‘6’ points. However, the probability of three ‘6’ was very low!

In response, that young dealer smiled, so much courage that he bet on point ’18’ and pushed out 200 million, did he by any chance lose his consciousness?

Nobody knew that seeing the same, nearby standing Ye Feng also smiled, his corners of the mouth curled up, as he could see that now the chance had finally arrived, when he could succeed in making this casino lose 200 million!

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