Chapter - 108: Another masked man
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While smiling iniquitously, the young dealer uncovered the lid of the small box. However, he remained stunned when he saw the point.

The people standing around the table also looked at the point and were also similarly stunned!

There were really three ‘6’, while adding them together, it was equal to 18 points!

Lin Zhiqing suddenly stood up, his face was glowing brightly with excessive happiness, however, he still had maintained a calm and composed stature. Was this like the Heaven was helping him? What kind of situation this was! This sort of small probability game had been luckily encountered by him today!

The young gambler’s face immediately turned black, fuck, it ended up with a loss of 200 million, ah! As far as the case of other gamblers was concerned, since the amount was so negligible, that it wasn’t worth pulling the attention of that young dealer.

But while talking about Lin Zhiqing, the young dealer’s involved money was 200 million ……

His face clouded by a gloomy expression, and suddenly he pushed a huge pile of chips towards Lin Zhiqing.

Since the opposite party was Eldest Master Lin, so he couldn’t dare to repudiate a debt. Wasn’t that 200 million? He wanted to play again! At his level, if no one would cause any disturbance, then he could win back in an instant.

He was frequently sweeping his vision all around, soon he noticed a masked man who was looking very suspicious. Because, when that masked person had arrived at the side of this gambling table, since then he hadn’t spoken a single word with anyone, and hadn’t bet even a single time. When that dealer looked at him once again more carefully, he felt a gloomy aura around him.

“Let’s play one more time!”

The dealer quietly locked his attention at Ye Feng, and once again began to shake the dice!

“I bet on ‘9′.

It seemed like Lin Zhiqing had already considered himself as the Mandate of Heaven, therefore, without giving a second thought, he pushed forward 100 million chips directly while betting on a specific number. The frequency of loss at this particular number was three times higher, however, if he won, then he would directly earn 300 million, which would be a huge profit, an unusual profit!

(Lastvoice : Mandate of Heaven -> it’s a political theory of ancient China in which those in power, were given the right to rule, from a divine source.)

From one side, Ye Feng looked at and sneered secretly in his heart. To him, Eldest Master Lin really didn’t seem a logical and smart person at all, he was rather excessively greedy. Therefore, sooner or later, he would lose everything, including his undergarments.

However at present, Ye Feng was actually taking pleasure in helping him, after all, helping him was indirectly like helping himself. He was the only Eldest Master Lin, who could put forward such a huge amount, for gambling.

While opening the lid, that dealer quietly fixated his eyes on Ye Feng’s action, simultaneously, sent an SMS to notify something to someone.

“It’s really 9!”

A group of people exclaimed aloud, but Ye Feng was still standing and watching quietly from the sidelines, totally unperturbed. As for that young dealer, he wanted to see Ye Feng in action, as if Ye Feng would cast out Camouflage Technique in front of his eyes, how naïve he was.

But right at this time, Ye Feng felt two dangerous breath passing on, all of a sudden, directly from behind, which sent a shiver down his spine.

He promptly turned his head and saw two tall figures, clad in a huge deep brown and grey windproof coat, with their heads closely wrapped by the cloth hat, were moving towards him from two different directions, separately, quite quickly!

“Oh shit, not good, isn’t this the same gorilla I had encountered before? Who have thought that it will actually appear again at a place like this!”

The razor-sharp mind of Ye Feng instantly came into action, as he knew that that the situation had changed at once. In addition, he didn’t know the ins and outs of these gorillas, most likely he would just use Camouflage Technique before these two fellows could realise anything.

Without thinking much, by using his foot as a pedal, he sprang up very high, and directly crossed the whole gambling table at once!

As a result, in astonishment, the surrounding people started shouting out loud. However, Ye Feng wasn’t bothered by their screams, he just grabbed the collar of that dealer, and with slightly light footsteps, like a wind, he dashed towards the exit of the casino, and ran outside.

But those two tall figures, without uttering a single word, also chased after him while breathing vigorously.

Along with that young drunken dealer, Ye Feng was stumbled blocked on the road by them. But, quickly he hit one of the tall figures heavily, and layer upon layer that tall figure bumped against the road, and all of a sudden with a “Kacha” sound, his several bones were broken!

This sudden incident which took place in the casino, had turned almost everyone dumbfounded.

What was going on?

Lin Zhiqing’s eyes were wide-opened, fuck, he was just about to win 300 million, why was that dealer caught by someone and was carried away? Now, who would calculate the result of this gamble?

Basically, the already noisy casino had become a bit more noisier now.


However, outside the clubhouse, carrying the young gambler by his collar, Ye Feng had already put to use Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, and had already covered over a hundred meters of distance. At this moment, his stature flashed and he jumped to a deserted park.

“Let go of me! You have dared to disturb the domain of Tian Gang, consider yourself dead ……”

Although the youth was scared to death, but he still tried to threaten Ye Feng like this.

“Shut up.”

Ye Feng with a “Pa” sound flung a slap on his face, simultaneously, he snatched his cell phone from his hand, and looked at it. To his surprise, he found that this guy hadn’t sent any message to his boss, rather, had sent an SMS to other two men.

Those two men were the attendants who used to guard these two hidden pavilion masters.

“What these hidden pavilion masters are, merely four limbs of the body, but no brain, they are nothing but a kind of a simple-minded monster ……”

Ye Feng thought that, as if he had probably made a conjecture of the present situation.

This young dealer was originally the head of this casino. If he lost more, then that would be his own responsibility, it wasn’t worthwhile to notify Tian Gang’s boss. Let alone this matter, he just sent two hidden pavilion masters today, making the situation even more unscrupulous.

Ye Feng was quite aware that certainly because of the death of Song Hu, Dubang Long, and other people, the mysterious organisation had become somewhat cautious. That was the reason why it had arranged the so-called masters in this place, which was operated by Tian Gang.

Unfortunately, for Ye Feng, these two “gorillas” weren’t worth paying attention to.

There was a secluded park in front of Ye Feng, he quickly moved towards it, at the same time, those two tall figures, wrapped in a huge robe, also immediately pursued him, all the way by crashing and damaging several street lights, making the already dim park, become darker.

Crash, bang!

Crash, bang!

As the crashing sound of street lights resounded, simultaneously the screaming voices of several men and women also resounded from the park, immediately various dishevelled youth jumped out, and escaped toward the distant place in abundance.

“It’s the time!”

Seeing almost everyone present in that park had disappeared quite quickly, and the whole environment was dark and alone now, Ye Feng suddenly stopped his footsteps and threw the young dealer aside on the ground.

Immediately, an orangish-red Zhenqi condensed sword flashed out!

Ye Feng, while wielding the long sword, raised his head and looked at those two tall figures. His mind was all prepared to take a move, he started condensing his Zhenqi in his foot, and quickly activated Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace. Soon, the afterimage of Ye Feng was almost present everywhere in the entire dark park, making those two pursuing “gorillas” puzzled and helpless, and in confusion, they started randomly throwing hits foolishly.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Kacha! Puff!

With a lightning fast speed, Ye Feng moved, and his orangish-red Zhenqi sword flashed in the dark park, and soon, he truncated the head of one of the gorilla, making it flew and heavily fell to the nearby bushes!

“This is a human ……”

The scene which just happened in front of that young dealer’s eyes, made him froze to the spot. Earlier, he had witnessed with his own two eyes, that these two “masters”, who were sent by his boss, punched and shattered a marble table in just a second, they were absolutely the living proof of superior force! But now, how could this man in the mask be so flamboyant, that he chopped down the head of one of the “masters”, as if he was not cutting a head, but a cake?

Although this young dealer was a high-level personnel in this crime world, but still he had never ever seen such scene, where a person chopped down the head of someone!

Fortunately, blood didn’t spray out much, and the scene didn’t turn out to be very bloody and heart-chilling. However, this incident bowed a seed of doubt in the heart of this youth, he thought that somehow these two “masters” were appearing very strange, was it a robot?

When Ye Feng’s sword hit it’s body, at that time, that young dealer had heard a metal intersecting sound, moreover, it had been beheaded yet no blood rushed out, no wonder that young dealer would guess so.


This time, Ye Feng again cut off the head of another gorilla, and both of them collapsed to the ground heavily. That was the end, now they couldn’t move again.

“Where do you want to run away?”

Ye Feng sneered as he turned back to see the youth, who was trying to escape, in the meantime, he congealed his Zhenqi sword, and immediately launched a Defensive move, that was Dragon Claw Hand-Cloud style!

It was the second move of Dragon Claw Hand, which directly grabbed the body of the dealer, and caught him in the empty space.

Being caught spatially like this, wasn’t a rare experience everyone could experience here and there. Was it possible, that the young dealer would have ever encountered this kind of situation? Immediately, this thing jolted his heart out, and he got scared to the extent where he even peed in his pants.

However, unfortunately, Ye Feng had no time to pay attention to his facial expression.

Because, not far away, in the shadow of the bushes, a somewhat gaunt figure quietly appeared, and attracted the attention of Ye Feng.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A clear applause passed on, and it turned out to be another masked man!

Who was he?

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